CCNA 2020 CCNA 200301 exam a complete guide Cisco

Includes unique videos presenting REAL Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, access points, cables, connectors, and labs
CCNA 2020 CCNA 200301 exam a complete guide Cisco
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Marious Kuriata


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CCNA 2020 CCNA 200301 exam a complete guide Cisco

What you’ll learn

Explore the Functions of Networking
Configure Cisco routers and switches
Quizzes to help you master all topics
Build a Simple Network
Understand Ethernet and Switch Operation
Connecting to the Internet
Do Subnetting in a few seconds!
Understand cabling, patch panels, and tools
Configure a Wireless Access Point
Troubleshoot Common Issues
Manage Network Device Security
Dynamic Routing Protocols
Secure Administrative Access
Implement VLANs and Trunks
Configure IPv6 Routing
Network Security

CCNA 2020 CCNA 200301 exam a complete guide Cisco


General IT knowledge
Willingness to learn new things


CCNA exam – 200-301Did you know that CCNA is one of the most important exams in the IT World today? Interested in unique training? Keep reading!Join the CCNA course that will help you get ready for the new CCNA exam – 200-301.This CCNA course teaches you all networking concepts and application  skills for configuring Cisco routers and switches. It includes a lot of real world examples and presentations, e.g. how to make an ethernet cable and use a patch panel, stacking Cisco switches, subnetting and much more… You will also see lectures with whiteboards and clips showing real routers, switches, access points, firewalls and network tools. The OSI Model and network fundamentalsConfiguration of Cisco routers and switchesLabs with 20 routers!Cabling, including fibre optic cables and racksHow to use a virtual rack and save moneySubnetting made easyVLANs, VTP and Spanning Tree ProtocolsDynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF,EIGRP, BGP)Access lists and security conceptsOverview of firewalls and UTM devicesNAT configuration with real world examplesHow to troubleshoot network issuesQuality of Service (QoS)Quizzes to help you pass theexamWireless conceptsAutomationNetwork security: DHCP Snooping and ARP inspectionA lot of extra lectures: BGP, RIP, EIGRP, IP SLA, PPPoE, and more!The course is perfect for anyone seeking to learn how to set up and troubleshoot Cisco networks.  Contents and Overview   In over 20 hours of content including more than 150 lectures this course covers a whole range of topics required for your CCNA exam and the real world as well. Each chapter closes with a quiz to make sure you  can practice exam questions and test your knowledge before moving to the  next section.  We start from  scratch discussing The OSI and TCP/IP models, subnetting and network protocols. Then you move to basic router configuration and routing protocols. You will learn many interesting concepts about switches, access points, and firewalls. This course  also discusses cabling, WAN, subnetting, and troubleshooting tips.  Join now and get ready for your CCNA exam!


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 How to Study

Lecture 3 Cisco Exams

Lecture 4 What to Expect

Section 2: Basic Concepts

Lecture 5 What is a Network?

Lecture 6 Network Types

Lecture 7 Network Devices – Routers and Switches

Lecture 8 Network Devices – Firewalls and Access Points

Lecture 9 Challenge – Can you Identify a Network Device?

Section 3: Introduction to Networking

Lecture 10 What is an IP address?

Lecture 11 Communication Types

Lecture 12 Network Topologies

Lecture 13 SOHO

Lecture 14 Let’s Create a Network Diagram!

Section 4: Are you Ready to Connect to a Cisco Router?

Lecture 15 Connecting to a Cisco Device

Lecture 16 Basic Commands

Lecture 17 Packet Tracer – part 1

Lecture 18 Packet Tracer – part 2

Section 5: The OSI Model

Lecture 19 Why do we Need a Model?

Lecture 20 Layers 7,6, and 5

Lecture 21 Wireshark

Lecture 22 Overview of Layer 4

Lecture 23 TCP and UDP

Lecture 24 Port Numbers

Section 6: The OSI Model – Part 2

Lecture 25 Layer 3

Lecture 26 Layer 3 – part 2

Lecture 27 Layer 2

Lecture 28 Important Protocols

Lecture 29 Overview of Layer 1

Lecture 30 Let’s go Shopping!

