Business Fundamentals The Five Steps to Results

Learn the secrets to starting a company with confidence and avoiding common pitfalls from a millionaire entrepreneur.
Business Fundamentals The Five Steps to Results
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Alex Yanovsky


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Business Fundamentals The Five Steps to Results

What you’ll learn

Maximize Your Business Potential with Expert Insights from a Successful Businessman and Teacher!
Get Ahead in Business – Learn the Proven Principles and Skills for Growing Your Business!
Discover the Key Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur – Expert Tips and Strategies!
Unlock Your Business Potential – Master the Art of Hiring and Creating a Winning Team!
Learn How to Manage Your Finances and Build Wealth with Expert Tips for Business Owners!
Hire the Right Employees – Learn the Proven Strategies for Building a Successful Team!
Achieve Your Business Goals – Mastering the Art of Responsibility, Focus, and Measurement!

Business Fundamentals The Five Steps to Results


There are no prerequisites for this course. A passion for entrepreneurship and a willingness to start.


Learn how to launch a company without making common mistakes by studying the experiences of a seasoned entrepreneur and millionaire investor.Learning from businessmen with experience before starting a business is essential to avoid costly mistakes and increase the chances of success. Experienced businessmen can offer valuable insights into the industry, share their successes and failures, and provide guidance on how to overcome challenges. They can also provide valuable networking opportunities and introduce new entrepreneurs to potential investors, customers, and partners._____Alex Yanovsky – is a prominent businessperson with vast practical experience spanning over thirty years. He has created a numerous of multi-million dollar businesses in diverse niches, and is an expert in practical management and leadership. Along with owning and managing businesses, he has been instructing prospective entrepreneurs worldwide for more than ten years on how to build businesses effectively and correctly.- Founder of X100 Holding (1700 outlets, 23 brands in 15 countries as of January 1, 2022)- Founder of the Open Corporate University for Business and Personal Development (over 100,000 students).- Speaker at business conferences in Bulgaria, UAE, Cyprus, Monaco, Lithuania, France, Turkey and other countries.- Author of seven books on business and personal development_________YOU’LL GET IT!Learn how to launch a company without making common mistakes by studying the experiences of a seasoned entrepreneur and millionaire investor.The Philosophy of Business: Principles of Success in Entrepreneurship.Starting a Business with Little or No Money: Financial Management for Entrepreneurs.Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies: How to Generate Leads and Convert Them into Sales.Hiring the Right Employees: Strategies for Building a Successful Team.Principles of Success in Business: Responsibility, Focus, and Measurement.Follow the proven strategies of a successful businessman and millionaire investor to launch your own company without making common mistakes.


Section 1: Введение

Lecture 1 The Secrets of Our Results

Lecture 2 Brian Tracy about Alex Yanovsky

Lecture 3 Lesson 1. Business Philosophy

Lecture 4 Lesson 2. Idea. Choosing a business model

Lecture 5 Lesson 3. Where to get money for business

Lecture 6 Lesson 4. Search for clients. Sales

Lecture 7 Lesson 5. Team selection

Lecture 8 Bonus Lesson. Principles of profitable business

Lecture 9 Bonus Lesson. Skills of a Highly Effective Entrepreneur

Budding entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and experience levels,Those with an interest in starting a business and being their own boss,This course caters to those who are starting a business for the first time and need guidance in launching their venture, as well as to those who are already established as entrepreneurs and seek a comprehensive set of resources to further develop their entrepreneurial skills.

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Created by: Alex Yanovsky

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