CATIA V5DMU Kinematics

Study of Kinematic Joints
CATIA V5DMU Kinematics
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Ranjit Salunkhe


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CATIA V5DMU Kinematics

What you’ll learn

Creating complex mechanism using kinamtics joints such as 4 Bar chain,Elliptical Trammel,Rack and pinion simulation.
Revolute joint
prismatic Joint
cylindrical joint
planner joint
spherical joint
point on curve joint
slide curve joint
Roll Curve joint
Gear Joint
Rack and Pinion Joint
cable joint
Lead Screw Operated Scissor Lift Mechanism
Radial Engine Mechanism

CATIA V5DMU Kinematics


CATIA basic knowledge


This course focuses various options avilable  within the DMU Kinematics (KIN)workbench, which allows the user to build and simulate mechanisms within a CATIAassembly context. Students gets to learn how to build functioning Kinematic mechanisms byadding mechanical joints defining the interaction between components and theirassociated degrees of freedom. These mechanisms are then Run by assigning inputsor commands to key components. The course covers the full range of simulation andanalysis functionality available within the DMU Kinematic workbench allowing users toStudy the behavior of their mechanisms.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 4 BAR CHAIN MECHANISM ( Revolute Joint)

Lecture 3 Elliptical Trammel (Prismatic Joint,Cylindrical Joint )

Lecture 4 Gear Joint

Lecture 5 Rack & Pinion Joint

Lecture 6 Cable Joint

Lecture 7 Point on Curve Joint

Lecture 8 Roll Curve Joint

Lecture 9 Slide Curve Joint

Lecture 10 Spherical Joint

Lecture 11 Radial Engine Assembly

Lecture 12 Lead Screw Operated Scissor Lift Mechanism

Mechanical Engineer,Automobile Engineer,Design Engineer

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Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.21 GB
Created by: Ranjit Salunkhe

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