Build YOUR Successful Meditation Practice

Learn the SKILLS needed to overcome Challenges & create a Meditation Practice you ENJOY!
Build YOUR Successful Meditation Practice
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Laura Goellner E-RYT, C-IAYT


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Build YOUR Successful Meditation Practice

What you’ll learn

Understand what “Meditation” is (really)
Learn the difference between Concentration & Meditation
Learn the key ways to Prepare BEFORE meditation for success
How to use Self Inquiry Based Questions to understand your relationship with your practice
How to engage in both Guided and Unguided Meditation Practice
How to gradually build up your time in meditation from 2, 5,10 up to 15 minutes
How to face & overcome the common challenges of meditation
The importance of a good LOCATION for meditation
How to set up a personalized meditation space & “Focus Board”
Learn 16 practical techniques to sustain & ENJOY regular meditation practice
Understand why the practice of Meditation is “simple” & accessible, but NOT Easy (unless you learn the necessary skills!)

Build YOUR Successful Meditation Practice


An Interest in Learning the Skills of Meditation
This is a beginner friendly course, no prior experience is needed
My Free Udemy Course “Foundation Skills For a Successful Meditation Practice” would be a great introduction


Welcome to my Meditation Course!This is a skills-based course- to teach you the techniques that actually work!If you have tried meditation, but weren’t able to keep it up…then this course is for you!  We are going to go far beyond “just sit and notice your breath” to learn the PRACTICAL skills of meditation for the modern world. This course brings together what I have learned in 2 decades of Yoga & Meditation Practice. Over those years I have seen what works in my own practice & what has been helpful to my students. I could have called this course “What you REALLY need to Know about Meditation” :)This Course has over 7 hours of video content including lectures & meditation practices.The Main Components of the Course Include: – What is Meditation (Really?)- The difference between Concentration & Meditation- Why Meditation is Simple, but NOT Easy (unless you learn some essential skills!)- How to use Self Inquiry questions to reflect on your practice & progress- Why Preparation is the KEY to success in meditation- How to face (& Overcome) the most common CHALLENGES of Meditation     + I dont have Time to Meditate     + My Mind is too Busy     + There are too many Distractions     + I can’t keep a Consistent practice     + I can’t stay awake     + I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor     + I can’t sit still     + Meditation is Frustrating…Im not good at it     + Meditation is Boring- Why the LOCATION of your practice is important for long-term sustainability- How to create a customized Meditation space- How to create your “Focus Board”- Making a “mobile meditation” pouch for travel- 15 Techniques to make you ENJOY  & Sustain Meditation     + Finding YOUR position of comfort     + Train your Nervous System     + Create a Meditation Ritual     + Movement before stillness     + Use an Anchor for FOCUS     + Have a Plan for distraction     + Try different forms of Meditation     + Be Realistic, Not Perfectionist     + Start Small, Build Up     + Get Others Involved     + Read, Learn, Seek info     + Practice makes Progress     + Stack Your Habits     + Join a Group or Challenge     + Get Guidance/ Keep TrackYour Meditation Practice: We will use a technique of gradually building up the time you spend in meditation from 2 minutes to 5, 10, and eventually 15 minutes.  This helps you to get comfortable with the process and avoid feeling overwhelmed. You will be provided with a tracking sheet to check off the days of your practice as you move through the course. I am so glad that you are interested in learning more & deepening your meditation Practice. The techniques that I have included in this course helped me to go from an occasional meditator (that didn’t really enjoy it) to someone who looks forward to their daily practice. It is my purpose and my passion to share what I have learned so that you can soak in the benefits of meditation in your own life. I hope to see you in the course!If you have any questions now or during the course, please reach out to me. Thank you!- LauraContinuing Education Credits: (Over 7 hours!)Registered Yoga Teachers: I am a YACEP & this course can be submitted for CE CreditsYoga Therapists: This course can be submitted for CE credits


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Let’s Get to Know What Meditation Is

Lecture 2 What is Meditation (really)?

