Camtasia 2023 Video Editing Practical Video Editing

Learn Camtasia by editing a real video. A practical guide to Camtasia features & video editing your own tutorial videos.
Camtasia 2023 Video Editing Practical Video Editing
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Camtasia 2023 Video Editing Practical Video Editing

What you’ll learn

How to use Camtasia at an Expert level
How to edit videos by working on a real-life project
My practical workflow and shortcuts from years of Camtasia usage
Work together with a real, practical Camtasia user
How to do video editing with Camtasia
Practical appliance of Camtasia
Windows & MAC Camtasia shortcuts

Camtasia 2023 Video Editing Practical Video Editing


Installed copy of Camtasia (You can use the Trial version)
Windows and MAC versions are welcome – I display shortcuts for both versions
Camtasia 2020, Camtasia 2021, Camtasia 2022, Camtasia 2023 (Win or MAC)
Camtasia 2023 (or newer) is recommended for optimal learning experience
Camtasia Studio 9 is not recommended because it is outdated (it didn’t have bahaviors, other file system)


The course explained in one sentence:I will teach you Camtasia video editing by creating the promo video of this course, scene by scene.Camtasia for Windows & Camtasia for MACDuring the course I will be displaying shortcuts for both versions of Camtasia so it won’t matter if you use the MAC or Windows version – you will be able to follow along!How does the course look then?There are special resources prepared and tailored for this course and the video we edit. You will watch a lecture in the course, then open up Camtasia and replicate the steps I did. This way you will learn in a practical way how to use Camtasia as your video editing software. The editing will be from the point of view of a real video editor who uses the software day in and day out. You will learn a lot of quality-of-life improvements to your work environment like setting up shortcuts or setting up your private library. Resources: You will have all the resources at your fingertips ready to start working right away. Why is this course better than other Camtasia courses?It is the most practical and hands-on course on the planet. I am not just explaining tool after tool, but teaching you how to edit a video by using appropriate Camtasia functions in a practical manner. The knowledge gathered here is unique and gained through real-world experience. You can count on direct tips from a real expert user.  I am an experienced video, tutorial, and course creator with over 3000 edited videos in Camtasia. I know Camtasia video editing at an expert level since Camtasia Studio version 9 up until the most recent versions.How can I check the quality of what you do?Please watch any promo video or free lecture in any of my courses available on my profile. All videos are edited by me, if you like what you see and would like to learn how I do it, feel free to join this Camtasia 2023 course. Additionally, I take part in beta-testing new features and iterations of Camtasia for TechSmith so I know in what direction does the software “go”. What do I need to get started?An installed copy of Camtasia studio. You can use the free trial from the TechSmith website. This course is most suited for users who own a copy of Camtasia 2020, Camtasia 2021, Camtasia 2022, or Camtasia 2023 (or any newer). It is possible to use Camtasia 9, but we will work a lot with behaviors and these weren’t present in the same way in older iterations of Camtasia like Camtasia 9. Also, the resources are prepared for the new *.trec and *.tscproj formats, rather than the old *.camproj files which were present for Camtasia Studio 9, What is the course level/difficulty? Do I need some prior knowledge about video editing?I would say this course is at an intermediate/advanced level having the goal to make you an expert. It is welcome if you know a tiny bit about video editing, but if you are tech-savvy you should have no problem following it even if you are a total beginner. This course is a Camtasia Masterclass, with advanced features and tips. It is around 2,5 hours longDo you want to learn about Camtasia?Do you want to learn how to edit videos to a high standard?Do you want to learn from someone with practical experience?Do you prefer hands-on training rather than theoretical explanations?Then this Practical Camtasia video editing course is for you!In this course, we will record, edit, create, and produce a state-of-the-art promo video that could be used to promote any of your videos, brands, products, or other endeavors.There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so you risk nothing. Enroll now and we see each other inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Camtasia Video Editing

Lecture 2 Download Resources

Section 2: Designing a Video Introduction

Lecture 3 Introduction to Camtasia video editing

Lecture 4 Importing Footage and Setting Up Project

Lecture 5 Behaviors and Properties

Lecture 6 Left Side Animation

Lecture 7 Left Footage Preparation

Lecture 8 Left Footage Animation

Lecture 9 Right Object Animation in Camtasia studio

Lecture 10 Right Footage Trimming

Lecture 11 Right Footage Animation

Section 3: Animating Multiple Objects

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 Attention! Animation Easing

Lecture 14 Background Sliding In

Lecture 15 Camtasia Logo – Camtasia video editing

Lecture 16 Practical Advice about Shortcuts

Lecture 17 Animating the Left and Right Icon

Lecture 18 Camera Appearing with Fade In Transition

Lecture 19 Disassembling everything

Lecture 20 Important Shortcut – Appling Transitions and Custom Animation

Section 4: Editing Footage

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Adding Raw Footage Screenshot

Lecture 23 Camera – Adding and Removing the Green Screen – Camtasia 2020 – camtasia 2023

Lecture 24 Camera – Remove Background feature

Lecture 25 Custom Animations in Camtasia

Lecture 26 Camera – Putting it in the relevant spot

Lecture 27 Camtasia Annotations – Animating Random Elements

Lecture 28 Footage – Camtasia Custom Animation (smaller, bigger)

Lecture 29 Footage – Apply Effects

Lecture 30 Add Camtasia Behaviors

Section 5: Efficient Features & Shortcuts

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Trimming unnecessary audio – works since Camtasia 9

Lecture 33 Displaying Keyboard Shortcuts Camtasia 2021 / 2023

Lecture 34 Camtasia Studio – Adding Sketches

Lecture 35 Camtasia 2023 Features – Vignette, Corner Pin, Background Removal

Lecture 36 Camtasia Animations – Zoom-n-Pan

Lecture 37 Camtasia 2023 – Blur, Highlight, Pixelate

Lecture 38 Camtasia Annotations – Spotlight

Section 6: Advanced Scenes

Lecture 39 Introduction

Lecture 40 Extending Footagte with a Frozen Frame

Lecture 41 Creating a Background in Camtasia 2021 / 2023

Lecture 42 Adding Custom Bulletpoint Text

Lecture 43 Animating Text 1

Lecture 44 Duplicating Text and Adjustments

Lecture 45 Camtasia Logo – Checking the scene

Section 7: Screen Recording

Lecture 46 Camtasia Screen Recorder – Camtasia 2021, camtasia 2022, camtasia 2023

Lecture 47 Camtasia 2023 Trec File, tscproj file

Lecture 48 Custom Mouse Cursor and Effects Camtasia 2021, 2022, 2023 and newer

Lecture 49 Custom Cursor Movement – camtasia 2023 features

Lecture 50 Relinking Missing Assets in Camtasia 2023

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 51 Thank You

Lecture 52 Bonus Lecture

People who want to learn Camtasia to an advanced level,Anyone interested to learn video editing and how to use Camtasia for it,People who prefer practical learning on real-life examples,Entrepreneurs, online content creators, youtubers, teachers and anyone wanting to create videos

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Created by: Andrew Pach

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