Canva for Beginners Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

Learn Canva with this complete beginner’s guide to using Canva for graphic design, infographics, social media & more!
Canva for Beginners Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design
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Canva for Beginners Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

What you’ll learn

Create an account with Canva, a free online graphic design software platform.
Navigate Canva’s many pre-made layouts and templates.
Create professional looking graphics that can be used online, in eBooks, and throughout social media.
Understand the free and paid for pricing structure on Canva.
Share and save designs created with Canva thru email and social media platforms.

Canva for Beginners Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design


This course is for beginners to Canva and even graphic design, or anyone else who wants to easily begin creating beautiful looking graphics easily and for free.
Canva is a free program online to use and all you need to do is set up a free account to begin using the application.
No prior knowledge of Canva or graphic design theory are needed as Canva provides free templates and graphics to use right from the beginning.
Experienced graphic designers may even find Canva easier to use to get out artwork quickly for clients or for social media posts.


Learn Canva for Graphic Design in This New Course!Are you spending valuable time and money trying to create your own images for your business, brand, or social lifestyle? Would you like to learn how to gain attention from your audience with stunning graphics in an affordable way? Do you want to know how experts save precious time by using pre-made layouts and templates?If you answered YES to any of these questions, than this course is for you!What this course is about:Canva for Beginners – Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design is designed to help any entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, marketer, advertiser, or social media expert gain the advantage by using FREE online software, called Canva, to create killer graphics and images. This course teaches you everything you need to know about how to use Canva to launch yourself steps ahead of the competition when it comes to visual media.What you will learn in this course: In these lessons, you will learn all of the basics of Canva so that you can get up and running quickly. Within an hour, you will already have all of the tools you will need to create amazing graphic design projects. These lessons include the following:Creating and setting up your account.Navigation around Canva’s interface.Selecting pre-made layouts and templates.Adding artwork, images, text, and backgrounds.Sharing your designs for social media platforms.Downloading and printing your designs.Plus free updates and additions to the course in the future!What are OTHERS saying about this AMAZING course?”Excellent course. In debt explanations, easy to follow and easy to understand. Jeremy is an exellent teacher and he knows his topics. The course was very interesting, professional, and I learned a lot from it. Now i just have to apply it in real life.”   5/5 Stars – Eva Szabo”Well, I had never heard of Canva until I started following entrepreneur legend Guy Kawasaki on Facebook. He links to the site quite often when they have new articles or tutorials.The course is very well organized. The instructor Jeremy Deighan speaks with a very clear voice. No accent. Audio and video is high quality. Each video lecture is straight to the point. No mindless chatter or distractions. Each section builds on the last. This is really a Dummies Intro course. He has three other courses on Canva. If you already know a bit about Canva you could start off with another one of his courses. I will be taking Deighan’s Graphic Design Theory in Social Media Volume 1 next.The instructor is also very active in the Disucssion area. He even makes his own posts with some examples of great graphic design and what makes them stand out.”   5/5 Stars – Mike Hatch”I loved this! It was complete and so easy to understand. I’ve been using Canva for a year and there were a few things I didn’t know that Jeremy covered. Great work!”   5/5 Stars – Brian KnackDon’t hesitate, enroll today!So whether you are working on your next eBook, creating presentation slides for your next corporate event, providing useful information on social media platforms, or need to create some killer branding material, this course is for you.Jeremy Deighanp.s. I am here for my students and I always welcome any feedback, questions, discussions, or reviews on my courses. Please visit my profile to see how you can contact me in the most convenient way for you!


Section 1: Welcome to Canva for Beginners – Your Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

Lecture 1 Welcome to Canva Course: Beginner’s Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

Section 2: Getting Started with Canva

Lecture 2 Creating an Account Quickly with Canva

Lecture 3 Navigating Canva’s Main Dashboard

Lecture 4 Using Canva’s Design Dashboard

Section 3: Creating Your Design

Lecture 5 Selecting the Format

Lecture 6 Navigation

Lecture 7 Adding Artwork

Lecture 8 Adding Text

Lecture 9 Creating Backgrounds

Lecture 10 Uploads

Lecture 11 Putting it All Together

Section 4: Saving and Sharing Your Design

Lecture 12 Sharing Your Design

Lecture 13 Downloading Your Design

Lecture 14 Designs in the Main Dashboard

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 15 BONUS for Students Only

This course has been specifically designed for beginners new to Canva and want to learn all about it’s features, layouts, and what you can do with the software.,Entrepreneurs,Solopreneurs,Business Owners,Small Businesses,Advertisers,Marketers,Graphic Designers,Social Media Enthusiasts,Canva Lovers

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Created by: Jeremy Deighan – 270,000+ Students

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