Cartoon Character Design with Affinity Photo 2

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Cartoon Character Design with Affinity Photo 2
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Cartoon Character Design with Affinity Photo 2

What you’ll learn

Identify Affinity Photo 2 features most suited for character illustration
Complete a character design project that is thematically and stylistically cohesive
Add bells and whistles to make characters pop for presentation purposes
Use Affinity Photo 2 and a digital pen tablet in conjunction with one another

Cartoon Character Design with Affinity Photo 2


A copy of Affinity Photo 1 or 2 installed, 30-day trial versions or other image editing software okay
A basic understanding of the Affinity Photo 2 interface and features is encouraged
A Wacom pen tablet or comparable device


The ability to design a cohesive roster of characters with a common style is essential for a career in concept art in film, animation, and games.We’ll be using Affinity Photo 2 to draw and paint some 2D character designs. Feel free to use Photoshop, Gimp, Procreate, or any other comparable image editing software as long they work with a digital pen tablet. We’re going with a simplified, cartoony style of characters who all belong in a science lab. This will help take the focus away from technical considerations like correct anatomy and proportions. Instead the focus will be on design and the usage of Affinity Photo 2’s drawing, masking, painting, texturing, and layering features.Follow along the class or pick your own theme and set of characters. You’ll learn how to create a rough sketch based on the chosen theme and refine your line art before coloring the characters. You’ll also get to add some bells and whistles to the characters to make them pop for sharing and presentation.This course is designed for anyone interested in creating cute, colorful characters. Some familiarity with image editing software will be helpful as I don’t go over every button click, shortcut keys, and software feature in granular detail. The aim is to walk you through the steps of creating digital character designs without getting bogged down by the software itself.You’ll learn the principles of a solid workflow for character design using Affinity Photo 2.


Section 1: Introduction and Rough Drawing

Lecture 1 Overview

Lecture 2 Rough Sketching

Lecture 3 Rough Line Art – Scientist #1

Lecture 4 Rough Line Art – Scientist #2 and Technician

Lecture 5 Rough Line Art – Monkey

Section 2: Clean Line Art

Lecture 6 Clean Line Art – Scientist #1

Lecture 7 Clean Line Art – Scientist #2

Lecture 8 Clean Line Art – Technician

Lecture 9 Clean Line Art – Monkey

Lecture 10 Clean Line Art – Monkey Pt 2

Lecture 11 Aligning the Characters

Section 3: Masking and Coloring

Lecture 12 Masking the Scientists

Lecture 13 Masking the Technician and Monkey

Lecture 14 Color Blocking Scientist #1

Lecture 15 Color Blocking Scientist #2

Lecture 16 Color Blocking the Technician

Lecture 17 Color Blocking the Monkey

Section 4: Shading and Rendering

Lecture 18 Shading Scientist #1

Lecture 19 Shading Scientist #1 Pt 2

Lecture 20 Shading Scientist #2

Lecture 21 Shading the Technician

Lecture 22 Shading the Monkey

Lecture 23 Shading the Monkey Pt 2

Section 5: Finishing Touches

Lecture 24 Texturing the Scientists

Lecture 25 Texturing the Technician

Lecture 26 Texturing the Monkey

Lecture 27 Polishing for Presentation

Creative artists who want to learn digital illustration skills,Beginner digital artists who want to learn a solid workflow for character art,Affinity Photo users who want to know which features help with illustration and design

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 36m | 1.61 GB
Created by: Daniel Kim

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