A complete practical learning for VXLAN EVPN in Cisco Nexus switches. A CCIE & CCNP certification guide for VXLAN EVPN
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Salman Alhiary - CCIE (DC & EI)


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What you’ll learn

Understand why VXLAN exists and what problems does it solve?
Describe how does VXLAN EVPN solve the problems?
Explain how the VXLAN EVPN components interact.
Recognize the VXLAN EVPN encapsulation and packet format.
Understand the packet forwarding in VXLAN EVPN.
Learn and practice how to implement VXLAN EVPN in Nexus Switches.
Learn how to troubleshoot VXLAN EVPN in Nexus Switches.
Explain how VXLAN EVPN works with VPC and practice how to implement it.
Learn and practice how to implement VXLAN EVPN in a multi-site environment.
In summary, you will learn and practice ALL VXLAN knowledge you need for the CCIE Data Center LAB Exam.



Basic routing and switching knowledge are required to get benefits from this course.
Understanding Multicast is required for a better understanding of BUM traffic forwarding in VXLAN.
Understanding the VPC feature is required for a better understanding of the “VXLAN EVPN with Dual-Homed Endpoints” section.


This course aims to provide a resource for network engineers to understand and deploy VXLAN EVPN technology for today’s data centers. And to help CCIE/CCNP Data Center certification candidates prepare well for their exams.It begins with an introduction to the current data center challenges before going into the technology building blocks. It also provides an overview of the evolution of the data center fabric. The course takes a deep dive into the various fabric semantics, including the underlay, control plane & data plane interaction, unicast and multicast forwarding flows, and external data center interconnect deployments.It has been designed with a broad audience in mind while specifically targeting Cisco certification candidates, network architects, engineers, and operators. You do not have to be a networking professional or data center administrator to benefit from this course.This learning material is an authoritative guide for network professionals with an in-depth understanding of various networking areas, explaining detailed control and data plane concepts, with VXLAN and BGP EVPN being the primary focus. Detailed packet flows are presented, covering numerous functions, features, and deployments.This professional development and foundational learning course contain the following:High-quality, technical on-demand videos cover all essential topics.Lab demos for better implementation understanding. Quizzes for knowledge review.Workbook assignments for practical exercises.External resources that allow you to extend your knowledge.Packet captures that enable a deep understanding of VXLAN encapsulation.Configuration examples which can be used later as VXLAN EVPN configuration references.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: VXLAN EVPN Fundamentals

Lecture 2 VXLAN Overview

Lecture 3 VXLAN EVPN Basics

Section 3: VXLAN EVPN Endpoint Learning and Forwarding

Lecture 4 VXLAN EVPN L2 Forwarding

Lecture 5 VXLAN EVPN L3 Forwarding

Section 4: VXLAN EVPN Configuration

Lecture 6 VXLAN EVPN Underlay Configuration

Lecture 7 VXLAN EVPN Overlay L2 Bridging Configuration

Lecture 8 VXLAN EVPN Overlay L3 Routing Configuration

Section 5: VXLAN EVPN with Dual-Homed Endpoints

Lecture 9 VXLAN EVPN and VPC

Section 6: VXLAN EVPN with Multi-Site Fabric

Lecture 10 VXLAN EVPN Multi-Site

Section 7: VXLAN EVPN Workbook (DOO Practice)

Network engineer professionals and data center specialists.,Candidates preparing for their CCIE Data Center v3.0 LAB or Core exams.,This course can be for candidates with basic networking knowledge who desire more expertise in VXLAN EVPN technology.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 15m | 2.96 GB
Created by: Salman Alhiary – CCIE (DC & EI)

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