Casio fx991MS and fx991EX for Quality Certification Exams

Master the calculator for your CQA, CQE, CSQP, CMQ/OE, CSSGB, LSSGB, CSSBB, LSSBB, CRE, CQT, CQPA and CQIA exams
Casio fx991MS and fx991EX for Quality Certification Exams
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Casio fx991MS and fx991EX for Quality Certification Exams

What you’ll learn

Casio fx-991 MS is an acceptable calculator for CQA, CQE, CSQP, CMQ/OE, CSSGB, CSSBB exams.
This course will teach you how to take maximum advantage of this calculator in the exam.
Find decriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation) of data quickly
Solving simple linear and quadratic regression questions fast
Solving Normal Distribution questions, without using the Z-table
Solving equations with one, two and three variables

Casio fx991MS and fx991EX for Quality Certification Exams


This course will cover the use of calculator to solve statistics and exam questions. You need to be aware of the basic theory, as that is not covered in this course.


This course now covers two calculators: Casio fx-991MS and Casio fx-991EX.You are allowed to use a non-programmable calculator in the quality certifications offered by most international organizations. Most students face difficulty in completing all the exam questions in the required time.Numerical questions consume much more time as compared to theory questions. There is a way to solve numerical questions fast. That is by using the most advanced calculators acceptable for the exam.Scientific calculators (such as Casio fx-991MS or fx-991EX) can perform many advanced functions quickly, without needing to actually use complex formulas and tables. Some of these advanced functions include:- Finding out the mean and standard deviation of a group of numbers- Solving the Simple Linear Regression questions (You will not believe how easy it is if you have not used a scientific calculator like fx-991MS or 991EX)- Normal Distribution questions (You will not need to open the Z-table to solve them)- Solving equations with one, two or three unknowns- Using calculator memory for complex calculationsIf you are interested in mastering fx-991MS or fx-991EX (or for that matter, any other scientific calculator will have similar functions) then enroll in this course.Note: We are not a representative of ASQ®, IASSC® or any other certification organization. ASQ® is the registered trademark of the American Society for Quality. IASSC® is the registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. We are an independent training provider. We are neither associated nor affiliated with the certification organization(s) mentioned in our courses. The name and title of the certification exam mentioned in this course are the trademarks of the respective certification organization. We mention these names and/or the relevant terminologies only for describing the relevant exam processes and knowledge (i.e. Fair Use).


Section 1: **** Calculator # 1: CASIO fx-991MS ****

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Casio fx-991 MS Calculator

Lecture 3 Different Modes in the Calculator

Lecture 4 Different Settings in the Calculator

Section 2: fx991MS – Basic Calculations

Lecture 5 Basic Calculations, BODMAS Principle

Lecture 6 Orders, Powers (Square, Cube, Square Root, Cube Root etc.)

Lecture 7 Calculating Log and ln

Lecture 8 Permutations and Combinations

Lecture 9 Using Calculator Memory Functions

Lecture 10 CALC Function

Section 3: fx991MS – Descriptive Statistics (Mean and Standard Deviation)

Lecture 11 Calculating Mean and Standard Deviation – Part 1

Lecture 12 Calculating Mean and Standard Deviation – Part 2

Section 4: fx991MS – Regression (REG Mode)

Lecture 13 Simple Linear Regression (SLR) Equation

Lecture 14 SLR – Estimating the Value of Y

Lecture 15 Quadratic Regression

Section 5: fx991MS – Normal Distribution (DIST Function)

Lecture 16 Area Under the Normal Distribution Curve

Lecture 17 Normal Distribution – Solving Questions Using fx-991MS

Lecture 18 Normal Distribution – Calculating the Z Value

Section 6: fx991MS – Equations (EQN Mode)

Lecture 19 Solving Single Equation with One Unknown

Lecture 20 Solving Two Equations with Two Unknowns

Lecture 21 Solving Three Equations with Three Unknowns

Section 7: fx991MS – Miscellaneous Topics

Lecture 22 Random Numbers

Lecture 23 Insert and Delete

Lecture 24 Pi, Copy and Multiple Commands

Lecture 25 Conversions and Constants

Section 8: **** Calculator # 2: CASIO fx-991EX ****

Lecture 26 Why do I recommend fx-991EX now?

Lecture 27 Is it an Acceptable Calculator for ASQ/IASSC?

Lecture 28 Casio fx-991EX Setup Part 1

Lecture 29 Casio fx-991EX Setup Part 2

Lecture 30 Casio fx-991EX – Menu Options

Section 9: fx991EX – Basic Calculations

Lecture 31 BODMAS and Basic Calculations

Lecture 32 Calculating Percentages

Lecture 33 Prime Factors and Powers

Lecture 34 Log, ln, e, and Factorials

Lecture 35 Permutation, Combination, Rounding and Random Numbers

Section 10: fx-991EX Basic Statistics

Lecture 36 Basic Statistics – Part 1

Lecture 37 Basic Statistics – Part 2

Lecture 38 Norm Dist – Part 1

Lecture 39 Basic Statistics – Part 2

Section 11: fx-991EX Regression Equations

Lecture 40 Simple Linear Regression

Lecture 41 Quadratic Regression

Section 12: fx-991EX Probability Distributions

Lecture 42 Normal PD

Lecture 43 Normal CD

Lecture 44 Inverse Normal

Lecture 45 Binomial PD

Lecture 46 Binomial CD

Lecture 47 Poisson PD

Lecture 48 Poisson PD More Examples

Lecture 49 Poisson CD

Section 13: fx-991EX Spreadsheet Feature

Lecture 50 Spreadsheet Functions

Section 14: BONUS


Quality professionals appearing in CQA, CQE, CSQP, CMQ/OE, CSSGB, CSSBB, CQPA and CQIA exams.

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Udemy | English | 4h 31m | 3.82 GB
Created by: Sandeep Kumar, ­ Quality Gurus Inc.

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