Certified Change Management Expert CCME

Learn 10 Top Strategic Change Models & Frameworks useful for implementation
Certified Change Management Expert CCME
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International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)


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Certified Change Management Expert CCME

What you’ll learn

10 Famous Change Management Models
Frameworks of each Models in detail
Leadership and Management Skills needed for Change management using models
Stages of Change Model for Individual development

Certified Change Management Expert CCME


No Pre requisite is needed. Any one curious to learn leadership and Management skills can take this course


In current scenario, to remain competitive, organizations must continuously change. Without change, organizations stagnate, become uncompetitive and irrelevant, or go out of business. Change management is the process of taking an organisation from where it is, to where it wants to be.Change is the only way to survive in a turbulent world which is volatile, uncertain, challenging and ambiguous. An organisation needs to change not to respond to the situation of yesterday or today but ideally to respond to the anticipated situation and environment of tomorrow. Change processes can fail simply because the amount of time it takes to plan and implement an effective, comprehensive change process means that the environment to which it is planning to adapt, has itself already changed!One of the main drivers of change is the recognition that the world is volatile and fast moving. A number of senior people need to come together to collaborate, in order to realise a shared goal. The main difference between a group of people and a team of people is having a shared purpose.CHANGE PROGRAMME TEAM – This is a team of leaders, managers, heads of department, technical specialists, project managers and others who are pulled together into a team for the duration of the change process. Each person has their own defined role and responsibility. It is this team that will coordinate all the many different activities so that they work in the right way at the right timeThis course is mainly for leaders who aspires to become change agents, whose role is implement change management and for the managers who work with global and different culture based  employees . IIEEL have done extensive research and compiled very useful content with the support of Expert Program Management contents and have designed below videos for becoming expert in Change Management Models A. Summary of 10 Change Management ModelsB. Stages of Change Management for an Individual C. Detailed Explanation of 10 Change Models as listed below 1. Kotter’s 8-step Change Model2. Lewin’s Change Model aka Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze 3. The PDCA Cycle aka Deming Cycle 4. McKinsey 7S Framework 5. ADKAR Model of Change 6. Nudge Theory 06:15 7. SATIR Change Model 8. Bridges Transition Model 9. The Change Curve 10. Maurer 3 Levels of Resistance Also we have provided a good resource handbook book on How Leaders can implement  Change Management in their companies.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview of 10 Change Management Models

Lecture 2 Stage of Change Model

Section 2: Process Focus Change Management Models

Lecture 3 Kotter’s 8 Step Change Management Model

Lecture 4 Lewin’s 3 Step Change Management Model

Lecture 5 Deming’s 14 Point Change Management Model

Lecture 6 Mckinsey 7S Framework Change Management Model

Section 3: People Focus Change Management Models

Lecture 7 ADKAR Change Management Model

Lecture 8 Nudge Theory Change Management Model

Lecture 9 SATIR Change Management Model

Lecture 10 Bridges Transition Change Management Model

Lecture 11 The Change Curve Change Management Model

Lecture 12 Maurer’s Three Levels of Resistance Change Management Model

Section 4: Additional Resources

Lecture 13 – Handbook of Change Management for Leaders

All MBA Students, Strategic Leaders, Change Management Leaders, CXO’s , Top Management and All global working professionals

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Udemy | English | 2h 5m | 877.84 MB
Created by: International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)

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