Building News Website with Javascript React and News API

Learn how to build news website with Javascript, React, and News API
Building News Website with Javascript React and News API
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Building News Website with Javascript React and News API

What you’ll learn

Learning how to integrate website with News API endpoints
Learning how to build news website with Javascript
Learning how to utilise React and Axios
Learning how to do styling using CSS
Learning several different strategies to monetise news website

Building News Website with Javascript React and News API


Basic Javascript knowledge is helpful but not necessary
Willingness to learn, be creative, and persistent


Welcome to Building & Monetizing News Website with Javascript, React, and News API. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be fully guided step by step on how to build a news website using Javascript programming language alongside with other supporting tools. This course is consisted of two main aspects, the first one is the technical aspect which will train you from the perspective of web developer on how to build a fully functioning news website meanwhile the second aspect is the business aspect where you will learn from the perspective of business, you will learn multiple strategies to monetize your news website.The news website that will be built is going to have news from more than 80,000 sources updated regularly and it is going to be made possible by connecting the site with News API and there is nothing you should worry about since you can access News API for completely free with a limitation up to 100 API requests a day which is obviously more than enough for this project. This course puts heavy emphasis on user experience and comfortability, therefore, as soon as we are done building the website, we will be conducting testing not only to ensure the product has worked the way it is supposed to but also evaluating whether it’s easy to use and user friendly from the perspective of users. At the end of the course, you will learn several monetization strategies, such as displaying ads on your website or selling subscriptions to your customers for accessing premium features. Hence, hopefully by the end of the course you will understand the potential of turning this news website to a full time and sustainable passive income business.Since the news website will be built using Javascript, therefore, some basic understandings would be necessary, nonetheless, there is nothing you should worry if you are not really confident with your Javascript programming skills as this course also comes with Javascript crash course which was created and designed specifically to prepare you better for the project. Hence, you will definitely get all basic fundamentals of the Javascript programming language that you need to know before starting the actual project.Below are the following things that you will learn in this course:Javascript Mini Course:Learning different ways to declare variables in Javascript (const, let, var)Learning different data types in Javascript (string, number, boolean)Learning how to create conditional statements in Javascript (if/else)Learning how to build function and pass down parameters in JavascriptBuilding the News Website:Learning how to integrate website with News APILearning how to connect to News API endpointsLearning how to style the frontend using cssLearning how to create and initialize React packageLearning how to utilize Axios to communicate with the backendLearning several different strategies to monetize news websiteSince the most effective way to learn is actually to learn by doing, hence, that is exactly what you are going to get from this course. Not only that you will get to apply your Javascript skills and knowledge into a real project with real use cases but you also get the opportunity to evaluate your qualification in Javascript to identify the area that you still need to improve.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 Highlight of the Course

Lecture 3 Whom This Course is Intended for?

Section 2: Tools, IDE, and API

Lecture 4 Tools, IDE, and API

Section 3: Project Preparations

Lecture 5 What are We Going to Build?

Lecture 6 Introduction to News API

Lecture 7 Basics of API Explained

Section 4: Setting Up All Required Tools

Lecture 8 Setting Up IDE

Lecture 9 Generating News API Key

Lecture 10 News api Documentation

Section 5: Javascript Mini Course

Lecture 11 Javascript Mini Course

Lecture 12 Declaring Variables

Lecture 13 Data Types

Lecture 14 If/Else Statements

Lecture 15 Function & Parameter

Section 6: Building News Website

Lecture 16 Creating & Initialising React

Lecture 17 Adding Additional Folder & Files

Lecture 18 Building News Catalogue

Lecture 19 Creating News Element

Lecture 20 News Element HTML Code

Lecture 21 Styling with CSS

Lecture 22 Modifying App JS

Section 7: Testing News Website

Lecture 23 Testing News Website

Section 8: Monetisation Strategies

Lecture 24 Monetisation Strategies

Section 9: Conclusion & Summary

Lecture 25 Conclusion & Summary

People who have interest in web development,People who have interest in owning and monetising websites,Journalists who want to have their own website for posting their news

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Udemy | English | 2h 52m | 1.46 GB
Created by: Christ Raharja

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