C Software Development for Absolute Beginners

A beginner friendly way to learn C# programming
C Software Development for Absolute Beginners
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C Software Development for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn C#, equivalent to that of a university graduate (and more!)
Learn the fundamentals of C# and the .NET Framework
Use arrays and lists
Learn the difference between value types and reference types
Control the flow of programs using conditional statements
Work with files and directories
Debug C# applications effectively

C Software Development for Absolute Beginners


No programming experience required. This course is for absolute beginners!


This C# course is designed for absolute beginners in mind!It assumes ZERO experience in any kind of programming. If you want to get started with programming in C#, then you’ve found the right place!Unlike most other course, this course uses the latest versions of C# (Version 11) and also Visual Studio 2022 (Latest version even in 2023).Whether you want to learn C# for: a job opportunity, a hobby, a supplement for university or college etc, then this course is perfect for that!Want to develop video games in Unity? Did you know that Unity used C# behind the scenes? Well this course has you covered!You will learn the same (and more) C# programming knowledge than a university graduate student. I know because I went to university myself! I have been teaching software development since 2003, so just over 20 years now!You will begin by learning the core features of programming: variables, methods, loops, conditions and data types. You will then move on to learn about Object Orientated Programming (O-O): Classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation etc, and then onto more advanced features of C# and the .NET framework, such as: file-handling, recursion, dealing with exceptions (errors), method overloading, debugging and lots lots more!!By the end of this course you will have built a really solid foundation of, not only C#, but programming concepts, programming knowledge and typical industry programming practices.All of the source code for the sample projects are included and ready for you to download.This course is designed to keep you engaged throughout. It includes many coding examples and exercises so that you can test your knowledge of everything you have learned.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Is This The C# Course For You?

Lecture 2 About The Instructor

Lecture 3 What is C#? and Why Learn C#?

Lecture 4 Downloading and Installing Visual Studio (C# IDE)

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 5 Hello World (Mr. Beast Logo)

Lecture 6 Variables

Lecture 7 Data Types

Lecture 8 C# – A Strongly Statically Typed Language

Lecture 9 Working with Strings and Substrings

Lecture 10 Working with Numbers

Lecture 11 Getting User Input

Lecture 12 EXERCISE – The Number Multiplier

Section 3: Methods

Lecture 13 Methods

Lecture 14 Method Parameters

Lecture 15 Method Returns

Lecture 16 Method Overloading

Section 4: Comments and XML Summary Tags

Lecture 17 Comments and XML Summary Tags

Section 5: Conditions and Operators

Lecture 18 If and Else Statements

Lecture 19 Else If Statements

Lecture 20 Equality and Inequality Operators

Lecture 21 Comparison Operators

Lecture 22 Boolean Operators

Lecture 23 EXERCISE – Building a Calculator

Lecture 24 Switch Statements

Lecture 25 Conditional Operators

Section 6: Arrays

Lecture 26 Arrays

Section 7: Loops and Iteration

Lecture 27 While Loops

Lecture 28 Do While Loops

Lecture 29 For Loops

Lecture 30 For Loops vs While Loops

Lecture 31 Foreach Loops

Lecture 32 EXERCISE – Draw a Cube

Section 8: Control Flow

Lecture 33 The break Statement

Lecture 34 The continue Statement

Section 9: Misc Learning

Lecture 35 Exception Handling (try, catch, finally)

Lecture 36 2D, 3D and Multidimensional Arrays

Lecture 37 EXERCISE – Chess – Find the Queen

Lecture 38 Lists

Section 10: Object Orientating Programming (O-O)

Lecture 39 O-O, Classes and Objects

Lecture 40 Constructors

Lecture 41 Object Methods

Lecture 42 Access Modifiers (public, private, etc)

Lecture 43 Properties

Lecture 44 Inheritance

Lecture 45 Method Overriding (Polymorphism)

Lecture 46 Multilevel Inheritance

Lecture 47 The sealed Keyword

Lecture 48 Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods

Lecture 49 The this Keyword

Lecture 50 The base Keyword and base Class Constructors

Lecture 51 Interfaces

Lecture 52 O-O Summary

Section 11: Misc Learning 2

Lecture 53 EXERCISE – Drawing Pyramids

Lecture 54 Solutions, Multiple Projects and Namespaces

Section 12: Debugging

Lecture 55 Breakpoints and Code Stepping (Also: Run to Click and Run to Cursor)

Lecture 56 Immediate Window

Lecture 57 Locals and Autos Windows

Lecture 58 Watch Windows and Quick Watch

Section 13: Misc Learning 3

Lecture 59 The protected Access Modifier

Lecture 60 The static Keyword

Section 14: Immutable Data Types

Lecture 61 The readonly Keyword

Lecture 62 The const Keyword

Section 15: The Stack and Heap

Lecture 63 14-1. Stack and Heap Memory (Stack Overflow and the Call Stack)

Lecture 64 Method Parameters – Passing by Value

Lecture 65 Method Parameters – Passing by Reference (The ref Keyword)

Section 16: Structures

Lecture 66 The struct Keyword

Section 17: Objects, Dynamic and Anonymous

Lecture 67 The object Data Type – Boxing and Unboxing

Lecture 68 The dynamic keyword and Dynamic Type Checking

Lecture 69 The var Keyword and Type Inference

Lecture 70 Anonymous Types

Section 18: null

Lecture 71 The null Keyword

Lecture 72 Nullable Value Types

Lecture 73 The null-coalescing Operators

Section 19: Method Parameters

Lecture 74 Named and Optional Parameters

Lecture 75 The out Keyword

Lecture 76 The in Keyword

Lecture 77 The params Keyword

Section 20: Misc Learning 4

Lecture 78 Enumerations – The enum Type

Lecture 79 Recursion and File Handling (File.IO)

Beginner C# developers. Perhaps you want to try programming? or get starting in Unity? This course will teach you everything you need to know about C#!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 50m | 6.92 GB
Created by: Sean Gee

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