Camera Confidence How To Be Comfortable on Camera

Boost Your Self-Confidence & Start Creating Mind-blowing Videos for Your Brand
Camera Confidence How To Be Comfortable on Camera
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Lara Roxana Popa


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Published 12/2022



Camera Confidence How To Be Comfortable on Camera

What you’ll learn

How to feel relaxed before recording a video with the help of warm-ups & breaking the ice
Mastering body language: your posture & expressions
Why YOUR message is much more important than anything else
How to script your videos, both for your business and YouTube channel
Setting up and using natural lighting and the basic equipment (your phone)
How to edit like a Pro
Being natural on camera and unlocking your most authentic self
Overcoming your fear of being in front of the camera and understanding where does the fear come from
Feeling confident, free and AMAZING every time you record a video

Camera Confidence How To Be Comfortable on Camera


Any basic device that can capture videos, like your phone
No experience needed. You will learn everything that you need to know
Your AWESOME self and your desire to unlock your true potential


It’s time to OWN your place in front of the camera and become FEARLESS in the way you present… the real YOU! We are living in a visual world and no matter if we use videos for our business or we are faced with conference calls or even video interviews, having a great presence on camera is one of the vital skills that we must master. We are instantly drawn to a confident person and having this confidence on screen makes you more reliable and trustworthy. And let’s face it, we just want to FEEL GOOD at work or in our social media posts. We want to feel empowered and it’s not only about delivering great videos, but about boosting your self-confidence in your everyday life as well.No matter if you are starting a YouTube channel or you wish to feel more comfortable in your Zoom and FaceTime calls, this course is for YOU! Turn on your speaker personality and become a natural on camera. You will learn everything that you need to master this skill from: Body LanguageRhythm and PaceWarm-upsHow to Script your VideosSetting up How to Edit Like a ProHow to Overcome your Fear of Being in Front of The CameraHow to Connect with Your AudienceBy the end of this course, you will see and FEEL how easy it is to be yourself in front of a video camera. You will feel empowered and eager to start your video journey! I will guide you all the way and I have prepared lots of exercises and challenges that will help you become FEARLESS and POWERFUL. I have used the power of videos to grow my fashion brand in the last 7 years to over 24,000 sales on Etsy. I created a strong bond with my customers and tribe with the help of videos. Even though I have a background in acting, I’ve been in your shoes. But with practice, I have learned to master being in front of a camera and turning every video into a unique message and inspiring work for my audience. I am so excited to share now my experience with you! Are YOU ready to rock your spot? Join me now and let’s begin your journey!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Breaking The Ice

Lecture 2 Break The Ice

Lecture 3 Practice

Lecture 4 Be Yourself. Be Natural

Section 3: Warm Up

Lecture 5 Breathing

Lecture 6 Warming Up Your Face

Lecture 7 Tongue Twisters

Lecture 8 Dancing and Singing

Lecture 9 Acting Exercises

Lecture 10 Posture

Section 4: Know Your Message

Lecture 11 What Do You Want To Say?

Lecture 12 How To Script Your Video

Lecture 13 Tell Your Story

Section 5: Thought-provoking

Lecture 14 Where Does The Fear Come From?

Section 6: Set Up

Lecture 15 Lighting

Lecture 16 Equipment & Camera Angles

Lecture 17 Your Environment

Section 7: Expressions

Lecture 18 Body Language

Lecture 19 Rhythm and Pace

Lecture 20 Smile 🙂

Lecture 21 The Camera is Your Best Friend

Section 8: Editing Like a PRO

Lecture 22 The Magic of Editing

Lecture 23 Quick Tutorial for Final Cut Pro

Section 9: Don’t Be Perfect

Lecture 24 Feel Free to Mess Up

Content Creators,YouTube newbies,Business owners who want to grow their brands and engage with their audience,Anyone who is looking for a boost of confidence on screen and in real life

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 13m | 2.41 GB
Created by: Lara Roxana Popa

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