Lecture 3 Concentration Vs. Meditation in the Yoga Tradition

Lecture 4 Meditation is Simple, but NOT EASY

Section 3: Meditation Experience

Lecture 5 Lets TRY to Meditate & See How it Goes

Lecture 6 10 Minute Unguided Meditation Practice

Lecture 7 Self Inquiry Questions

Section 4: Preparation is Key

Lecture 8 Don’t Wait for a Crisis to start practicing!

Lecture 9 Meditation- a daily “cleaning” for the Mind

Lecture 10 Be The Farmer

Lecture 11 Relaxation BEFORE Concentration

Lecture 12 Relax, Ground, Center…THEN (maybe) Meditation

Section 5: Facing the Challenges of Meditation Head On

Lecture 13 Introduction to the Challenges of Meditation

Lecture 14 I dont have the TIME to practice Meditation

Lecture 15 My Mind is too Busy- I Can’t Concentrate

Lecture 16 There are too many Distractions

Lecture 17 I Cant get a Consistent Practice Going

Lecture 18 I am Tired- I Can’t Stay Awake

Lecture 19 I cant sit cross legged on the Floor

Lecture 20 I cant Sit Still

Lecture 21 Meditation is Frustrating, Im not good at it

Lecture 22 Meditation is Boring

Section 6: Location of Meditation

Lecture 23 Location, Location, Location

Lecture 24 WHAT is a Meditation Altar / Meditation Space

Lecture 25 WHY Create a Meditation Space or Altar

Lecture 26 Special Items, Words of Wisdom, Pictures

Lecture 27 The Cycle of Life

Lecture 28 5 Natural Elements

Lecture 29 Connection to Nature

Lecture 30 Project: Create Your “Focus Board”

Lecture 31 Caring for your Meditation Space

Section 7: Eyes Open Meditation Practices

Lecture 32 5 Day Meditation Experience: Tracking

Lecture 33 Practice: Eyes Open at the Alter: 2 minutes

Lecture 34 Practice: Candle Gazing: 2 minutes

Lecture 35 Practice: Word Gazing: 2 minutes

Section 8: 6 Tips to Improve Meditation

Lecture 36 Find YOUR position of Comfort

Lecture 37 Train YOUR Nervous System

Lecture 38 Create a Meditation RITUAL

Lecture 39 Movement BEFORE Stillness

Lecture 40 Use an ANCHOR

Lecture 41 Find YOUR Anchor

Section 9: 5 Day Meditation Challenge (Start with 5 Minutes)

Lecture 42 5 Minute Guided Meditation Practice

Lecture 43 5 Minute UnGuided Meditation Practice

Section 10: 5 More Tips to Improve Your Meditation Experience

Lecture 44 Have a PLAN for Distraction

Lecture 45 Try Different Forms of Meditation

Lecture 46 Be Realistic, Not Perfectionistic

Lecture 47 Start Small, Build Up

Lecture 48 Get Others Involved

Section 11: 5 Day Meditation Experience: 10 Minutes

Lecture 49 10 Minute Guided Meditation Practice

Lecture 50 Practice: 10 Minute Unguided Meditation

Section 12: EVEN MORE Tips to Improve Meditation

Lecture 51 Read, Learn, Seek Information

Lecture 52 Practice makes Progress

Lecture 53 Stack Your Habits

Lecture 54 Join a Group or Challenge

Lecture 55 Get Guidance / Keep Track

Section 13: 5 Day Meditation Experience: 15 Minute Meditation Practice

Lecture 56 15 Minute Guided Meditation Practice

Lecture 57 15 Minute UnGuided Meditation Practice

Section 14: Conclusion

Lecture 58 Self Inquiry Questions

Lecture 59 Conclusion

Meditation Students,Yoga Teachers,Yoga Therapists,Those looking to use Meditation for personal growth,Those interested in becoming Meditation Teachers

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Created by: Laura Goellner E-RYT, C-IAYT

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