CCIE Data Center BGP

A Complete Practical Learning For BGP Protocol in Cisco Nexus Switches. A CCIE Data Center Guide for BGP protocol
CCIE Data Center BGP
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CCIE Data Center BGP

What you’ll learn

Explain the differences between BGP and IGPs.
Describe the BGP message types (OPEN, UPDATE, ..).
Recognize BGP states (Idle, Connect, …, Connect).
Configure BGP neighborship and troubleshoot issues.
Describe the BGP design solutions.
Understand BGP route reflection and its benefits.
Learn the BGP path selection and BGP path attributes (Weight, Local_Pref, … etc).
Understand and configure BGP multipathing.
Understand BGP route advertisement, redistribution, aggregation, and default route.
Implement BGP conditional advertisements.
Understand the BGP AS manipulation features.
Learn BGP route policies and filtering methods.
Configure route filtering using BGP regular expressions.
Use BGP communities to control route distribution.
Describe the BGP peer templates and simplify the BGP neighborship management.

CCIE Data Center BGP


Only basic routing and switching knowledge are required to get benefits from this course!
This course covers the BGP protocol from scratch.


The CCIE Data Center – BGP course is designed to cover all BGP topics and features required in the CCIE Data Center v3.0 lab exam. Also, to provide a complete understanding of BGP protocol in Cisco Nexus platforms.Although this course targets network professionals and data center specialists, you only need to have basic networking knowledge to enroll in this course! The course explains BGP from scratch.This professional development and foundational learning course contains the following:High-quality, technical on-demand videos cover all required topics in the CCIE Data Center lab exam.Lab demos for a better explanation of all features learned in the course.Quizzes to confirm correct understanding.External resources to enrich your BGP knowledge.Packet captures and protocol message formats for detailed information.Downloadable PDF slides for configuration reference and knowledge review.The lectures in this course were divided into 7 sections:BGP Fundamentals: Covers BGP basics, BGP message types, BGP states, and BGP neighborship (peering).BGP Basic Configuration: Covers essential BGP configuration, verification, and troubleshooting.BGP Design Solutions: Covers several BGP Designs: RRs, Confederations, full-mesh, and eBGP Route-server.BGP Path Selection: Covers the best path selection process, by which a BGP router examines the competing BGP paths (routes) in its BGP table for a single prefix, choosing one route as the best route.BGP Route Advertisement: Covers BGP route advertisements using several methods such as network & redistribute commands, conditional advertisements, default routes, and route aggregation.BGP Route Policies: Covers BGP route policies using tools such as AS path manipulation features, route filtering, Regex, Communities, and others.BGP Templates: Learn how to use the BGP template to minimize BGP configuration overhead.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: BGP Fundamentals

Lecture 2 BGP Overview

Lecture 3 BGP Message Types

Lecture 4 BGP States

Lecture 5 BGP Neighborship (Peering)

Section 3: BGP Basic Configuration

Lecture 6 BGP Configuration in NX-OS (Part 1)

Lecture 7 BGP Configuration in NX-OS (Part 2)

Lecture 8 BGP Troubleshoot Peering

Section 4: BGP Design Solutions

Lecture 9 iBGP Design Solutions

Lecture 10 iBGP RR Configuration

Lecture 11 eBGP Route Server

Section 5: BGP Path Selection

Lecture 12 BGP Path Selection Overview

Lecture 13 BGP PA – Next hop (N)

Lecture 14 BGP – Weight (W)

Lecture 15 BGP PA – Local_Pref (L)

Lecture 16 BGP PA – Locally_Injected (L)

Lecture 17 BGP PA – AS_PATH Length (A)

Lecture 18 BGP PA – Origin (O)

Lecture 19 BGP PA – MED (M)

Lecture 20 BGP PA – Neighbor Type (N)

Lecture 21 BGP PA – IGP Metric to Next-hop (I)

Lecture 22 BGP PA – Tie Breaker Steps

Lecture 23 BGP Multipath

Section 6: BGP Route Advertisement

Lecture 24 BGP Network Statement

Lecture 25 BGP Route Redistribution

Lecture 26 BGP Route Aggregation (Part 1)

Lecture 27 BGP Route Aggregation (Part 2)

Lecture 28 BGP Default Route

Lecture 29 BGP Conditional Advertisements

Section 7: BGP Route Policies

Lecture 30 BGP AS Path Manipulation (Part 1)

Lecture 31 BGP AS Path Manipulation (Part 2)

Lecture 32 BGP Route Filtering (Part 1)

Lecture 33 BGP Route Filtering (Part 2)

Lecture 34 BGP Route Filtering (Part 3)

Lecture 35 BGP Route Filtering (Part 4)

Lecture 36 BGP Regular Expressions (Part 1)

Lecture 37 BGP Regular Expressions (Part 2)

Lecture 38 BGP Communities (Part 1)

Lecture 39 BGP Communities (Part 2)

Section 8: BGP Templates

Lecture 40 BGP Peer Templates (Part 1)

Lecture 41 BGP Peer Templates (Part 2)

Network engineers, designers, and consultants at all professional levels.,Candidates preparing for their CCIE Data Center v3.0 LAB or CCNP exams.,Candidates with basic networking knowledge who desire more expertise in BGP protocol.

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