Business Communication Skills Handling Clients Customers

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Business Communication Skills Handling Clients Customers
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Business Communication Skills Handling Clients Customers

What you’ll learn

Provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.
Exceed customer expectations by creating memorable customer service experiences.
Build rapport with customers to create a relationship of trust.
Manage challenging customers through difficult situations.
Use active listening techniques to understand customer needs.
Manage customer expectations by setting realistic expectations.
Improve your soft skills and advance your career .
And more!

Business Communication Skills Handling Clients Customers


No prior experience required. You just need to be motivated to learn and grow!


Whether you are looking to transition to a new career, refresh your skills, or advance in your current role, this comprehensive business communication course can help you improve your soft skills and reach your professional goals! In this training, you’ll learn how to communicate with your clients and customers to ensure they’re getting the best possible experience!Learn New Soft Skills to Grow Your CareerCommunication with customers and clients is a critical skill in any industry, and those who master it can open doors to new opportunities. Professionals who are customer-focused and able to provide excellent service are in high demand and often rewarded with better job prospects, higher pay, and increased responsibility.Invest in Your Personal DevelopmentIn addition to being important for career growth, in-demand business communication skills are great for personal development. Learning how to manage customer interactions effectively can help you build confidence, improve your communication skills, and boost self-esteem.Whether you want to take your career to the next level or simply want to learn new skills, our course is a great place to start!Looking for team training? This course can save you time and money on team training and onboarding. Get your whole team up to speed quickly and efficiently with this comprehensive training to ensure your business delivers top-notch customer service!In This Course, You’ll Learn How To:Provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.Exceed customer expectations by creating a memorable customer service experience.Build rapport with customers to create a relationship of trust.Manage challenging customers through difficult situations.Use active listening techniques to understand customer needs.Manage customer expectations by setting realistic expectations.And more!When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to:Engaging video lecturesDownloadable guides, scripts & templates Downloadable course notes you can use to review the course materialQuizzes to check your understanding Udemy’s Certificate of Achievement to boost your credentialsGet Instant Access to Start LearningAs soon as you enroll in the course you’ll have instant access to your lectures, course notes, downloadable templates, and supplementary readings. Plus, you can take the quizzes and track your progress to ensure that you’re on the right track. And when you’re done, you’ll earn a certificate of completion from Udemy to celebrate your achievements.Enroll now and let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Customer Service Matters

Lecture 2 Objectives

Lecture 3 Why Customer Service Matters

Lecture 4 Understanding the Value of Customer Feedback

Lecture 5 Customer Service and Brand Reputation

Lecture 6 How Customer Service Affects Customer Retention

Lecture 7 Short-Term Impact of Customer Service

Lecture 8 Long-Term Impact of Customer Service

Lecture 9 Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Lecture 10 The Cost of Providing Poor Service

Section 3: Managing Customer Expectations

Lecture 11 Objectives

Lecture 12 The Importance of Exceeding Customer Expectations

Lecture 13 Differentiating Yourself From Competitors

Lecture 14 Transforming Customers Into Loyal Fans

Lecture 15 Increasing Your Professional Value

Lecture 16 Developing a Positive Career Outlook

Lecture 17 What Makes Outstanding Customer Service

Lecture 18 Why Speed and Promptness Matter

Lecture 19 Personalizing for a Better Customer Experience

Lecture 20 Surprise and Quality in Customer Service

Lecture 21 50 Creative Ways to Wow Your Customers

Lecture 22 Companies That Go Above and Beyond

Lecture 23 Empathy, Clarity, and Attentiveness in Customer Service

Lecture 24 Time Management, Adaptability, and Self-Control

Lecture 25 Persuasiveness and Product Knowledge

Section 4: The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Lecture 26 Objectives

Lecture 27 Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Lecture 28 Higher Value Purchases

Lecture 29 Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Lecture 30 Memorable Stories Are Told the Most

Lecture 31 The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Lecture 32 Social Media and Online Reviews

