CATIA V5 Basic to advance in plastics

CATIA V5 automotive interior design
CATIA V5 Basic to advance in plastics
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Manjeet Singh


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CATIA V5 Basic to advance in plastics

What you’ll learn

Take this course if you are looking for job change in automotive design or want to learn domain
Here you will learn CATIA and one automotive domain which is important to get a job
Here you will start from sketching and end with interior projects
Here your will learn all real thing that we do in any company ( not like a CAD centre )
After completing this course you will be confident for any two or three year experience job in design
Here you will learn interview process , discussions of your interview and resume writing for this course
Here we will also discuss some projects that you can reflect in resume

CATIA V5 Basic to advance in plastics


diploma and any engineering student


My name is Manjeet Singh and professionally am automotive seating design engineer and I have 10+ year of experience of working with many OEMs such as Hyundai, Honda , JLR , Audi and mahindra & mahindraIn this course we are going will learn the Automotive interior design with engineering. CAD and engineering, and if we are doing both that is called design, there is no use of CAD if you are design something without using engineeringSo this course is totally industry oriented and we will follow every rule of design, and we will work on 3D to 3DHere am going to teach you from job prospectus, if you are looking for job in automotive then this course is for you Whether you are a fresher or working in small scale industriesIn the course course I have also discussed the interview process and the discussion happened during interviews that ill really Help you to find a job ,If someone have job constrain contact me I will help youYou some of having questions How to become a automotive design engineerFor that I have free course on Udemy, that will clear your all doubt about designSo in this course we will learn automotive interior and seating doming from very basic level to advance levelAnd then we will do some project that you can reflect on your resume for interviewAnd I added some recorded doubts session of my personal classes, that will clear your many doubt if you want you can skip that but I wont suggestEvery Sunday am taking free classes for Udemy student and you can join my free classes to clear your doubts


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview for fresher, How to become a designer

Lecture 2 course detail 1

Lecture 3 course detail 2


Lecture 5 Remastering 1

Lecture 6 Reverse engineering 2

Lecture 7 Live class discussion

Lecture 8 assembly WB

Lecture 9 Basic intro to plastic

Lecture 10 SPA analysis

Lecture 11 Measuring tool

Lecture 12 FOOTBALL

Section 2: sketching

Lecture 13 some basics of sketching

Lecture 14 Exercise-1 position sketch and constrains

Lecture 15 Exercise-2 checking of sketches

Lecture 16 Exercise-3

Lecture 17 Exercise-4

Lecture 18 Exercise-5

Section 3: Part Modelling workbench

Lecture 19 CATIA settings

Lecture 20 Exercise-1 basic boolean operation

Lecture 21 difference between ADD & Assemble

Lecture 22 Exercise-2 trim and multisection

Lecture 23 Exercise-3 Revolve

Lecture 24 Exercise-4 Transformations

Lecture 25 Exercise-5

Lecture 26 Exercise-6 multi section in detail

Lecture 27 Exercise-7

Lecture 28 multi section doubts

Lecture 29 multi section doubts 2

Section 4: Reverse engineering or Remastering basic to advance

Lecture 30 Exercise-1 how to set references

Lecture 31 Exercise-1.2

Lecture 32 Exercise-2 metal frame

Lecture 33 Exercise-3 recliner bracket

Lecture 34 Exercise-4 L shape plate

Lecture 35 Exercise-5 bead and slot creation

Lecture 36 Exercise-6 creation of slots

Lecture 37 Exercise-7 doubts class

Lecture 38 doubt class

Lecture 39 doubts class

Lecture 40 live doubts

Lecture 41 cushion frame doubts

Lecture 42 cushion frame doubts live class

Lecture 43 metal bead

Lecture 44 Exercise-22

Lecture 45 doubts class

Lecture 46 some tricks for remastering in complicated parts

Lecture 47 some tricks for remastering in complicated parts 1

Lecture 48 some tricks for remastering in complicated parts 2

Lecture 49 some tricks for remastering in complicated parts 3

Section 5: Basic surfacing

Lecture 50 introduction to GSD

Lecture 51 Basic tool explanation for surfacing

Lecture 52 Exercise 1

Lecture 53 exercise 2

Lecture 54 exercise 2.2

Lecture 55 Exercise-3

Lecture 56 Exercise-1

Section 6: Surface Remastering

Lecture 57 Exercise-1

Section 7: Wrap Surface

Lecture 58 door map pocket area

Lecture 59 door panel

Section 8: projects : A2B basic and advance

Lecture 60 Introduction to trims


Lecture 62 Side shield modifications

Lecture 63 side shield close body

Lecture 64 Surfaces modification

Lecture 65 Tooling Analysis and B surface

Lecture 66 Tooling Analysis and B surface doubt



Lecture 69 IB side cover discussion

Section 9: 2D drawings with basic GD&T

Lecture 70 side shield drawing with GD&T

Section 10: project : HA handle study

Lecture 71 Exercise-1

Lecture 72 Exercise-2

Lecture 73 Exercise-3

Lecture 74 Exercise-4

Section 11: Easy entry covers and lumber

Lecture 75 live discussion

Section 12: Engineering features

Lecture 76 snap and dog house locator

Lecture 77 locators


Lecture 79 features and power copy

Section 13: Master section

Lecture 80 Exercise-1

Fresher and Experienced

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 21h 59m | 18.15 GB
Created by: Manjeet Singh

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