Building Web APIs with gRPC The Complete Guide

Become an expert in the most exciting web API framework with this practical, hands-on course
Building Web APIs with gRPC The Complete Guide
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Building Web APIs with gRPC The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Basics of gRPC
How gRPC stacks against REST API
Using Protobuf to send messages between systems
The 4 communication types of gRPC
Error handling in gRPC
Implementing deadlines in gRPC
Implementing authorization and security in gRPC
Using gRPC in the browser

Building Web APIs with gRPC The Complete Guide


Understand the basic concepts of APIs
Understand the basic concepts of HTTP
Basic development background


Web API is usually the most important part in a web app.This is how you expose your web app to the world, and to other users, and it must be fast, easy to use, and up-to-date.gRPC is one of the most advanced and exciting web APIs in the industry today, and it adds a lot of value to any web app. Capabilities such as server and client streaming, strongly-typed messages, blazing-fast performance and more make it an important asset in every developer and architect toolbox.And this practical, hands-on course will make you an expert in gRPC.We are going to cover all aspects of gRPC, from the very basics to the most advanced topics. Here are some of the topics we’re going to discuss:- How gRPC stacks against REST API- Basic concepts of gRPC- The 4 communication types of gRPC:   – Unary RPC   – Client-side streaming   – Server-side streaming   – Bi-directional streaming- Best practices of designing gRPC API- Using Protobuf, the message serialization format used by gRPC- Error handling in gRPC- Authorization and SecurityAnd lots more.Now, in order to make this course as valuable as possible, I made it extremely practical and hands-on.We’re going to build, together, a fully-functional, full-blown gRPC-based chat app, utilizing all the concepts we’ll learn in the course, and we’re going to use multiple platforms for that – nodeJS and .NET.Note: You don’t have to be a .NET or nodeJS developer to take this course. I’m going to guide you through all the steps in the development process, and make sure everything will work as expected.By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert in gRPC, not just in theory, but in practicality.There is no other course like this! This is the only course that will take you all the way to  be an expert in gRPC, from the very beginning to topics known to few, and will do that in an extremely practical and hands-on fashion.———————————————————-What do my students have to say about my courses?————————————————————“well done – The course was very practical” – Sam “Good explanation on the topics covered, “Soft Skills” section is a great addition of topics” – Sergio “[The course] given me the confidence to go out to the market and advertise myself as such [an Architect]” – Mathew”Life Changing” – ArivazhaganAnd lots more…————————————————————Who is this course for?————————————————————Any person who is involved in web development, even system analyst, can profit from this course. That includes:- Junior developers- Senior developers- Architects- Anyone else involved in web developmentIf you’re not sure if this course is for you – drop me a note!————————————————————What are the prerequisites for this course?————————————————————Students are expected to be able to understand code , and to know how the internet is working (HTTP protocol, Request / Response model, and so on).————————————————————About Me————————————————————I’ve been in the software industry for more than 25 years, and a Software Architect for more than 20 years, working with a variety of clients – Fortune 100 enterprises, start-ups, govt. entities, defense, telco, banking, and lots more.I’m an avid speaker and trainer, having trained thousands of students in various courses.I love what I do, and my greatest passion (well, besides my family…) is designing modern, practical, and reliable systems for my clients, using the best possible API.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Join the Software Architects Community

Lecture 3 Get the course slides

Lecture 4 Who Is This Course For?

Lecture 5 Agenda

Section 2: API Basics

Lecture 6 Read this before going through this section

Lecture 7 What is an API?

Lecture 8 API Types

Lecture 9 Importance of API

Lecture 10 Why Do You Need a Well Designed API?

Section 3: Web APIs

Lecture 11 Web APIs

Lecture 12 SOAP

Lecture 13 REST

Lecture 14 GraphQL

Lecture 15 gRPC

Section 4: gRPC Basics

Lecture 16 Problems with REST API

Lecture 17 History of gRPC

Lecture 18 gRPC Basics

Lecture 19 RPC

Lecture 20 Communication Styles

Lecture 21 ProtoBuf

Lecture 22 Advanced Topics

Section 5: Preparing the Environment

Lecture 23 Introduction

Lecture 24 Installing .NET SDK

Lecture 25 Installing nodeJS

Lecture 26 Installing VS Code and Extensions

Section 6: Introducing Our App

Lecture 27 Introduction

Lecture 28 The gRoom App

Section 7: Protobuf

Lecture 29 Introduction

Lecture 30 Protobuf Usage Flow

Lecture 31 Messages Basic Syntax

Lecture 32 Configuring Protobuf in .NET

Lecture 33 Developing with Protobuf

Lecture 34 Default Values

Lecture 35 Working With Composite Types

Lecture 36 Updating a Message Type

Lecture 37 Oneof

Lecture 38 Maps

Lecture 39 Defining Services

Section 8: Building the gRoom Server

Lecture 40 Introduction

Lecture 41 Creating and Configuring the Project

Lecture 42 Building the gRoom Service

Lecture 43 Testing the Service with BloomRPC

Section 9: Unary RPC

Lecture 44 Introduction

Lecture 45 Implementing the Client

Section 10: Client-side Streaming

Lecture 46 Introduction

Lecture 47 Implementing Client-side Streaming in the Server

Lecture 48 Implementing the Client

Section 11: Server-side Streaming

Lecture 49 Introduction

Lecture 50 Implementing Server-side Streaming in the Server

Lecture 51 Connecting the News Bot to the Server Stream

Lecture 52 Implementing the Client

Section 12: Bi-Directional Streaming

Lecture 53 Introduction

Lecture 54 Implementing Bi-Directional Streaming in the Server

Lecture 55 Testing the Server

Lecture 56 Implementing the Client

Lecture 57 Final Touches

Lecture 58 Putting It All Together

Section 13: Advanced Topics

Lecture 59 Introduction

Lecture 60 Deadlines

Lecture 61 Implementing Deadlines

Lecture 62 Error Handling

Lecture 63 Adding Error Handling to gRoom

Lecture 64 Cancelling Requests

Lecture 65 Implementing Request Cancellation

Lecture 66 Authentication

Lecture 67 Introduction to OAuth

Lecture 68 Adding Authentication to gRoom

Section 14: gRPC in the Browser

Lecture 69 Introduction

Lecture 70 Implementing gRPC in the Browser

Lecture 71 Configuring the Server for gRPC-Web

Lecture 72 Using gRPC-Web in the Browser

Section 15: Conclusion

Lecture 73 Conclusion

Lecture 74 Bonus: Next Steps

Developers who would like to learn about gRPC,Software Architects designing web APIs,Anyone involved in web development

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Created by: Memi Lavi

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