Business Case Specialist Create Captivating Business Cases

Business Case Specialist Masterclass | Create Compelling Business Cases | Complete Business Case Guide for Beginners
Business Case Specialist Create Captivating Business Cases
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Business Case Specialist Create Captivating Business Cases

What you’ll learn

How to write an effective and compelling Business Case?
Download Business Case Template & Learn How to Update the different components of the Business Case in this Template
How to document a detailed Executive Summary?
How to define the Project Problem and Identify Possible Solutions
How to calculate Projected Financials such as Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
How to determine financial terms such as Payback Period, Cost-Benefit Analysis, & Opportunity Cost
How to identify and engage Project Stakeholders?
How to write Project Risks, Assumptions, Constraints, and Resource Requirements?
Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Compelling Business Cases

Business Case Specialist Create Captivating Business Cases


Basic knowledge of Project Management Knowledge is required
Basic knowledge of Excel Required to learn calculations of Projected Financials


Are you looking to draft a compelling business case? If so, you have come to the right place.The Business Case Specialist Masterclass provides you a practical perspective on documenting compelling business cases. This is one of the best Business Case Specialization Programs available online. This Business Case program not only helps you understand how to write compelling Business Cases but also helps you go through a Business Case Real-Life Anecdote that is an actual case study that evolves in a step-by-step manner. The structure of this Business Case Specialist program allows you to quickly understand how to apply your knowledge and skills in your work environment. This, in turn, helps you get the desired visibility in your organization resulting in career growth and a positive impact on your salary. The Business Case Specialist program provides you the proficiency in 15+ tools, techniques, templates, and financial calculations (combined). This course is a package that includes a downloadable Business Case template to write practical business cases and a step-by-step guide to complete writing the template. This Business Case Specialist course not only adds the Business Case Specialist qualification to your skill set but also provides you an opportunity to enhance your resume helping you stand out in this competitive world.Two Types of Business CasesThere are mainly two types of Business Cases – external and internal. External Business Cases involve pitching an idea to investors, funders, or external parties to invite them to invest in your organization. Internal Business Cases are those where you work on improving business processes, business metrics, and key performance indicators and pitch the improvement idea to the senior management and internal stakeholders. This course trains you to craft compelling Internal Business Cases.By choosing this Business Case Specialist Training Program, you are enrolling in the most in-depth, beginner to intermediate-level Business Case Specialization.This Course is Industry IndependentLearning how to create compelling Business Cases can help impact your career positively. The ability to add this knowledge of crafting Business Cases to your resume proves your commitment to improving your business acumen and business case writing skills. Accepted globally, the principles of writing compelling Business Cases find applications in countless manufacturing, service, and all industries worldwide.What’s included in this Business Case Specialist Masterclass Training Course?What is a Business Case?Understanding the BusinessIdentify Stakeholders and Engage ThemDefine the ProblemIdentify Root Causes and Possible SolutionsDocument Project Assumptions and ConstraintsIdentify Project RisksDetermine Project Resource RequirementsArticulate Project High-Level TimelinesDocument Project Benefits and Financial ProjectionsCalculate Present Value (PV) using ExcelCalculate Net Present Value (NPV) using ExcelCalculate Internal Rate of Return (IRR) using ExcelUnderstand Financial Concepts such as Payback Period, Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Opportunity CostIdentify Key MetricsWrite a compelling Executive SummaryWhat would you get after taking this course: Business Case Specialist Masterclass?Master 10+ Tools, Techniques, Templates, and Financial Calculations (combined)Become a pro at drafting compelling business casesUnderstand how to document a business case by reviewing a real-life anecdotePitch any business problem to the senior management using the most effective and compelling techniqueslearn the techniques to understand an end-to-end business process at a holistic levelmaster the art of identifying and managing project stakeholdersDefine the project problem like a proLearn root-cause analysis techniquesDocument Project Risks, Assumptions, and ConstraintsIdentify Resource Requirements and High-Level Project TimelinesBuild Project FinancialsGet access to 4+ hours of video content and 100+ Downloadable ResourcesThis Business Case Specialist Training program is suitable for:Beginners in Project ManagementPracticing Project ManagersProfessionals looking to apply for PMP® Certification ExamProcess Consultants and FreelancersThis is an industry-independent course. This course is mainly for beginners. It is not for professionals with advanced knowledge in writing Business Cases.This course is designed and produced by industry practitioners in Project Management who have trained and certified thousands of professionals for several Project Management, Six Sigma Certifications, Lean Specializations, and Data Analytics expertise.This Business Case Specialist course is comprehensive yet straightforward and designed to help you learn Business Case writing tools and techniques using real-life anecdote and many activities.This Business Case Specialist Course assumes you have no prior project management background. However, it does assume that you have a basic knowledge of excel. With over 4+ hours of on-demand video, over 100 lectures, over 100 supplemental resources, and 10+ activities, this comprehensive tutorial covers everything you’ll ever need to become a Business Case Specialist.Whether you want to:Get an in-demand Business Case SpecializationBe an excellent project manager with exceptional business case writing skillsGo freelance and work from home, setting your schedule and ratesSharpen your project management skills in writing compelling Business Cases…this complete Business Case Specialist Course is exactly what you need and more.What makes this course a Bestseller?Like you, thousands of others were frustrated and fed up with fragmented online know-it-all tutorials which assumed you could understand the complex jargon involved in Business Case documentation and left you without having you practice what you have learned.Like you, they were tired of low-quality lessons, poorly explained topics, and all-around confusing info presented in the wrong way. That’s why so many find success in this Business Case Specialist Masterclass. It’s designed with simplicity and seamless progression in mind though its high-definition, comprehensive tutorials. The course is very well structure:The course duration is 4+ hoursYou become an expert in 10+ Business Case writing tools, techniques, templates, and financial calculations (combined)These are covered in 15 sections and 90+ lecturesEach section is dedicated to a specific Business Case conceptEach lecture covers bite-sized information; easy to grasp and applyEach lecture consists of a video screencastEach section is well-rounded with:A section objective discussed at the beginningThen the concept is discussed at lengthThen real-life anecdote is discussed to review the concepts learned from a practical perspectiveThis is followed by an exciting quizEach section ends with an apt summaryNumerical activities are supplemented with life process dataThere are multiple downloadable ready-to-use templatesThere are over 90 supplemental downloadable resources that are comprehensive and pertinently cover everything you’ll need to become a Business Case SpecialistThere is a high focus on the Real-Life Anecdote to prepare you well to succeed in any Project Management related role (for documenting Business Cases)The market is never short of jobs in the field of Project Management and Process Excellence functions. There are ample jobs. They only need skilled individuals. They are ready to hire individuals with hands-on knowledge and those who outshine the interview process.Ready to get started on the part to writing compelling Business Cases?So why wait? Enroll today and Become a Master at drafting a compelling Business Case and Start Streamlining Your Business Process with a mark of excellence!!!


