CATIA V5 Indepth knowledge

CATIA tool training, Parametric design, Advanced surfacing concepts, In depth knowledge, Sheetmetal remastering
CATIA V5 Indepth knowledge
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Moksh Yadav


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CATIA V5 Indepth knowledge

What you’ll learn

CATIA software from beginner to advance level
How to use different commands

CATIA V5 Indepth knowledge




Often various students face dilemma regarding the correct way to kick start their career. MechDesign helps such students achieve these objectives by providing a blend of domain knowledge and the usage of software tools & technologies in every stage of product life-cycle.Most engineering students learn basic tools but they don’t have in-depth knowledge of neither tool nor domain.In this course you will get knowledge in depth knowledge of CATIA tools, If you have know about CATIA tools, you can take up our advanced course about Automotive domain knowledge.You will learn about all the commands in complete detail. we will study each command in very detail and after this course you will be ready to learn the advanced course which will include product knowledge I suggest you after completion of this course that you also study the automotive component designing This will help you securing a good job In this course I have covered all the basic workbenches like part design surface design etc Each command has been explained in a very great detail If you have any doubts you can let know in the doubt section I would be happy to help you See you in the course All the best


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Interface of CATIA

Lecture 2 Mouse controls

Lecture 3 (2D-3D) demo video

Lecture 4 Sheetmetal Remastering demo video

Lecture 5 Design table demo video

Lecture 6 Adaptive sweep demo video

Lecture 7 Multi-sections surface demo video

Lecture 8 JOIN command demo video

Section 2: Sketch Workbench

Lecture 9 Difference between sketch, positioned sketch, sliding and isolated sketch

Lecture 10 Sketch Toolbar

Lecture 11 Profile toolbar in sketch workbench

Lecture 12 Constraints toolbar in sketch environment

Lecture 13 Operations toolbar in CATIA sketch

Lecture 14 tools toolbar in sketch, output feature, create datum, sketch analysis

Lecture 15 Visualization toolbar in sketch environment

Section 3: Part design workbench

Lecture 16 Sketch based feature (pads and pocket)

Lecture 17 Sketch based feature in CATIA shaft, groove and hole

Lecture 18 Sketch based feature (rib and slot) keep angle, ref surface and pulling

Lecture 19 Multisection solid and solid combine

Lecture 20 Edge fillet (blend corners, trim ribbons, conic, and limiting

Lecture 21 Variable radius fillet in with blend corners by edges and Chamfer

Lecture 22 Draft feature in detail part design CATIA (Draft reflect line,square & cone,pull

Lecture 23 Shell, thickness, threads, remove and replace face commands in CATIA part desig

Lecture 24 Surface based features in part design CATIA, split, sew surface etc

Lecture 25 Boolean operations in part design CATIA, intersect, union trim, remove, assemble

Lecture 26 Formula command in CATIA explained in detail, (filter, single and multiple value

Lecture 27 Sheetmetal Remastering 2

Section 4: Surface design

Lecture 28 Extrude command in CATIA generative shape design (shaft, sphere,cylinder)

Lecture 29 Split, trim, untrim, extract boundary and multiple extracts

Lecture 30 Fillets in surface

Lecture 31 Styling fillet

Lecture 32 wireframe

Lecture 33 Offset command in CATIA (smooth feature, variable offset, rough offset)Offset co

Lecture 34 Sweep command in CATIA in detail (explicit profile with reference surface).m

Lecture 35 Sweep command in CATIA in detail (explicit profile with two guide curves and pul

Lecture 36 Sweep command in CATIA implicit linear profile, with 2 limits, ref. curve & surf

Lecture 37 Sweep command in CATIA Implicit linear profile with draft direction and with tw

Lecture 38 Sweep command in CATIA explained in detail (Implicit circular profile with 3 gui

Lecture 39 Blend command in CATIA explained in detail (tangency and curvature continuity ex

Lecture 40 Healing command in CATIA, difference between healing and join, when to use which

Section 5: Assy Workbench

Lecture 41 Inserting new parts

Lecture 42 Manipulation in assy environment

Lecture 43 Constraints toolbar in Assy.

Lecture 44 Enhanced scenes partial and full

Lecture 45 Clash analysis

Lecture 46 Sectioning

Section 6: Drafting Workbench

Lecture 47 Projection views

Lecture 48 Dimensions

Lecture 49 Sections

Lecture 50 Detail and clipping views

Lecture 51 Breakout and 3D clipping

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Created by: Moksh Yadav

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