CATIA V5 2022 Advanced course

CATIA V5 Training : Master four workbenches in CATIA V5
CATIA V5 2022 Advanced course
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Shamith Raj Shetty


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CATIA V5 2022 Advanced course

What you’ll learn

To create complex sketches in a 2D environment.
To Design 3D models with the help of 2D sketches.
Assemble the components created using Part Design workbenches.
About Drafting workbenches which is used create Engineering 2D drawings.

CATIA V5 2022 Advanced course


Catia v5 software installed in your system
No prior knowledge about the software required


CATIA is the world’s engineering and design leading software for product 3D CAD design excellence. It is used to design, simulate, analyze, and manufacture products in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and industrial machinery, just to name a few. It addresses all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains, to small independent producers. If you stop and take a look around, CATIA is everywhere. CATIA is in the plane that just flew over, the car that just went silently by, the phone you just answered, and the bottle of water that you just finished..This course covers topic related to these four Workbenches namely,Sketcher Part DesignAssembly DesignDraftingyou will learnTo create complex sketches in a 2D environment.To Design 3D models with the help of 2D sketches.Assemble the components created using Part Design workbenches.About Drafting workbenches which is used create Engineering 2D drawings.and you will getThe Confidence while working with above mentioned Workbenches.The knowledge about all commands in these workbenches which are all explained with an example each.Lots of exercises along with resources you can download.A number of important interview questions which will help u crack them.lifetime access to the course videos


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Sketcher Workbench

Lecture 2 Sketch

Lecture 3 Sketch Tools Toolbar

Lecture 4 Profile Toolbar 1/4

Lecture 5 Profile Toolbar 2/4

Lecture 6 Profile Toolbar 3/4

Lecture 7 Profile Toolbar 4/4

Lecture 8 Operation Toolbar 1/4 (Corner tool)

Lecture 9 Operation Toolbar 2/4 (Chamfer tool)

Lecture 10 Operation Toolbar 3/4

Lecture 11 Operation Toolbar 4/4

Lecture 12 Constraints Tool

Lecture 13 Exercise-1

Lecture 14 Exercise-2

Lecture 15 Exercise-3

Lecture 16 Exercise-4

Lecture 17 Exercise-5


Lecture 18 Pad

Lecture 19 Pocket

Lecture 20 Shaft and Groove

Lecture 21 Rib and Slot

Lecture 22 Solid combine tool

Lecture 23 Multi-section Solid tool

Lecture 24 Hole

Lecture 25 Fillet

Lecture 26 Drafts Toolbar

Lecture 27 Shell

Lecture 28 Thickness tool

Lecture 29 Thread or Tap tool

Lecture 30 Remove face tool

Lecture 31 Replace face tool

Lecture 32 Reference Elements Toolbar 1/3(point)

Lecture 33 Reference Elements Toolbar 2/3(line)

Lecture 34 Reference Elements Toolbar 3/3(plane)

Lecture 35 Translation and Rotation tool

Lecture 36 Symmetry and Axis to Axis tool

Lecture 37 Mirror tool

Lecture 38 Patterns toolbar 1/2 (Rectangular)

Lecture 39 Patterns toolbar 2/2

Lecture 40 Exercise-1.1 (Body)

Lecture 41 Exercise-1.2(Cap)

Lecture 42 Exercise-1.3(Bearing bottom and Bearing top half)

Lecture 43 Exercise-1.4(M10 Bolt)

Lecture 44 Exercise-1.5(Nut ,Lock Nut and Shaft)

Lecture 45 Exercise-2.1(Body)

Lecture 46 Exercise-2.2(Nut)

Lecture 47 Exercise-2.3(Spindle)

Lecture 48 Exercise-2.4(Cup)

Lecture 49 Exercise-2.6(Washer)

Lecture 50 Exercise-2.6(Screw)

Lecture 51 Exercise-2.7(Tomy Bar)


Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Insert Existing Component

Lecture 54 Manipulation

Lecture 55 Snap tool

Lecture 56 Smart Move tool

Lecture 57 Constrains toolbar 1/3

Lecture 58 Constrains toolbar 2/3

Lecture 59 Constrains toolbar 3/3

Lecture 60 Reuse Pattern tool

Lecture 61 Existing Component With Positioning tool

Lecture 62 Exercise-1

Lecture 63 Exercise-2


Lecture 64 Introduction

Lecture 65 New sheet and Title block

Lecture 66 Wizard toolbar

Lecture 67 Projections toolbar

Lecture 68 Sections toolbar

Lecture 69 Detail View and Detail View Profile tool

Lecture 70 Clipping View and Clipping View Profile tool

Lecture 71 Broken View tool

Lecture 72 Breakout View tool

Lecture 73 Add 3d Clipping tool

Lecture 74 Dimensions toolbar 1/4

Lecture 75 Dimensions toolbar 2/4

Lecture 76 Dimensions toolbar 3/4

Lecture 77 Dimensions toolbar 4/4

Lecture 78 Dimension Edition toolbar 1/3

Lecture 79 Dimension Edition toolbar 2/3

Lecture 80 Dimension Edition toolbar 3/3

Lecture 81 Dimension and Numerical Properties

Lecture 82 Axis and Threads toolbar

Lecture 83 Area fill and Arrow tool

Lecture 84 Text and Table tool

Lecture 85 Exercise-1

Lecture 86 Exercise-2

Section 6: Interview questions

Lecture 87 questions

Engineering students interested in CAD and want to enhance there resume with the knowledge about Catia V5.,Engineers who are willing to gain knowledge in the process of designing, analyzing, and management of new products.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 3.40 GB
Created by: Shamith Raj Shetty

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