Business Presentation Skills for Nonnative English Speakers

Mastering Public Speaking One Skill at a Time
Business Presentation Skills for Nonnative English Speakers
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Deborah Grayson Riegel


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Business Presentation Skills for Nonnative English Speakers

What you’ll learn

Recognize what makes a successful business presenter in any language
Overcome the specific challenges of nonnative English speakers while maintaining your authentic voice
Identify and reduce visible signs of anxiety in making presentations
Increase confidence in a variety of presentation settings
Speak clearly and understandably in English, regardless of accent or fluency
Reduce reliance on speaking notes when presenting
Organize ideas quickly and logically
Use body language to express ideas, increase understandability, and build connection
Master challenging questions and answers
Present data and stories effectively
Design and deliver slides (without reading them!)
Integrate your own cultural norms and language into presentations to educate, engage, and inspire

Business Presentation Skills for Nonnative English Speakers


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned presenter, you’ll find tips, tools, and techniques that will improve your presentation skills immediately!


American author Mark Twain once commented: “There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” In other words, no matter how experienced you are when it comes to making presentations, there is going to be some particular audience, topic, or timing that is going to give you some sleepless nights and an upset stomach in the morning.But for a growing subset of global business professionals—those who need to present in English when English isn’t their native language—the anxiety related to speaking in public is even more pronounced.Considering the language barriers to overcome, the cultural norms to learn, and the general challenges associated with public speaking, nonnative English speakers have it harder than most.This course makes it easier.Dozens of courses provide instruction in how to improve your presentation skills. But Business Presentation Skills for Nonnative English Speakers is a practical, tactical, and supportive how-to course aimed at addressing the unique problems that nonnative English speakers like you experience when they attempt to deliver a presentation in public.This isn’t an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) course, nor is it an accent-modification class. It’s a tool kit to help you develop your confidence, competence, and cultural comfort when you have to make business presentations in English — and English isn’t your first language.My name is Deborah Grayson Riegel, and I’ve taught presentation and communication skills all over the world – from the Beijing International MBA program at Peking University in China to Wharton Business School in the United States, and with global clients — all with company names you definitely know and with products and services you probably use every day. This course captures the tips, tools, and techniques I’ve shared with my clients from every continent (except for Antarctica – so far!), and have written about in my book, “Tips of the Tongue: The Nonnative English Speaker’s Guide to Mastering Public Speaking”.This course is for you if:English is your second (or third or fourth) language.Your job requires you to make presentations frequently.You work for a global company.You experience anxiety when speaking in public, and your worries are worsened by the extra burden of having to speak in English.You feel like your English is pretty good—until you have to make a presentation in front of an audience.You are afraid that you’ll say the wrong thing, gesture inappropriately, or bore the audience.You worry that your struggle to present in English will undermine the message you are trying to get across.You are self-conscious about your accent.Presenting in virtual or hybrid environments creates additional challenges for you.You want improve FAST! (If you do the work in this course, you should get better quickly!)This course will help you to:Develop your ConfidenceIncrease your CompetenceImprove your Cultural Comfort…when making business presentations in English.And what if your first language is English? Keep watching. If you could use a refresher on how to structure your presentation, engage your audience, manage the questions and answers (Q&A), and more, then you’ll find a lot in here that’s useful for you, too.I hope you join me on this learning journey. I have so much to share with you.Let’s get started, shall we?Warmly,Deborah Grayson Riegel


Section 1: Part 1: Setting the Foundation for this Course

Lecture 1 Getting Started

Lecture 2 Understanding the Unique Presentation Challenges of Nonnative English Speakers

Lecture 3 5 Exceptional Presentation Principles for Every Speaker

Lecture 4 5 More Exceptional Presentation Principles for Every Speaker

Lecture 5 4 Special Considerations for Nonnative English Speakers

Lecture 6 Self-Check

Section 2: Part 2: Develop Your Confidence

Lecture 7 Navigating Public Speaking Anxiety

Lecture 8 What Undermines YOUR Confidence?

Lecture 9 Confidence Building Strategy #1: Tell Yourself You’re Excited, Not Scared

Lecture 10 Confidence Building Strategy #2: Exercise and Breathe

Lecture 11 Confidence Building Strategy #3: Separate Facts from Stories

Lecture 12 Confidence Building Strategy #4: Plan a Dialogue rather than a Monologue

Lecture 13 Confidence Building Strategy #5: Reduce the Visible signs of Anxiety

Section 3: Build Your Competence by Using Language and Structure to Sell Your Ideas

Lecture 14 Learn the 3 V’s of Communication

Lecture 15 Verbal Strategy #1: Structuring Your Presentation

Lecture 16 Verbal Strategy #2: Effective Introductions

Lecture 17 Verbal Strategy #3: Organizing Your Ideas – Part 1

Lecture 18 Verbal Strategy #3: Organizing Your Ideas – Part 2

Lecture 19 Verbal Strategy #5: Using Transitions to Create Flow

Lecture 20 Verbal Strategy #6: Navigating Q&A – Part 1

Lecture 21 Verbal Strategy #7 Navigating Q&A – Part 2

Lecture 22 Verbal Strategy #8 Navigating Q&A – Part 3

Lecture 23 Verbal Strategy #9: Knowing When to Use Data and Stories

Section 4: Build Your Competence by Using Your Voice Powerfully

Lecture 24 Vocal Strategy #1: Embrace the Power of the Pause

Lecture 25 Vocal Strategy #2: Vary your Volume

Lecture 26 Vocal Strategy #3: Play with Your Pitch and Pace

Section 5: Build Your Competence by Mastering Your Visual Impact

Lecture 27 Visual Strategy #1: Use Your Body to Reinforce Your Message

Lecture 28 Visual Strategy #2: Make Deliberate Eye Contact

Lecture 29 Visual Strategy #3: Don’t Hide Behind the Furniture

Lecture 30 Visual Strategy #4: Use Your Hands

Lecture 31 Visual Strategy #5: How to Present Slides

Section 6: Improve Your Cultural Comfort

Lecture 32 Cultural Comfort Strategy #1: Become Culturally Intelligent

Lecture 33 Cultural Comfort Strategy #2: Be Mindful of Gender

Lecture 34 Cultural Comfort Strategy #3: Embrace Your Culture

Section 7: Wrapping it All Up

Lecture 35 Final Self-Check: What Did You Learn?

Lecture 36 Final Words and Next Steps

Professionals for whom English is their second, third, or fourth language (or more)!,Professionals whose jobs requires them to make presentations occasionally or frequently.,Professionals who experience anxiety when speaking in public, and whose worries are worsened by the extra burden of having to speak in English.,Professionals who feel like their English is pretty good—until they have to make a presentation in front of an audience.,Professionals who are afraid that they’ll say the wrong thing, gesture inappropriately, or bore the audience.,Professionals who are self-conscious about their accent or language fluency when presenting.,Professionals whose slide decks are too wordy and hard to understand.,Professionals who need to get better at presenting in a virtual environment.,Professionals who want to take their presentation skills from poor to good, or from good to great!

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Created by: Deborah Grayson Riegel

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