Certification in Marketing Management

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Certification in Marketing Management
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Certification in Marketing Management

What you’ll learn

You will learn the key factors in the development of Marketing Management.
What is Marketing Management and the Scope of Marketing Management, the Processes in Marketing Management and Role of Marketing Management.
Learn the market place and consumers, consumer market and consumer buyer behavior, customer driven strategy and mix, pricing and marketing channel.
Learn marketing communication, sales promotion, advertising, branding, creating competitive advantages, marketing ethics.
Learn about the Skills required for Manager’s to manage the Marketing with case studies, quizzes, assignments and Course works.
This training will be useful if your job involves advertising, branding, marketing and sales.
Discover how to become far more self-aware in the way that you communicate and interact with consumers.
This online course is packed full of professionally produced downloadable resources, which will enable you to start practicing immediately after completion
PLUS: Get access to Facebook, YouTube, Podcast support community and practice your new skills right away.

Certification in Marketing Management


You should have an interest in Marketing Management
An interest in Marketing, Sales and Branding.
Be interested in marketing and Management
Have an interest in Business and jobs in marketing


DescriptionTake the next step in your career! Whether you’re an up-and-coming professional, an experienced executive, aspiring manager, budding Professional. This course is an opportunity to sharpen your leadership and management abilities, increase your efficiency for professional growth and make a positive and lasting impact in the organization.With this course as your guide, you learn how to:All the basic functions and skills required for the Marketing Management role.Transform your business with more detailed oriented marketing tools so that your organization can achieve it’s target.Get access to recommended templates and formats for common Marketing processes.Learn useful case studies, industry practices and demonstrations of different Marketing practices with useful forms and frameworksInvest in yourself today and reap the benefits for years to comeThe Frameworks of the CourseEngaging video lectures, case studies, assessment, downloadable resources and interactive exercises. This course is created to Learn how to be an effective Manager with Marketing knowledge and skills. Learn skills in marketing, advertising, branding, marketing communication.Management of sales and marketing in the workplace is a matter of central concern to all managers and not only to Marketing professionals. Therefore, all managers, irrespective of their functional areas, are called on to solve problems that involve significant Marketing Management issues. Basic knowledge and better understanding of Marketing Management would help them in solving such problems. This course aims at imparting knowledge of Marketing Management, Adverting, Brand building, Strategic Management, Pricing, Marketing communication.The course includes multiple Case studies, resources like formats-templates-worksheets-reading materials, quizzes, self-assessment and assignments to nurture and upgrade the Marketing skill.In the first part of the course (Section 1-10), you’ll learn the most common marketing management processes like strategic planning, social responsibilities, analyzing of marketing opportunities, segmentations, product concept, advertising and retailing, supply chain management, sales promotion, pricing and customer relationship.In the middle part of the course (Section 11-14), you’ll learn how to better manage and develop competency, manager career progression. You will also learn the skills required for a Marketing Management function with downloadable resources and applicable articles.In the final part of the course (Section 15), you’ll develop the ability analyze and solve Marketing Management issues or scenarios with assignments related to Marketing Management, Branding, Advertising and Sales and Practice tests.You will get full support and all your quarries would be answered guaranteed within 48 hours.Course Content:Part 11. Study Plan· Study Plan and Structure of the Course2. Marketing Scope and concepts1. Defining the marketing, Scop and Concept2. Creating and capturing customer value3. Building customer relationship4. Analyze the marketing environment5. Managing marketing activities3. Consumer and Business market6. Consumer Marker and Buying Behavior7. Business Market8. Business buyer behaviorPart 24. Designing customer driven strategy and mix9. Creating value for target customer, product, services and brands10. Information to get customer insight11. New Product development and Life Cycle strategies5. Pricing12. Understanding customer value13. Pricing strategies6. Marketing channels and Communication14. Managing, Logistics, Supply chain management15. Retailing, Wholesaling16. Integrated marketing communication17. Sales promotions, Advertising, Public relations18. Marketing Communication Tool7. Sales management19. Sales Management20. Creating Competitive Advantage8. Concept of Global Market1. Global marketing strategies for Indian firm2. Sustainable MarketingPart 39. Assignments3. Marketing as a Manager4. Marketing channels for the Manager’s5. Practice TestDownloadable Resources and Templates1. Academic Supply Chain Management2. Template Flyer3. Brand Plan Outline4. CRM Excel Template5. Price List Template6. PR Plan Template7. Strategic Marketing Plan sample8. Wholesale Terms and Conditions


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Study Plan and Structure of the Course

Section 2: Marketing Scope and concepts

Lecture 2 Marketing Scope and concepts

Lecture 3 Value Chain and Structure of Marketing environment

Lecture 4 Environmental Scanning and Market Research

Section 3: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behaviour

Lecture 5 Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behaviour

Lecture 6 Business Markets and Business Buyer Behaviour

Lecture 7 Business Markets and Business Buyer Behaviour 2

Section 4: Designing customer driven strategy and mix

Lecture 8 Designing customer driven strategy and mix

Lecture 9 New Product Development and Product Life Cycle Strategies

Lecture 10 New Product Development 2

Section 5: Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

Lecture 11 Pricing 1

Lecture 12 Pricing 2

Section 6: Managing Marketing Channels and Communication

Lecture 13 Marketing Channels

Lecture 14 Marketing Communications

Lecture 15 Marketing Communication Tools

Section 7: Sales Management

Lecture 16 Sales Management

Lecture 17 Creating Competitive Advantage

Section 8: Recent concept of Marketing in global market

Lecture 18 Global market

Lecture 19 Global market 2

Lecture 20 Sustainable Marketing

Section 9: Assignments

Lecture 21 Assignments

Lecture 22 Practice Test

Lecture 23 Downloadable Materials

Professionals with sales management responsibilities and Marketing Professionals, Marketing Managers,New managers looking to transition successfully from a generic to a Marketing role,Existing managers looking to get more knowledge about marketing, brand building and how to communicate with consumers.

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