Lecture 33 Download: Response Templates for Online Reviews

Lecture 34 How Technology Impacts Our Communication

Lecture 35 Ease of Access

Lecture 36 Fast Response Time

Lecture 37 Reach and Penetration

Lecture 38 Stories That Went Viral

Lecture 39 A Story of Compassion

Lecture 40 A Song Goes Viral

Lecture 41 A Toy Giraffe Becomes Famous

Lecture 42 Company Policies vs. Common Sense

Section 5: How To Build Trust And Rapport Fast

Lecture 43 Objectives

Lecture 44 What Qualities Customers Expect

Lecture 45 Creating an Omni-Channel Experience

Lecture 46 Why Speed Matters

Lecture 47 Personalizing Your Interactions

Lecture 48 Download: 30+ Customer Service Emails Templates

Lecture 49 First Impressions Count

Lecture 50 Understanding Customer Needs

Lecture 51 Controlling Non-Verbal Cues

Lecture 52 Building Customer Trust

Lecture 53 Creating a Professional Image

Lecture 54 Using the Power of Your Voice

Lecture 55 Becoming Aware of Your Facial Expressions

Lecture 56 Using Your Body Language to Build Rapport

Section 6: Managing Challenging Customers

Lecture 57 Objectives

Lecture 58 What is Intentional Small Talk?

Lecture 59 Mastering the Art of Small Talk

Lecture 60 Personalizing Your Approach

Lecture 61 Understanding Emotions Behind Words

Lecture 62 Using Upbeat Language in Your Interactions

Lecture 63 Download: 60+ Positive and Negative Expressions

Lecture 64 Validating Customer Emotions

Lecture 65 Showing Gratitude to Build Relationships

Lecture 66 Professional Way to Give Suggestions

Lecture 67 Becoming Aware of Distractions in Conversations

Lecture 68 Mirroring and Non-Verbal Behavior

Lecture 69 Applying Mirroring Technique

Lecture 70 Matching Customer’s Body Language

Lecture 71 Allowing Conversation to Flow

Lecture 72 Download: 30+ Customer Service Phone Scripts

Lecture 73 Avoiding Multitasking

Lecture 74 Spotting Distracting Habits

Lecture 75 Omitting Filler Words

Lecture 76 Providing Clear and Concise Explanations

Section 7: Powerful Ways To Improve Customer Service With Active Listening

Lecture 77 Objectives

Lecture 78 Key Elements of Active Listening

Lecture 79 Practicing Active Listening Skills

Lecture 80 Avoiding Judgements in Communication

Lecture 81 Using Mirroring Technique

Lecture 82 Asking Probing Questions

Lecture 83 Coming up with Effective Questions to Ask

Lecture 84 Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions

Lecture 85 Asking Leading Questions

Lecture 86 Download: 30+ Questions to Ask Your Customers

Lecture 87 Clarifying Information

Lecture 88 Paraphrasing Information

Lecture 89 Overcoming Barriers in Communication

Lecture 90 Avoiding Internal and External Distractions

Lecture 91 Becoming Aware of Pre-Existing Beliefs

Lecture 92 Understanding Cultural Differences in Communication

Section 8: Managing Customer Expectations

Lecture 93 Objectives

Lecture 94 Setting Realistic Expectations

Lecture 95 Providing Accurate Time Estimates

Lecture 96 Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Lecture 97 Why Customers Get Confused

Lecture 98 Ensuring Customer Understanding

Lecture 99 Reviewing Customer History

Lecture 100 Using Simple Language and Visuals

Lecture 101 Personalizing Your Interactions

Lecture 102 Managing Unreasonable Expectations

Lecture 103 Offering Alternative Solutions

Lecture 104 Turning Customer Complaints Into Opportunities

Lecture 105 Download: 30+ Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Lecture 106 Taking Action on Feedback

Lecture 107 Download: Customer Service Strategy Planning Template

Section 9: Complementary Career Resources

Lecture 108 Downloads: Resume & Cover Letter Templates, Interview Questions, etc.

Lecture 109 100+ Resources to Grow Your Career


Lecture 110 Congratulations!

Customer-facing professionals and teams,Call center agents,Retail employees,IT and Help desk staff,Freelancers and business owners who interact with customers,And anyone who wants to improve their communication skills!

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Created by: Viktoriya Maya

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