Business Product Strategy Creation Crash Course

Develop business, product, company & department strategies | Pracitioners’ step-by-step guide
Business Product Strategy Creation Crash Course
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Julia Lettinger


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Business Product Strategy Creation Crash Course

What you’ll learn

Develop strategies for companies, business and products
Apply strategy development methods
Manage companies strategically
Develop business plans & concepts

Business Product Strategy Creation Crash Course


Course is suitable for beginners
No prior knowledge necessary
No specific expertise required


Need to develop a strategy for your product, project or businness? Want to learn how to do it in the most efficient way?Then this is the right course for you: Get your hands dirty and develop strategies by working in parallel to this course. The course assignments will guide you so that you will have a strategy for your business, product, team etc at the end of the course. Please note: This course is NOT FOR YOU if you expect a LIST OF ALL STRATEGIC METHODS & TOOLS out there. There are tons of methods. The focus of this course is to show you how to develop strategies in your job without knowing all those methods. No one needs an MBA to develop strategies. Yes that is possible 😉 This Course is Perfect for you if you:Want to refresh your competence in both classical and modern strategic concepts.Want to learn how to develop strategies for your product, company, department, or team in practice.Are preparing for professions, positions, or new challenges with strategic responsibilities.Course Target Audience:Career changers or newcomers to roles with a strategic focus.Those interested in strategic management.Team and department leaders, management consultants, project and product managers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and founders looking to refresh their competence in strategy development.Course Topics  (Practical Roadmap):Development of a strategic vision, mission, and values.Conducting strategic analyses.Deriving strategic options.Decision strategies for implementation.Variations of the roadmap in practice depending on predictability and starting points.Comparison of classical vs. agile strategy methods.15 Methods Covered in the Course (Expanding Your Methodological Competence):Vision, Mission, Market Definition, Market Size Estimation, Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis, CAGR Calculation, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Business Model & Business Case Derivation, Strategic Options Creation, Cost-Benefit Analysis (Potential / Implementation), Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Objectives & Key Results (OKR).What Does the Course Include?160 minutes of video content, mixed between theory and examples>60 minutes of practice assignments you can use to reflect and develop your own strategyWhat Can You Do After the Course?You will be confident with the most important terms and tools of business strategy development.You will be able to develop business strategies for your company, department, or team.You will improve your strategic thinking skills.Included in the Course:Approximately 2.5 hours of videos.A course handout to facilitate learning and as a reference guide for your daily work.Course assignments that help you to create your own strategies.After completing the course, you can apply for a participation certificate from Responsive Strategy.Why Should You Buy the Course from Me?I am Julia Lettinger, the founder of Responsive Strategy, a strategy and digital transformation consultancy in Berlin. Since 2017, along with my colleagues, I have been assisting companies in the strategy development process, especially in the agile and digital transformation space. I have also served as the head of strategy and product strategy in two media companies.Furthermore, since 2019, I have been teaching Strategic Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as part of a teaching assignment and have been a lecturer on Udemy since 2018, with around 30,000 participants so far.So, go ahead and get the course! I look forward to welcoming you in my videos.Warm regards,JuliaPS: If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days. No questions asked!


Section 1: Welcome and Course Introduction – What is it all about?

Lecture 1 What are you going to learn in this course?

Lecture 2 When and for what do you need a strategy?

Lecture 3 Classic vs modern business strategy (preditable vs unpredictable world)

Lecture 4 Handout and tips how to work with this course

Section 2: Introduction to Strategic Management & Strategy – Quick start

Lecture 5 Origins of strategy in management – strategy vs tactics

Lecture 6 The classic steps to develop a business strategy

Lecture 7 Modern world: Goal vs resource vs problem focused approaches

Section 3: Set Strategic Goals – What do you actually want?

Lecture 8 Goal setting in companies – the business strategy pyramid

Lecture 9 Difference between vision and mission

Lecture 10 Let’s be honest: Do you even need a vision and mission?

Lecture 11 And how do you start now? – Best practice

Lecture 12 Example: Develop a mission for a supermarket

Lecture 13 Deep dive: Guide to develop a product/service vision

Lecture 14 Example: Develop a vision for a supermarket

Lecture 15 Goal setting in classic vs modern strategy approaches

Section 4: Complete a Strategic Analysis – What is your starting point?

Lecture 16 Introduction to strategic analysis

Lecture 17 Internal vs external strategic analysis

Lecture 18 External market analysis

Lecture 19 Example: External analysis of a video streaming service

Lecture 20 Market size estimation

Lecture 21 Example: Market sizing for an organic supermarket chain

Lecture 22 Example: CAGR calculation

Lecture 23 SWOT analysis – Derive external opportunities and threats

Lecture 24 Internal analysis and business model canvas

Lecture 25 Business model canvas vs lean canvas

Lecture 26 Example: Business model canvas of a video streaming service

Lecture 27 Derive the business case from the business model canvas

Lecture 28 SWOT analysis – Derive internal strengths and weaknesses

Section 5: Work out Strategic Options – What are your options?

Lecture 29 Recap and introduction to strategic options

Lecture 30 Derive strategic options from SWOT analysis

Lecture 31 Let’s get practical: Strategic analysis as your starting point (example)

Lecture 32 Develop matching strategies (example)

Lecture 33 Develop transformation strategies (example)

Lecture 34 Develop neutralisation strategies (example)

Lecture 35 Develop defeat strategies (example)

Lecture 36 Collect additional strategic options

Lecture 37 Derive high level strategic goals from your options

Section 6: Strategic Decision Making and Implementation – Which option(s) to choose?

Lecture 38 Introduction to strategic decision making

Lecture 39 The example of Google

Lecture 40 Strategic evaluation criteria

Lecture 41 Example: Decision matrix (Potential vs Implementation)

Lecture 42 Develop your own decision matrices

Lecture 43 Use OKR for implementation

Lecture 44 Strategic action plan: Who does What and When?

Section 7: Wait, the classic approach does not (always) make sense!

Lecture 45 Recap: Strategy concepts from predictable vs unpredictable world

Lecture 46 Design Thinking vs Lean Startup vs classic strategic approaches

Section 8: Summary, Congratulations and Goodbye

Lecture 47 Summary and wrap up

Lecture 48 Congratulations and goodbye

Section 9: Next Steps to Take

Lecture 49 Bonus Lecture (Certificate & Vouchers)

Anyone who wants to think more strategically in a business context,Employees who develop strategies for their company, department or team,Entrepreneurs who want to optimize the strategic direction of their business,Consultants & coaches who work in the strategy area

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 45m | 3.10 GB
Created by: Julia Lettinger

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