Business to Business Selling Skills

B2B Selling Skills will have IMMEDIATE IMPACT on the success of Face-to-Face Salespeople who sell a considered purchase.
Business to Business Selling Skills
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Ken Fowler


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Business to Business Selling Skills

What you’ll learn

Easily identify why your customer is going to buy.
Confidently approach ANY sales presentation knowing you have the skills to get the best outcome for all parties.
Professionally deal with decision makers from purchasing right up to the CEO
Be able to use THE KILLER QUESTION at the right time, in the right place, with the right person so you will have the “AH HA!” moment.
Control the sales process from beginning to end to maximise your results.
Advance your selling skills so that you can handle more complex transactions at a higher level.
Master closing techniques that allow the customer to buy from you rather than you have to ‘close’ the deal (SO much easier!)

Business to Business Selling Skills


If you are to get the maximum benefit from the course they should have some experience in customer facing sales. This could be as simple as retail sales or counter sales but ideally where you have had to ‘engage’ in a discussion with a customer.


B2B Selling Skills is for two types of Salespeople – ones that are just starting their sales career and want to fast track their skill levels to a higher grade, and also for experienced sales professionals that want to further advance and improve their skills to operate at a more productive and profitable level. This course is specifically for Customer Facing Salespeople who are selling a product or a service that is a Considered Purchase i.e. the customer has a number of choices in the market place based on solution, price, delivery, quality, guarantee or function (they don’t just rock up and buy the product without the salesperson being involved). The course will take about 3 hours to complete and includes 15 video presentations by Ken Fowler (in person, not talking over a PowerPoint presentation), accompanied by supporting documentation and worksheets. As you progress through the training you will complete five worksheets which will be used at the completion of the course to produce your personal B2B Selling Skills Sales Strategy. This is the ‘Holy Grail’ of selling tools and once you have done yours, you will wonder how you ever survived without it and YOU WILL USE IT FOR EVER. Plus, I’d like you to send it to me so I can review it and make sure you have squeezed the most out of the course to maximise the benefit from your investment. Let me say right from the outset that there is no trickery or gimmick or ‘secret formula’ to B2B Selling Skills. It is good fundamental common sense logic that is used all around the world and the foundation of sales success in every industry. Go on, get into it and see what you will learn. I bet you are dying to find out what THE KILLER QUESTION is. When you start using it you will suddenly find out why your customers are going to buy (or not going to buy) and this information will shock you! It is my wish to improve the selling skills of all salespeople with this course so that you can really enjoy your career in sales, take pride in being able to identify and satisfy your customers needs, and be able to make to make a profit out of it. Profit – It’s not a dirty word. If you don’t make a profit out of your sales then everyone loses because nothing happens until somebody sells something! Think about this for a moment – it will give you an insight into my PASSION for sales. No one designs anything, no one manufacturer’s anything, no one ships anything, no one receipts anything, no one warehouses anything, no one counts anything, no one invoices anything, or analysis it, credits it, guarantees it or delivers it or gets paid for anything until somebody sells it. EVERYONE ELSE’S JOBS DEPEND ON YOU SELLING SOMETHING! It all starts with you. So I think that’s a pretty good reason for you to do this course. (plus it’s fun). What do you think?


Section 1: B2B Selling Skills – Let’s go through the introduction and some sales basics.

Lecture 1 B2B Selling Skills Introduction

Lecture 2 Nothing happens until somebody sells something!

Lecture 3 Your Position Description

Lecture 4 A basic rule of sales you MUST understand to be successful

Lecture 5 Why do people buy?

Lecture 6 So, what problem do you solve?

Lecture 7 Why are Salespeople scared of selling?

Lecture 8 Your Ego is not your Amigo!

Lecture 9 Who’s the MAN?

Lecture 10 Are you talking to the “Appropriate Person”?

Section 2: B2B Selling Skills – The absolute basics that you need to succeed.

Lecture 11 Information = Power

Lecture 12 Five specific pieces of information that you MUST HAVE!

Lecture 13 Open and Closed Questions

Lecture 14 The top six open questions you need to use in every sale.

Lecture 15 Follow the lead ….

Lecture 16 Dig down deep and listen for the feeling.

Lecture 17 Controlling the Sale

Lecture 18 Don’t go into TELL MODE!

Section 3: B2B Selling Skills – Okay folks, let’s bring home the bacon!


Lecture 20 Make sure you use it at the right time, in the right way!

Lecture 21 Doctor of Sales

Lecture 22 Diagnose before you prescribe

Lecture 23 Closing the Sale

Lecture 24 If the salesperson says it, the customer can doubt it. BUT ….

Lecture 25 Setting the Agenda

Lecture 26 Take the pain away.

Section 4: B2B Selling Skills – That’s the cake, now here’s the cream!

Lecture 27 First in, first served / Til death do us part.

Lecture 28 5 minute warning!!! It’s not over until you say it’s over!

Lecture 29 Solve the problem that’s going to happen after the problem ….

Lecture 30 This will take all your issues away and you’ll never have a deal go bad again!

Lecture 31 Your B2B Selling Skills Sales Strategy

Lecture 32 Let’s put it into place in the Briefing Sheet

This course is for sales people who deal with their customers in a “Face-to-Face” situation and where they are selling a “considered purchase”.,By “Considered Purchase” I mean where the customer has options to choose from (like different suppliers or products that may be price sensitive) and the salesperson can influence their purchase decision with their selling skills.,It is extremely relevant to Salespeople who have a business development aspect to their work i.e. they need to engage new customers who they don’t know, not just call on existing accounts.,There are some great learning points for Call Centre Salespeople (especially outbound) and for Customer Service/Salespeople that you will need to master if you want to progress to an external sales role or a leaderships position.

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Created by: Ken Fowler

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