Cake baking Cake decorating Dessert Baking

Fresh Fruity Cake Recipes
Cake baking Cake decorating Dessert Baking
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Cake baking Cake decorating Dessert Baking

What you’ll learn

Essential tools to help you with Cake Baking, Icing, and Decorating
Understand the Ingredients used in Making Cake
Understanding the temperature of Ingredients
Techniques used in Making Different Cakes
How to make Watermelon Cake, Grape Yoghurt Cake and, Sweet Potato Cake

Cake baking Cake decorating Dessert Baking




This course is suitable for students just starting out in their cake-baking adventure or who have experience and want to improve their Baking Skills.In this course, I have put together all aspects and steps in baking a Watermelon Cake, Sweet Potato Cake, Grape CakeWe will make all the recipes from scratch and follow the step-by-step directions for the whole process together. I will also explain everything about the ingredients we are using.The course will help everyone from complete BEGINNERs who have never baked before to PROFESSIONALS who bake in professional bakeries.The class comes with online recipe notes which cover all the ingredients and methods we will cover in class. This class covers all the steps in detail to make the recipes easy to understand for home bakers and beginners.I cannot wait to guide you to learn how to improve your cake-baking and decoration skills at home!Some skills you will learn:Essential tools to help you with Cake Baking, layering, and Decorating.Understand the Ingredients used in Making Cake.Understanding the temperature of Ingredients.Techniques used in Making Different Cakes.How to Make a Watermelon CakeHow to Make a Sweet Potato CakeHow to Make a Grape Cake


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Class Ouline & Project

Section 2: Watermelon Cake

Lecture 3 Simple Preparation

Lecture 4 Making Dacquoise

Lecture 5 Making The Easiest Pastry Cream

Lecture 6 Assembleing The Cake

Section 3: Sweet Potato Cake

Lecture 7 Making Sweet Potato Filling

Lecture 8 Making Golden Chiffon Cake

Lecture 9 Milk Honey Syrup And Cream For Icing

Lecture 10 Assemble The Sweet Potato Cake

Section 4: Grape Cake

Lecture 11 Ingredients For The Genoise

Lecture 12 Making Geonoise Sponge

Lecture 13 Vanilla Syrup And Simple Preparation

Lecture 14 Assembling The Cake

Lecture 15 Decorating The Cake

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Created by: Yunseo Lilly In

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