Section 1: Business Case: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Real-Life Anecdote Introduction

Lecture 3 Special Message from Rahul

Lecture 4 Download Center

Section 2: Business Case: Introduction to the Business Case

Lecture 5 Section Introduction

Lecture 6 What is a Business Case?

Lecture 7 What are the reasons for developing an internal Business Case?

Lecture 8 Approval of your Business Case a Success Criteria?

Lecture 9 What are the different components of a Business Case?

Lecture 10 Real-Life Anecdote: Business Case in 30 Days

Lecture 11 Section Conclusion

Section 3: Business Case: Understanding the Business

Lecture 12 Section Introduction

Lecture 13 What is involved in Understanding the Business?

Lecture 14 What is a SIPOC?

Lecture 15 What are the steps to create a SIPOC?

Lecture 16 Real-Life Anecdote: Understanding the Business using a SIPOC

Lecture 17 What is a Hierarchy Flowchart?

Lecture 18 How to Create a Hierarchy Flowchart?

Lecture 19 Real-Life Anecdote: Creating a Hierarchy Flowchart

Lecture 20 Capture High-Level Data

Lecture 21 Create Inference

Lecture 22 Section Conclusion

Section 4: Stakeholder Identification & Engagement

Lecture 23 Section Introduction

Lecture 24 What is Stakeholder Identification & Engagement?

