Business Plan Outlines Templates Case Study

Learn Business Planning & Lean Thinking to develop a Complete Business Plan
Business Plan Outlines Templates Case Study
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Business Plan Outlines Templates Case Study

What you’ll learn

Learn Lean Thinking
Learn Business Planning
Learn Business Strategy
How to Draft a Business Plan
How to Structure and write the Business Plan
How to make a Business Plan Presentation

Business Plan Outlines Templates Case Study


There are no Requirements except the will to succeed and the passion to be the very best you can be in Life


This course is about understanding business planning and writing a quality business plan . You will be provided with all the relevant templates and case studies.
You will be taught all the important concepts of business management quickly along the way so that you can walk away as a business owner after this course , ready to tackle all business challenges.
It doesn’t matter whether you want to open an ice cream stall, a small manufacturing setup or build a billion-dollar service, you need a quality business plan to understand your own idea and pitch it to different audiences.

In this course, I will empower you with the tools and skills you need to create a simple, yet extremely effective
(a) business plan presentation and
(b) a business plan document for your new business or idea.
(c) At the end of the course, I will provide you with a real world business plan presentation and document for you to look and take help of.
(d) As you might not be familiar with certain business concepts, we will also go over some of them and do some assignments along the way to help you create this document.

You will need this knowledge when you are pitching your idea to your friends, colleagues or investors. Internally, the business plan will help your critically analyze your own business situation and see whether it is worth your time and money in the long run.

This course will help you answer the most critical questions you need to answer when you want to validate your business idea. Once you take this course, you will be able to create as many business plans as you want for as many ideas you want. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that your idea is worth anything; its absolute garbage unless you make a business plan out of it and test all your assumptions.

Again, remember that ideas are useless unless you make something out of them, and writing a quality business plan is the most crucial step. 98% of Ideas never see the light of the day because the fear of failure is very high. Well if you enthusiastically take this course, you will be able to know beforehand whether your idea will work or not, and you can avoid pitfalls.

I am extremely excited to be a part of this journey and hope that you will help me help you bring out the best in you and your business idea. Let’s show the world how great your idea is.


Section 1: Business Strategy

Lecture 1 Introduction to Strategy

Lecture 2 Corporate Strategy & Frameworks

Lecture 3 Business Unit Strategy & Frameworks

Lecture 4 Team Strategy & Frameworks

Lecture 5 Growth Strategies for New Businesses

Section 2: Marketing

Lecture 6 Customer Value Proposition

Lecture 7 Unique Selling Point

Lecture 8 CLV & Cost of Acquisition

Lecture 9 Competitive Advantage

Lecture 10 Customer Segmentation

Lecture 11 Hypothesis Testing

Lecture 12 Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Lecture 13 Distribution Channels

Lecture 14 Pricing

Lecture 15 Critical Mass

Lecture 16 The 7P’s

Lecture 17 The STP Model

Lecture 18 Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

Section 3: Operations

Lecture 19 Skeleton of an Operations Plan

Lecture 20 Core Components

Lecture 21 WBS & Gantt Charts

Lecture 22 Operational Strategy for New Businesses

Section 4: The Venture Team

Lecture 23 The Components

Lecture 24 External Team

Lecture 25 Internal Team

Lecture 26 Ownership Structure I

Lecture 27 Ownership Structure II

Lecture 28 Agreements

Lecture 29 Common Mistakes

Lecture 30 Team Development for New Businesses

Section 5: Financials

Lecture 31 Financing Options

Lecture 32 Key Concepts I

Lecture 33 Key Concepts II

Lecture 34 Key Concepts III

Lecture 35 Venture Valuation I

Lecture 36 Venture Valuation II

Lecture 37 Forecasting Components

Lecture 38 Financial Forecasting I ( Real-Life Template 1)

Lecture 39 Financial Forecasting II (Real-Life Template 2)

Lecture 40 Financial Management for Entrepreneurs

Section 6: Business Plan Writing

Lecture 41 Business Canvas

Lecture 42 Business Plan Components

Section 7: Case Study

Lecture 43 The Venture Presentation ( Real- Life Business Case )

Lecture 44 The Business Plan ( Real-Life Case )

Lecture 45 Lessons and Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Lecture 46 Thank You – Slides & eBook about Business Plan Writing

Anyone who wants to start a Business,Entrepreneurs,New Business Owners,Small Business Owners,Tech Start-ups,Company Managers with Independent Business Units

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Created by: Sedan Kureshi

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