Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R

Learn to build professional web applications from scratch with the powerful Shiny package in R
Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R
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Michael Weis


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Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R

What you’ll learn

Understand layouts, inputs, outputs, and data processing used in Shiny apps
Utilize Shiny dashboards to create professional looking web applications
Utilize advanced Shiny features like dashboards, automatic data refresh, and many more
Create inputs and outputs that react to user user input in real time

Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R


Students should have basic understanding of R and Rstudio
Students should have R and Rstudio running on their computers


Go from Shiny beginner to Shiny pro with this course covering all the topics you need to build professional looking Shiny apps. Learn how to utilize inputs, outputs, and reactivity combined with the many different layout options available. Get real hands on experience building your own Shiny apps throughout the course to build your knowledge and put your skills to the test. Building your own web applications can be challenging. That’s where Shiny comes in; Shiny allows you to build powerful web applications without needing to know any HTML, javascript, or CSS.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Shiny Overview

Lecture 2 Setting Up Shiny

Lecture 3 Shiny App Structure

Section 2: Shiny Inputs

Lecture 4 Introduction To Inputs

Lecture 5 Text Inputs

Lecture 6 Numeric Inputs

Lecture 7 Checkbox Inputs

Lecture 8 Select Inputs

Lecture 9 Slider Inputs

Lecture 10 Radio Button Inputs

Lecture 11 Date Inputs

Lecture 12 Build Your Own App – Inputs

Section 3: Shiny Outputs

Lecture 13 Introduction To Outputs

Lecture 14 Text Output

Lecture 15 Table Output

Lecture 16 Plot Output

Lecture 17 DataTable Output

Lecture 18 Build Your Own App – Outputs

Section 4: Reactivity

Lecture 19 Reactivity – Introduction

Lecture 20 Reactive Outputs

Lecture 21 Reactive Expressions

Lecture 22 Controlling Reactions

Lecture 23 Build Your Own App – Reactivity

Section 5: Single Page App Layouts

Lecture 24 Single Page Layouts – Introduction

Lecture 25 Vertical Layout

Lecture 26 Fluid Rows

Lecture 27 Sidebar Layouts

Lecture 28 Conditional Panels

Lecture 29 Build Your Own App – Single Page Layouts

Section 6: Multi-Page App Layouts

Lecture 30 Multi-Page Layouts – Introduction

Lecture 31 Tabset Panel

Lecture 32 Navbar Panel

Lecture 33 NavList Panel

Lecture 34 Build Your Own App – Multi-Page Layouts

Section 7: Advanced Shiny

Lecture 35 Data Downloads

Lecture 36 Data Uploads

Lecture 37 Dynamic Data Refresh

Lecture 38 Progress Indicators

Lecture 39 Shiny Dashboards – Structure Overview

Lecture 40 Shiny Dashboards – Header

Lecture 41 Shiny Dashboards – Sidebar

Lecture 42 Shiny Dashboards – Body

Lecture 43 Build Your Own App – Shiny Dashboards

Data Scientists,Data Analysts,Students,Anyone looking to build professional level web applications

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Created by: Michael Weis

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