Career Development 1 of 2 Your Brand Plain Simple

Did you ever wonder what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate? Have a look.
Career Development 1 of 2 Your Brand Plain Simple
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Thomas Giordano


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Career Development 1 of 2 Your Brand Plain Simple

What you’ll learn

What is important to hiring managers.
How to build your “brand”.
How to prepare yourself for an interview.
How to find new opportunities.

Career Development 1 of 2 Your Brand Plain Simple


There are no course requirements or prerequisites.


Note: This course was recently updated (Dec 2022)This is part 1 of a 2 part series on CareersWHY IS THIS COURSE IMPORTANT?Landing your first job or moving from one job to another can be a pretty traumatic experience. There is the building of your resume, the concern of your online presence, the issue of how you present yourself, where to look for jobs and then finally how to negotiate your new position. Some candidates feel awkward about presenting themselves, others brag too much. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this whole process from the other side of the table so you can understand what is really important and what is not? This course does just that.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS COURSE?In this course, you will learn:What is Important to You?Identify and Build Your BrandBuild Your StoryBuild Your ResumeYour Digital FootprintFinding OpportunitiesThis course includes:Video lecturesQuiz to test your retentionSignificant number of resources to do a deeper dive into his topic.WHO IS THE IDEAL STUDENT FOR THIS COURSE?You will learn a lot from this course if you areThinking about choosing healthcare as a careerLooking to advance your career in healthcareLooking to expand your knowledge of healthcare to better perform your current job and better understand how it fits into the ecosystem of patient care and better serve those in needCurious about everything and want to learn more about healthcare just for the sake of expanding your knowledge base.WHAT IS YOUR TEACHING STYLE?My teaching style is a very pragmatic one. I assume you know nothing about this topic and start with the foundation and build from there. Some of these concepts could be challenging, so I sprinkle in as many examples as I can, both non healthcare and healthcare, to assure full understanding of the topic. This is why I have appended “Plain and Simple” to all my courses.WHY ARE YOU QUALIFIED TO TEACH THIS COURSE?I spent 35 years in the designing and launching of medical imaging products and services. My career evolved from leading engineering teams, to becoming VP Marketing and then to president of a Healthcare IT firm. It is also based on 15 years of university teaching.


Section 1: Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Your Digital Footprint

Lecture 3 What is Important To You?

Lecture 4 Identify and Build Your Brand

Lecture 5 Build Your Story

Lecture 6 Build Your Resume

Lecture 7 Finding Opportunities

Section 2: Library of Resources

Lecture 8 TED TALKS on Careers

Lecture 9 Articles on Careers (Weblinks)

Lecture 10 Other courses related to this topic (Bonus!)

Those who are applying for their FIRST job,Those who are seeking to getting promoted WITHIN their CURRENT organization,Those who are seeking a NEW opportunity within their CURRENT organization,Those who are seeking a NEW opportunity with a NEW organization.

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Created by: Thomas Giordano

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