Lecture 25 Stakeholder Analysis using the Power/Interest Grid

Lecture 26 The Low Power and Low-Interest Quadrant

Lecture 27 The Low Power and High-Interest Quadrant

Lecture 28 The High Power and Low-Interest Quadrant

Lecture 29 The High Power and High-Interest Quadrant

Lecture 30 Real-Life Anecdote: Stakeholder Analysis

Lecture 31 Real-Life Anecdote: Stakeholder Analysis_Continued

Lecture 32 Section Conclusion

Section 5: Define the Problem

Lecture 33 Section Introduction

Lecture 34 How to define the project problem?

Lecture 35 Real-Life Anecdote: Define the Problem

Lecture 36 Section Conclusion

Section 6: Identify Possible Solutions

Lecture 37 Section Introduction

Lecture 38 Introduction to Identify Possible Solutions & Brainstorming

Lecture 39 What is a Fishbone Diagram?

Lecture 40 What is Multi-Voting?

Lecture 41 Brainstorming Possible Solutions

Lecture 42 Real-Life Anecdote: Identify Root-Causes & Fishbone Diagram

Lecture 43 Real-Life Anecdote: Ascertain Root-Causes using Multi-Voting

Lecture 44 Real-Life Anecdote: Validating the Root-Causes

Lecture 45 Real-Life Anecdote: Determine Possible Solutions

Lecture 46 Section Conclusion

Section 7: Project Assumptions & Constraints

Lecture 47 Section Introduction

Lecture 48 What are Project Assumption(s)?

Lecture 49 Real-Life Anecdote: Identify Project Assumptions

Lecture 50 What are Project Constraints?

Lecture 51 Section Conclusion

Section 8: Project Risks, Resource Requirements & High-Level Timelines

Lecture 52 Section Introduction

Lecture 53 What are Project Risks?

Lecture 54 How to Determine Resource Requirements?

Lecture 55 Real-Life Anecdote: Determine Resource Requirements

Lecture 56 Determine High-Level Timeline

Lecture 57 Real-Life Anecdote: Determine High Level Timeline

Lecture 58 Section Conclusion

Section 9: Project Benefits

Lecture 59 Section Introduction

Lecture 60 What are Project Benefits?

Lecture 61 Real-Life Anecdote: Determine Project Benefits

Lecture 62 Building Project Financials

Lecture 63 Section Conclusion

Section 10: Present Value (PV)

Lecture 64 Section Introduction

Lecture 65 Present Value (PV): Time Value of Money

Lecture 66 Present Value (PV): Discounting

Lecture 67 How to calculate the Present Value (PV) in Excel?

Lecture 68 Section Conclusion

Section 11: Net Present Value (NPV)

Lecture 69 Section Introduction

Lecture 70 What is Net Present Value (NPV)?

Lecture 71 How to calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) in Excel?

Lecture 72 Pros and Cons of Net Present Value (NPV)

Lecture 73 Section Conclusion

Section 12: Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Lecture 74 Section Introduction

Lecture 75 What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

Lecture 76 How to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in Excel?

Lecture 77 Section Conclusion

Section 13: Other Important Financials

Lecture 78 Section Introduction

Lecture 79 Payback Period

Lecture 80 Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Lecture 81 Opportunity Cost

Lecture 82 Section Conclusion

Section 14: Real-Life Anecdote Financials

Lecture 83 Section Introduction

Lecture 84 Estimate Project Capital Requirements

Lecture 85 Forecast Financial Savings/Improvements

Lecture 86 Calculate NPV and IRR

Lecture 87 Section Conclusion

Section 15: Key Metrics & Executive Summary

Lecture 88 Section Introduction

Lecture 89 Key Metrics

Lecture 90 Real-Life Anecdote: Key Metrics

Lecture 91 Writing the Executive Summary

Lecture 92 Real-Life Anecdote: Documenting the Executive Summary

Lecture 93 Section Conclusion

Section 16: Course Conclusion

Lecture 94 Section Introduction

Lecture 95 Real-Life Anecdote: The Final Presentation

Lecture 96 Real-Life Anecdote: The Verdict

Lecture 97 Tips to Write Effective Business Case

Lecture 98 Course Conclusion

Beginners in Project Management,Practicing Project Managers,Professionals looking to apply for PMP® Certification Exam,Process Consultants and Freelancers

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Udemy | English | 3h 53m | 2.06 GB
Created by: Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE)

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