Lecture 31 PoE

Lecture 32 Fibre Cables

Lecture 33 Challenge

Lecture 34 Challnege – Communication Types

Lecture 35 Collision and Broadcast Domains

Lecture 36 Encapsulation

Section 7: Basic Router Configuration

Lecture 37 Basic Commands

Lecture 38 Basic Commands – part 2

Lecture 39 Let’s Create one More Lab

Lecture 40 Basic Show Commands

Lecture 41 Basic Show Commands – part 2

Section 8: Routing

Lecture 42 Introduction to Routing

Lecture 43 Static Routes

Lecture 44 Static Routers – Lab

Lecture 45 Default Routes

Section 9: Subnetting

Lecture 46 Overview of Subnetting

Lecture 47 More Advanced Topics

Lecture 48 How to Master Subnetting

Section 10: OSPF

Lecture 49 Introduction to OSPF

Lecture 50 OSPF Concepts

Lecture 51 More OSPF Features

Lecture 52 Configuring OSPF

Lecture 53 Let’s Configure 15 Routers for OSPF!

Section 11: Switching

Lecture 54 Switching

Lecture 55 Basic configuration

Lecture 56 Basic configuration – part 2

Lecture 57 What is a VLAN ?

Lecture 58 More About VLANs and L2

Lecture 59 DTP

Lecture 60 Let’s Create a Cool L2 Lab

Lecture 61 Let’s Create a Cool L2 Lab – part 2

Lecture 62 The Native VLAN

Section 12: Other L2 Protocols

Lecture 63 Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 64 Spanning Tree Protocol – part 2

Lecture 65 Spanning Tree Protocol – part 3

Lecture 66 VTP

Lecture 67 EtherChannels – part 1

Lecture 68 EtherChannels – part 2

Lecture 69 HSRP

Lecture 70 Inter-VLAN routing

Section 13: Security

Lecture 71 Access Lists

Lecture 72 Access Lists – our Lab

Lecture 73 Access Lists – More Examples

Lecture 74 NAT – overview

Lecture 75 NAT – our lab

Section 14: IP Services

Lecture 76 Logging

Lecture 77 QoS

Lecture 78 Other Services – NTP and DHCP

Lecture 79 SNMP

Section 15: Advanced Security

Lecture 80 Security Concepts

Lecture 81 Attack Vectors

Lecture 82 DHCP Snooping

Lecture 83 ARP Inspection

Section 16: Wireless solutions

Lecture 84 Overview of Wireless Concepts

Lecture 85 Wireless Security

Lecture 86 Standalone vs Controller

Lecture 87 Configuring a Cisco WLC

Lecture 88 A Cool Additional Wireless Lab

Section 17: IPv6

Lecture 89 Introduction to IPv6

Lecture 90 IPv6 – our lab

Section 18: Automation

Lecture 91 Overview of Available Solutions

Lecture 92 Cisco DNA

Lecture 93 JSON

Section 19: Resources

Lecture 94 Slides and notes

Lecture 95 BONUS – 100 questions – CCNA

Lecture 96 The Big Story – let’s browse the Internet!

Lecture 97 E-book – CCNA 200-120 / 200-301 quick notes

Lecture 98 IPSec – facts

Lecture 99 Webinar – Feb 2020

Section 20: Extra Lectures

Lecture 100 Learn about RIP, EIGRP, BGP, Cabling, IP SLA, IPsec, and more!

Section 21: Cables, racks and network tools

Lecture 101 Cable testers, crimping tools…

Lecture 102 Overview of network cables

Lecture 103 Fibre

Lecture 104 Patch panels and network sockets

Lecture 105 How to make an ethernet cable

Lecture 106 Our project – patch panel, sockets and cable testers part 1

Lecture 107 Our project – patch panel, sockets and cable testers – part 2

Lecture 108 How to access a cisco console from an office next door?

