Building Augmented Reality Apps in RealityKit ARKit

Covers: Gestures, Physics, Location Anchors, Occlusion, Reality composer, Persistence, Image Tracking and more
Building Augmented Reality Apps in RealityKit ARKit
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Building Augmented Reality Apps in RealityKit ARKit

What you’ll learn

Building augmented reality applications using RealityKit
Building augmented reality applications using ARKit
Integration between RealityKit and SwiftUI
Creating scenes using Reality Composer

Building Augmented Reality Apps in RealityKit ARKit


Swift programming knowledge is required
SwiftUI knowledge is recommended but not required
Xcode and macOS
Physical device to run augmented reality apps


Augmented Reality has proven to be the next big innovation in technology. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and many other companies are investing a lot of time and money in building AR wearable devices. Augmented Reality apps will become mainstream in the near future and it is important for us developers to start learning how to build AR apps. In this course, you will learn how to build AR apps using Apple’s RealityKit framework.Let’s check out the contents of the course:Getting startedGesturesImporting models into your worldOcclusion, unlit and video materialsPhysicsAR coachingMeasurement appImage trackingLightReality composerFace anchors and object anchorsFurniture store appPersistenceLocation based anchorsAll lectures are accompanied with downloadable resource files.Who is this course for?Developers who are interested in learning how to build AR apps using RealityKitDevelopers who wants to take their skills to the next levelDevelopers who want to build apps for rumored Apple glasses.I have been teaching on Udemy since 2016 and have more than 65K students. I have over 20+ courses on Udemy and I take pride in answering all student questions. Take a look at some of the reviews from my students.It was one of the best courses you’ve ever taken from the instructor. I learned a lot. Some major issues have been superficially covered. I learned a lot from my education, I definitely recommend it.Super as always … as all other courses!This course is definitely a must, the first thing a developer should see before typing “Hello World!”. 100% recommended. It’s my second programming course with Mohammad Azam, he’s an excellent teacher, he explains clearly, his voice and diction is perfect for learning, and while I’m thinking about my doubts he answers them almost immediately in the videos, it’s as if he will read my mind, when in reality it is because his methodology is perfect.I know you are excited about diving into RealityKit. Let’s go and get started.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Lecture 3 Exercise Files

Lecture 4 Credits

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 5 Understanding the Concepts

Lecture 6 Resources

Lecture 7 Creating Your First AR Project

Lecture 8 Resource: Wireless Debugging

Lecture 9 Adding Your First Model Entity

Lecture 10 Adding Multiple Model Entities

Lecture 11 Adding Text

Section 3: Gestures

Lecture 12 Adding Tap Gestures to Virtual Objects

Lecture 13 Ray Casting and Adding Virtual Objects Using ARAnchor

Lecture 14 Ray Casting and Adding Object Using Anchor Entity

Lecture 15 Scale, Rotate and Moving Virtual Objects

Section 4: Importing Models into your World

Lecture 16 Importing Models Using USDZ Files

Lecture 17 Asynchronously Importing Models Using USDZ Files

Lecture 18 Loading Multiple Models

Lecture 19 Loading Entities with Animations

Section 5: Occlusion, Unlit and Video Materials

Lecture 20 What is Occlusion?

Lecture 21 Resource: Occlusion Example YouTube Video

Lecture 22 Implementing Occlusion in RealityKit

Lecture 23 Video Materials

Lecture 24 Unlit Material

Lecture 25 Image Texture

Lecture 26 Loading Multiple Image Textures Asynchronously

Section 6: Physics

Lecture 27 Hello Gravity

Lecture 28 Collision Detection Example 1

Lecture 29 Collision Detection Example 2

Lecture 30 Collision Detection and Filters

Lecture 31 Collision Detection and Physics

Lecture 32 Implementing MovableEntity

Section 7: AR Coaching

Lecture 33 What is AR Coaching?

Lecture 34 Implementing AR Coaching

Section 8: Measurement App

Lecture 35 What we will be building?

Lecture 36 Setting Up Initial Project

Lecture 37 Adding Virtual Points to the Real World

Section 9: Image Tracking

Lecture 38 What is Image Detection?

Lecture 39 Resource: Image Detection AR Watch

Lecture 40 Implementing Image Detection

Lecture 41 Image Detection and Video Material

Section 10: Light

Lecture 42 Point Light

Lecture 43 Directional Light

Lecture 44 Spotlight

Section 11: Reality Composer

Lecture 45 What is Reality Composer?

Lecture 46 Creating Scenes in Reality Composer

Lecture 47 Adding Behaviors

Lecture 48 Trigger Actions in Xcode through Reality Composer

Lecture 49 Post Notification from Xcode to Trigger Action in Reality Composer

Section 12: Face and Objects Anchors

Lecture 50 What are Face Anchors?

Lecture 51 Implementing Face Anchors

Lecture 52 Scanning Models for Object Anchors

Lecture 53 Resources

Lecture 54 Implementing Object Anchors

Section 13: Project Time – Furniture Store

Lecture 55 What we will be building?

Lecture 56 Displaying Furniture Images and Implementing FurnitureListViewModel

Lecture 57 Loading Selected Furniture

Lecture 58 Adding Coaching Overlay

Section 14: Persistence

Lecture 59 What we will be building?

Lecture 60 Understanding the Starter Project

Lecture 61 Saving World Map

Lecture 62 Loading the Saved World Map

Lecture 63 Display Mapping Status and Saved Alerts

Section 15: Understanding ARGeoAnchor

Lecture 64 What are ARGeoAnchors?

Lecture 65 Tour of the Starter Project

Lecture 66 Checking Support for Geo Anchors

Lecture 67 Finding User’s Current Location

Lecture 68 Placing ARGeoAnchors based on User’s Current Location

Lecture 69 Adding ARGeoAnchors on Tap Gesture

Lecture 70 Resources

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 71 Next Steps

Lecture 72 Bonus Lecture

Developers who are interested in learning how to build AR apps using RealityKit,Developers who wants to take their skills to the next level,Developers who want to build apps for rumored Apple glasses.

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Udemy | English | 6h 31m | 3.78 GB
Created by: Mohammad Azam

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