Build Your First iPhone App iOS 14 Apps Using Swift 5

Create Apps and Submit Them to the App Store Using UIKit and Xcode 12 – Perfect Course for Complete Beginners
Build Your First iPhone App iOS 14 Apps Using Swift 5
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Nick Walter


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Build Your First iPhone App iOS 14 Apps Using Swift 5

What you’ll learn

Swift Programming
CoreData (Mobile Database)
Connecting with JSON APIs
Designing with Storyboards
App Clips
Submitting to the App Store

Build Your First iPhone App iOS 14 Apps Using Swift 5


Must have a Mac computer


Welcome to my iOS 14 Course! If you’re looking for a course that is fun and gets straight to the point, then this is the course for you. Apple released a TON of new stuff for developers at WWDC and this course will take you though everything you need to make awesome iOS 14 apps.Other mega courses on Udemy offer 40+ hours of video content, but I wanted to create a course that was more manageable and didn’t include any fluff. In each video I dive straight into the topic, and don’t waste your time going over things that you don’t really need. I only focus on the essentials, and I give you hands-on practice so that you can easily master the things we are learning!This course is designed to be taken over a two week period, with 1-2 hours dedicated to learning each day. This course is easy to commit to because you won’t get overwhelmed with a mountain of content, and you don’t need to quit your day job to learn how to code!Over the past four years I’ve taught over 200,000 people how to code, and I am a self-taught programmer so I know what it feels like to start from scratch. I care about your learning, but even more importantly… I care about you! I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to waste it.Apps we create:Currency ConverterEmoji DictionaryDaily JournalAPI/JSON AppiOS 14 Topics:Widgets App ClipsFeel free to take a free preview of this course to see if it’s a good fit for you. I am so confident that you will love my course. You have nothing to lose, so come join me and let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Section 2: Xcode and Swift Basics

Lecture 2 Xcode Tour

Lecture 3 Variables and Constants

Lecture 4 Strings and Ints

Lecture 5 Comments and Print

Lecture 6 Visual Design and Labels

Lecture 7 Storyboards and Errors

Lecture 8 Buttons and Actions

Lecture 9 If Statements

Lecture 10 Counting

Lecture 11 Source Code

Section 3: Next Steps for Swift and App Building

Lecture 12 Math and Doubles

Lecture 13 Floats and Conversion

Lecture 14 TextFields

Lecture 15 Pulling Data from a TextField

Lecture 16 String Interpolation

Lecture 17 Booleans

Lecture 18 Source Code

Section 4: Emoji Dictionary – TableViews and Segues

Lecture 19 Emoji Dictionary Preview

Lecture 20 Arrays

Lecture 21 TableViews

Lecture 22 Answering 2 Questions

Lecture 23 Arrays and TableViews

Lecture 24 Segues

Lecture 25 Passing Data

Lecture 26 Definitions

Lecture 27 Loops

Lecture 28 Source Code

Section 5: Object Oriented Programming with Swift

Lecture 29 Functions

Lecture 30 Returning from a Function

Lecture 31 Classes

Lecture 32 Methods

Lecture 33 Inheritance

Lecture 34 Adding Classes to Our App

Lecture 35 Optionals

Lecture 36 Unwrapping Types

Lecture 37 Source Code

Section 6: Daily Journal – CoreData

Lecture 38 Journal Walkthrough

Lecture 39 Date Pickers and Design

Lecture 40 Journal Entry Class

Lecture 41 Listing Entries

Lecture 42 CoreData

Lecture 43 Writing and Reading from CoreData

Lecture 44 Viewing and Deleting Entries

Lecture 45 Save on Changes

Lecture 46 Keyboard

Lecture 47 Designing Custom TableViewCells

Lecture 48 Dates

Lecture 49 Source Code

Section 7: Web APIs and JSON

Lecture 50 APIs and JSON

Lecture 51 URLSession

Lecture 52 Codeable and Decoding

Lecture 53 Cell Design

Lecture 54 Downloading Images

Lecture 55 Source Code

Section 8: Submitting Your App to the App Store

Lecture 56 Paid Developer Account

Lecture 57 Certificates and Profiles

Lecture 58 Uploading and App Icons

Lecture 59 Metadata and Submitting Your App

Section 9: iOS 14 Bonus – Widgets

Lecture 60 Widgets

Lecture 61 Source Code

Section 10: iOS 14 Bonus – App Clips

Lecture 62 App Clips

Lecture 63 Source Code

Section 11: Bonus

Lecture 64 Bonus – Coupons for Other Courses

Beginners interested in making iPhone apps,Students tired of learning from incomplete YouTube videos or tutorials

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 30m | 5.91 GB
Created by: Nick Walter

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