Section 22: CCNA Labs

Lecture 109 What to expect in this section

Lecture 110 Introduction to rack rentals

Lecture 111 Create an account and buy a time-slot

Lecture 112 Let’s book a time-slot

Lecture 113 How to use a virtual rack

Section 23: Routing – Inter-vlan routing, RIP, and EIGRP

Lecture 114 Inter-vlan routing

Lecture 115 RIP – Overview

Lecture 116 RIP – Lab

Lecture 117 RIP – Lab Part 2

Lecture 118 EIGRP

Lecture 119 EIGRP part 2

Lecture 120 EIGRP – part 3 – lab

Lecture 121 EIGRP – part 4 – final lab

Section 24: Network Security

Lecture 122 IPv6 Access Lists – Lab

Lecture 123 Security – 802.1x

Lecture 124 Quality of Service – Overview

Lecture 125 Quality of Service – Lab using NBAR

Lecture 126 Security – IP SLA

Lecture 127 DMVNPs

Lecture 128 Overview of IPSec

Lecture 129 IPSec – let’s get deeper

Lecture 130 Backups.

Lecture 131 SNMP is a very important protocol!

Lecture 132 SNMPv3 using a Monitoring System – LAB

Lecture 133 Netflow and how it can help us

Section 25: Troubleshooting

Lecture 134 How to start troubleshooting a Cisco network

Lecture 135 Issues at L2 (switching)

Lecture 136 Troubleshooting L2

Lecture 137 Issues at L3 (routing)

Lecture 138 How to Troubleshoot Network Issues

Section 26: WAN

Lecture 139 PPP concepts

Lecture 140 How to configure PPP on a Cisco router

Lecture 141 Introduction to DSL technologies

Lecture 142 GRE Tunnels – Lab

Lecture 143 MPLS – Concepts and Labs

Section 27: Other protocols

Lecture 144 Our final lab with 20 routers!

Lecture 145 Our final lab with 20 routers – part 2

Lecture 146 OSPF – implementing OSPF on Cisco routers

Lecture 147 Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)

Lecture 148 Overview of VTP

Lecture 149 Configuring ADSL/VDSL on a Cisco router

Lecture 150 Subnetting – are you ready?

Lecture 151 Tips to make your life easier

Lecture 152 HSRP and IP SLA – CCNA 7 Days till your CCNA Exam

Lecture 153 Spanning Tree in action

Lecture 154 EIGRP and IPv6

Lecture 155 OSPF and IPv6

Lecture 156 Stacking Cisco switches (2960s, 3750s, 3850s)

Lecture 157 High Availability

Lecture 158 Overview of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP

Lecture 159 Implementation of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP – part 2

Lecture 160 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 161 SDN and APIC-EM

Lecture 162 Licensing a Cisco Device

Lecture 163 Passive Interfaces

Lecture 164 An interview with a Cisco Engineer

Lecture 165 NEW! Webinar – The New Exam – What to Expect + Tips

Section 28: BGP

Lecture 166 BGP – Introduction

Lecture 167 BGP – Features

Lecture 168 BGP – Our First Lab

Lecture 169 BGP Attributes

Section 29: Security

Section 30: Access Lists

Lecture 170 More labs on ACLs – a challenge in Packet Tracer

Section 31: NAT

Lecture 171 NAT configuration and verification – let’s connect a router to the Internet!

Lecture 172 Port Address Translation

Section 32: VPNs

Lecture 173 PPTP and L2TP

Section 33: IP Services

Section 34: UPDATE 200-125

Lecture 174 Cloud Computing

Lecture 175 Security – DHCP Snooping

Lecture 176 NTP

Lecture 177 LLDP vs CDP

Lecture 178 Backups – Part1

Lecture 179 Backups – Part3

Lecture 180 Cheat Sheet – Some Key Points of All New Exam Topics

Section 35: Extra Lectures – Ethical Hacking

Lecture 181 Installing Kali Linux

Lecture 182 Exploits

Lecture 183 Passwords

Lecture 184 Passwords – Lab

Section 36: CCNA Labs

Lecture 185 Review CCNA – Part 1

Lecture 186 Review CCNA – Part 2

Lecture 187 Review CCNA – Part 3

Lecture 188 Review CCNA – Part 4

Lecture 189 Inter-VLAN Routing – Part 1

Lecture 190 Inter-VLAN Routing – Part 2

Lecture 191 Inter-VLAN Routing – Part 3

Section 37: Webinars

Lecture 192 NEW! Webinar – T-shoot and CCNA Labs

Studying towards CCNA,Students looking to get better understanding of networking concepts,Everybody interested in learning about Cisco

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Udemy | English | 25h 40m | 11.84 GB
Created by: Marious Kuriata

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