Cantonese for Absolute Beginners

Easiest and Most Comprehensive Guide to Beginner Cantonese
Cantonese for Absolute Beginners
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Boon Hong Donovan So


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Cantonese for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn

Master the tones, consonants and vowels in Cantonese
Learn basic vocabulary
Learn basic grammar
Hold casual conversations with native Cantonese speakers
Have the knowledge foundation to pursue intermediate / advanced Cantonese

Cantonese for Absolute Beginners


None except a passion to learn Cantonese!


Cantonese is one of the most ancient, culturally-rich and complex languages in the world. It has 100 million speakers from all around the world.
This course is suitable for absolute beginners. Although Cantonese itself can be complex, I promise I’ll make it simple. I’ll walk you through learning Cantonese slowly, clearly and systematically.
In Part 1 of the course, we will talk about the foundations of learning Cantonese: the 6 tones, the vowels and the consonants.
In Part 2 of the course, I’ll teach you essential survival vocabulary that will be incredibly useful for anyone.
In Part 3, I’ll go over some basic Cantonese grammar. By the end, you’ll be able to form sentences and hold simple conversations with native Cantonese speakers!
Many people might be reluctant to start learning Cantonese because they are intimidated by Chinese characters. That’s why his course aims to get you off the ground by putting an emphasis on spoken Cantonese rather than written. Although you are still encouraged to try writing and remembering the characters, Jyutping (a Cantonese romanization system) will be given throughout the course, so memorizing characters is NOT required.
Don’t wait to get started! I promise learning Cantonese is an eye-opener and an experience that you’ll thoroughly enjoy!


Section 1: Welcome to Canto101!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Getting Started

Section 2: Part 1: Jyutping – Cantonese Pronunciations

Lecture 3 6 Tones of Cantonese

Lecture 4 19 Consonants of Cantonese

Lecture 5 Amendment – Consonants

Lecture 6 3 Clipped Consonants and 2 Syllabic Consonants

Lecture 7 7 Long Vowels and 4 Short Vowels

Lecture 8 6 Long Gliding Vowels and 5 Short Gliding Vowels

Section 3: Part 2: Practical Vocabulary

Lecture 9 How to Greet and Thank People

Lecture 10 Numbers

Lecture 11 Counting in Cantonese

Lecture 12 Correction: 奶 nai (milk) should be in the 5th tone

Lecture 13 Food & Drinks

Lecture 14 Typo correction: 去 (to go) should be in the 3rd tone

Lecture 15 Places

Lecture 16 Transportation

Section 4: Part 3: Basic Grammar

Lecture 17 Pronouns + Basic Sentences

Lecture 18 Tenses 1

Lecture 19 Tenses 2

Lecture 20 Questions 1: What, Who, Why

Lecture 21 Questions 2: Where, When, How

Lecture 22 Possessions

Lecture 23 Quantifiers

Anyone who is interested in learning Cantonese,Anyone who wants to move to a Cantonese-speaking area (e.g. Hong Kong, Macau, GuangZhou),Anyone who is interested in Chinese culture

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 16m | 606.19 MB
Created by: Boon Hong Donovan So

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