Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin and C

Go hands-on with this exciting technology for developing cross-platform, native mobile apps using C#
Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin and C
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Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin and C

What you’ll learn

Utilize Xamarin development tools to create a native interface experience for Android and iOS devices
Create apps that interact with local and remote data sources
Access individual device features such as photo, SMS, social, and phone capabilities with your app

Building Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin and C


Aspiring developers with a working knowledge of C#; no prior knowledge of Xamarin is needed.
an installation of Xamarin Mono (Indie version or above)


This course shows you how to get started creating native, cross platform apps using Xamarin Mono. This course is designed for users that are familiar with C#, although no experience with Xamarin Mono is required. You will start by learning about the cross platform development options and the basics of Xamarin Mono, including the development environment and Xamarin Studio. From there, expert Keith Welch will teach you about the various layouts and controls, including stack layout, content and scroll view, and label and entry. This video tutorial also covers basic user interface elements, as well as more advanced controls, such as table views, list views, maps, and web views. You will also learn about page types, tabs and grids, and local and remote data. Finally, you will learn about device features, including the camera, photo gallery, messaging, and phone. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using the Xamarin framework to create code that will work in both iOS and Android.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Important – Download These First – Working Files

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Cross Platform Options

Lecture 4 Intro To Xamarin Mono

Lecture 5 Installing Required Tools

Lecture 6 Hello World

Lecture 7 Android Emulators

Lecture 8 How To Access Your Working Files

Section 2: Layouts

Lecture 9 Stack Layout

Lecture 10 Absolute Layout

Lecture 11 Relative Layout

Lecture 12 Grid Layout

Lecture 13 Content View

Lecture 14 Scroll View

Lecture 15 Frame

Section 3: User Interface Controls

Lecture 16 Label And Entry

Lecture 17 Button

Lecture 18 Image

Lecture 19 Editor

Lecture 20 Date And Time Pickers

Lecture 21 Slider

Lecture 22 Stepper

Lecture 23 Box View

Lecture 24 Activity Indicator And Progress Bar

Lecture 25 Search Bar

Lecture 26 Switch

Lecture 27 Picker Control

Lecture 28 Map

Lecture 29 Map Options

Lecture 30 List View

Lecture 31 List View Options

Lecture 32 Web View

Section 4: Page Types

Lecture 33 Navigation Page

Lecture 34 Master Detail Page

Lecture 35 Tabbed Page

Lecture 36 Carousel Page

Section 5: Tables And Grids

Lecture 37 Table View Control

Lecture 38 View Cell

Lecture 39 Image Cell

Lecture 40 Switch Cell

Lecture 41 Entry Cell

Section 6: Local Data Access

Lecture 42 Database Access

Lecture 43 Database Write And Delete

Lecture 44 Database Read

Section 7: Remote Data

Lecture 45 JSON Web Service

Lecture 46 Retrieve JSON Data

Lecture 47 Update JSON Data

Section 8: Portable Class Libraries And Device Features

Lecture 48 Intro To Portable Class Libraries

Lecture 49 Photo Picker

Lecture 50 Camera

Lecture 51 Phone

Lecture 52 SMS

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 53 Conclusion And Resources

Those who want to apply their existing C# knowledge to create multi-platform mobile apps.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 43m | 620.91 MB
Created by: Infinite Skills

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