CCSP Domain 1 Cloud Concepts Architecture and Design

Exam preparation – This domain is in alignment with the August 2022 exam outline
CCSP Domain 1 Cloud Concepts Architecture and Design
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CCSP Domain 1 Cloud Concepts Architecture and Design

What you’ll learn

Understand what (ISC)2 expects you to know about the cloud data security domain.
Comprehend The cloud reference architecture as well as shared considerations and related technologies
Explain how Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) and the cloud intersect.
Understand the types of security controls that we can add and how we verify their quality.

CCSP Domain 1 Cloud Concepts Architecture and Design


There are no requirements.
A desire to learn what you need to know about the cloud data security for the CCSP exam is very beneficial to have.
A basic understanding of information security is recommended.


In this course we walk through all of the critical concepts within the Cloud Platform & Infrastructure domain. This domain is 17% of the test as of August 2022. I will guide you through all of the concepts that you need to know and advise you on the level of knowledge that you need to get comfortable with.There are over four hours of video content plus course notes based on information from my book: Cloud Guardians.We will explore the basics of Governance, Risk management and Compliance and how the cloud affects it in a business.A solid understanding of the definition of cloud, its deployment models and service categories will be gained through these videos.An exploration of the threats to the cloud today is in this course. Those controls need to be verified and we use common criteria or ISO 15408. It is also necessary to explore the verification of the physical security with cryptography related products such as Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). That verification is done using FIPS 140-2/-3.We finish this domain with an exploration of the technologies that are related to the cloud and benefit greatly from all of its offerings.This domain is the cloud concepts, architecture and design.The details that are included in (ISC)2’s exam outline of encryption and access controls are in Domain 2.The details from their exam outline about network and virtualization security is in Domains 3 and 5.The BCP details are in Domain 5.I cover DevSecOps in Domain 4 – Cloud Application security


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Lecture 2 GRC

Section 3: Service Models

Lecture 3 Service Models

Section 4: The cloud and its contracts

Lecture 4 The cloud and its contracts

Section 5: Building the cloud

Lecture 5 Building the cloud

Section 6: Securing the cloud

Lecture 6 Securing the cloud

Section 7: Control Verification

Lecture 7 Control Verification

Lecture 8 PCI

Lecture 9 PCI Requirement 1-3

Lecture 10 PCI Requirements 4-6

Lecture 11 PCI Requirements 7-12

Section 8: Threats to the cloud

Lecture 12 Threats to the cloud

Section 9: Related Technologies

Lecture 13 Related technologies

Section 10: Understand security concepts relevant to cloud computing

Lecture 14 Introduction to encryption

Lecture 15 Symmetric Encryption

Lecture 16 Asymmetric Encryption

Lecture 17 Key management

Lecture 18 Basic IAAA Intro

Lecture 19 Authorization and RBAC

Lecture 20 Single Sing-On (SSO)

Lecture 21 Network Security Group (NSG)

Lecture 22 Egregious 11 Numbers 1-5

Lecture 23 Egregious 11 Numbers 6-11

Section 11: Understand design principles of secure cloud computing

Lecture 24 Cloud Data Lifecycle

Lecture 25 Data Protection Policy

Lecture 26 BCM Introduction

Lecture 27 Cloud Recovery Strategies

Lecture 28 Business Impact Analysis part 1

Lecture 29 Business Impact Analysis part 2

Lecture 30 Business Impact Analysis part 3

Lecture 31 Business Impact Analysis part 4

This course is intended for people that are preparing for the (ISC)2 CCSP exam.,This course would benefit anyone working to expand their knowledge and understanding of the cloud concepts, architecture and design.

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Udemy | English | 4h 56m | 3.26 GB
Created by: Gwen Bettwy

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