CCIE Routing Switching Version 50 BGP

The best way to prepare for CCIE Routing and Switching Version 5 certification.
CCIE Routing Switching Version 50 BGP
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CCIE Routing Switching Version 50 BGP

What you’ll learn

To plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructures on a wide variety of Cisco equipment.
Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot basic BGP to enable interdomain routing in a network scenario with multiple domains
helping you to identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills.
helps you master topics on the CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 exams, including –BGP operations and routing policies
Identify common BGP scaling issues and enableroute reflection and confederations as possible solutions to these issues in a typical service provider network with multiple BGP connections to other autonomous systems „
Use available BGP tools and features to optimize the scalability of the BGP routing protocol in a typical BGP network

CCIE Routing Switching Version 50 BGP


Good understanding on CCNA CCNP Routing and Switching Knowledge
There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE certification.
Students enrolled in this course should possess a strong knowledge of networking a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and have completed the Network Associate level certification or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.


Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching (CCIE Routing and Switching) certifies the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure. This video training course focuses on the topics listed in the “Layer 2 Technologies” section of Cisco’s blueprint for the CCIE Routing and Swiching Version 5 Written and Lab exam. This is the Third part of of 6 CCIE courses by sikandar shaik. The benefits of getting a CCIE certification are varied and include the following: Better pay Career-advancement opportunities Applies to certain minimum requirements for Cisco Silver and Gold Channel Partners, as well as those seeking Master Specialization, making you more valuable to Channel Partners Better movement through the problem-resolution process when calling the Cisco TAC Prestige Credibility for consultants and customer engineers, including the use of the Cisco CCIE logo The other big reason to take the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam is that it recertifies an individual’s associate-, professional-, and expert-level Cisco certifications, regardless of his or her technology track.


Section 1: Introduction to CCIE Routing & Switching

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 CCIE exam information

Lecture 3 Exam Content-Rack Details

Section 2: BGP Introduction

Lecture 4 BGP Introduction

Lecture 5 When BGP is more Appropriate

Lecture 6 BGP options connectintg to Internet

Section 3: BGP Neighbors

Lecture 7 understanding BGP neighbors

Lecture 8 IBGP neighbors -LAB

Lecture 9 BGP Split Horizon Rule

Lecture 10 IBGP neighbors using loopbacks -LAB

Lecture 11 IBGP neighbors using Loopback-LAB-Continuation

Section 4: Advance BGP neighbor options

Lecture 12 BGP authentication

Lecture 13 Peergroups

Lecture 14 Route Reflectors

Section 5: External BGP

Lecture 15 Basic EBGP configuration

Lecture 16 Using nexthopself

Lecture 17 EBGP using loopback -EBGPmultihop

Lecture 18 BGP synchronization Rule

Section 6: BGP Attributes

Lecture 19 Understanding BGP attibutes

Lecture 20 ASpath-origin-nexthop

Lecture 21 weight & local preference

Section 7: Weight and Local Preference

Lecture 22 Path Manipulation using weight

Lecture 23 path manipulation using Weight -continued

Lecture 24 weight using routemaps-LAB

Lecture 25 understanding IN OUT

Lecture 26 using Local preference

Lecture 27 Local Preference with Route-maps

Lecture 28 BGP path selection process

Lecture 29 Clear ip bgp sessions

Section 8: AS-path prepend & MED

Lecture 30 AS-Path Preprend

Lecture 31 AS-Path Preprend-Continuded

Lecture 32 Multi Exit Discriminator

Lecture 33 Using MED

Lecture 34 Using MED-Continued

Section 9: BGP Summarization

Lecture 35 BGP summarization

Lecture 36 BGP summarization using As-set-Example 1

Lecture 37 BGP summarization As-set-Example -2

Lecture 38 BGP summarization suppress-map

Lecture 39 BGP summarization un-suppress-map

Section 10: BGP Route Filtering

Lecture 40 Why do we need BGP filtering

Lecture 41 BGP filtering using ACL

Lecture 42 BGP filtering using IP Prefix-list

Lecture 43 BGP filtering using Route-maps

Lecture 44 BGP Regular expressions

Lecture 45 BGP regular expressions – Continued

Lecture 46 BGP AS-PATH filters

Lecture 47 BGP AS-PATH filters-Continued

Section 11: BGP Communities

Lecture 48 BGP communities -Introduction

Lecture 49 BGP communities types

Lecture 50 BGP well communities

Lecture 51 BGP well communities- continued

Lecture 52 BGP communites-user defined

Lecture 53 BGP communites User Defined – Continued

Section 12: BGP Advance Options

Lecture 54 BGP Confederations

Lecture 55 BGP Confederations -LAB

Lecture 56 BGP Dampening

Lecture 57 BGP Dampening-LAB

Lecture 58 Route reflector Cluster

Lecture 59 Route reflector Cluster – LAB

Lecture 60 remove private-AS

Lecture 61 BGP neighbor local-AS (No-Prepend)

Lecture 62 BGP neighbor local-AS( Replace AS and Dual As)

Section 13: IPV6 BGP

Lecture 63 IPv6 BGP introduction

Lecture 64 IPV6 IBGP- EBGP Configuration

Lecture 65 IPV6 PeerGroups and Route Reflectors

Lecture 66 IPV6 EBGP Multihop

Lecture 67 IPV6 IPV6 BGP path Manipulation

Everyone interested in running BGP to create reliable connectivity to the Internet.,students who want to prepare for CCIE routing and switching Written and Lab exam,build the skills that are necessary for expert certification.,Technical engineers and delegates seeking Cisco certifications including CCNP RS or CCNA/CCNP Service provider or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE Routing & Switching Version 5 ) or CCIE Service Provuder V3.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 46m | 12.77 GB
Created by: sikandar Shaik

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