Business Skills Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Immediately Improve Your Writing Skills, Boost Your Productivity and Avoid Common Errors
Business Skills Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know
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Business Skills Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

What you’ll learn

save time and reduce communication frustration
explain circumstances when sending an email is necessary and / or appropriate
identify situations when sending or retrieving emails is not acceptable
create an email subject line which accurately describes the message’s content
consider visual components of an email, in order to enhance comprehension
determine who should (and should not) receive copies of emails – in CC or BCC
know how to manage situations where an email reaches the wrong people
identify and use appropriate tone and level of formality

Business Skills Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know


You will need to print some material which complements the video lectures, so access to a printer is advisable.
Ideally, you’re working in a field which requires regular email communication with a variety of people. This course requires you to apply the knowledge to your workplace.
You’re either a native English-speaker, or have advanced knowledge of English (e.g. CEF B2+)


According to Business Insider, “the average U.S. employee spends about a quarter of his or her time at work combing through the hundreds of emails each employee sends and receives each day “.
But despite the sheer volume of emails we send and receive, many business professionals do not use email appropriately.  Inappropriate email etiquette can negatively impact on perceptions of professionalism, on efficiency and can increase a company’s risk of liability.
This course helps you minimise that risk by coaching you in exceptional email etiquette.  Naturally, that includes a focus on professionalism in the workplace, behaviour, email structure, formatting, spelling, the importance of spelling and grammar, the all-important subject line and much more.
Based on my eleven years’ experience training professionals in more effective business communication, this course is your go-to guide to write right, every time.
Join me for video and text lectures, hands-on activities, quizzes and more.  Download handy resources. Get personalised feedback via the Q&A board, share your experiences and contribute to a growing knowledge base created by professionals just like you from all over the world.
Ready to put your best foot forward?  Fantastic.  Looking forward to seeing you in the course.


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Administration: Using Udemy, Accessing The Resources

Section 2: Email Etiquette Basics

Lecture 3 Introductory Focus Questions

Lecture 4 Professional Behaviour At Work

Lecture 5 Emailing On Company Time

Section 3: What To Say and How To Say It

Lecture 6 The All-Important Subject Field

Lecture 7 Appropriate Levels of Formality

Lecture 8 Addressing your Contact

Lecture 9 To CC or Not to CC – That Is The Question

Lecture 10 Over to You – What Would You Do?

Section 4: Packaging Your Message

Lecture 11 Formatting Your Email

Lecture 12 Over to You – Activity – Formatting

Lecture 13 The Dos and Don’ts Of Attachments

Lecture 14 Removing Clutter

Lecture 15 Spelling and Grammar – Yes, We Do Need To Talk About This

Lecture 16 Matters of Common Courtesy: Greetings and Sign-Offs

Lecture 17 Avoiding Email Mistakes – Signature Files

Lecture 18 Signature Files – What To Leave In, What To Leave Out

Lecture 19 Avoiding Email Mistakes – Responding Promptly

Section 5: In Conclusion

Lecture 20 Your Action Steps

Lecture 21 In Conclusion

Lecture 22 Over To You: Is There A Need For (N)Etiquette Training?

This course is for all business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they write to their clients and coworkers.

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Udemy | English | 1h 42m | 1.09 GB
Created by: Jacqueline Seidel

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