Certified Corporate Business Strategy Expert CCBSExpert

Learn 30 plus Business Strategy Execution Framework, Models and Tools to achieve your Growth & Goals of the Organization
Certified Corporate Business Strategy Expert CCBSExpert
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International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)


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Certified Corporate Business Strategy Expert CCBSExpert

What you’ll learn

What is Strategy and 5P’s of Strategy
30+ Key Strategic Framework +Models for effective execution
Strategic Planning Management tools useful for various scenario’s
Become Global expert in Strategy tools and to work for any organization

Certified Corporate Business Strategy Expert CCBSExpert


No Pre requistes. Any one curious to learn about Strategy and the models can take up this course
MBA Graduates will get benefited more directly


What is Strategy ? Strategy is defined as “the determination of the basic long-term goals of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals.” Strategies are established to set direction, focus effort, define or clarify the organization, and provide consistency or guidance in response to the environment.What is Strategic Management?Strategic management involves the related concepts of strategic planning and strategic thinking. Strategic planning is analytical in nature and refers to formalized procedures to produce the data and analyses used as inputs for strategic thinking, which synthesizes the data resulting in the strategy. Strategic planning may also refer to control mechanisms used to implement the strategy once it is determined. In other words, strategic planning happens around the strategic thinking or strategy making activity. Strategic management is often described as involving two major processes: formulation and implementation of strategy, For this to happen Strategic framework and execution models have evolved over a period of time.  What is a Strategic Planning Model?It’s easy to define what a strategic planning model is because the definition is embedded in its name! A strategic planning model is how an organization takes its strategy and creates a plan to implement it to improve operations and better meet their goals. Strategic planning models are designed to help organizations develop an action plan to achieve their goals.IIEEL have done extensive research and created this module which is covering all top 30+ strategic models that will be very useful for business leaders. 1. What is Strategy ?2. 5P’s of Strategies3. How to Create Business Strategy 4. The Balanced scorecard5. Hoshin Kanri Planning and X Matrix 6. How to do Gap-Opportunity Analysis7. Boston-BCG Matrix8. The Ansoff Matrix9. The Kano Model9. TOWS Analysis11. VRIO Analysis12. Mckinsey Matrix and Model13. Business Model Canvas14. CAGE Distance framework15. Contingency Planning16. Force Field Analysis 17. Competitive Analysis18. Horizontal and Vertical Integration19. PESTLE analysis20. Porter’s Diamond Model21. Porter’s Five Forces22. Porter’s Generic Strategies23. SOAR Analysis24. DRIP Model25. The Eisenhower House26. The OODA loop27. The Krajlic Matrix28. Negotiation Matrix29. Internal Rate of Return30. Break Even Analysis31. Net Present Value


Section 1: Introduction to Strategy

Lecture 1 What is Strategy ?

Lecture 2 5P’s of Strategy

Section 2: Business Goal Setting Strategic Tools

Lecture 3 Balanced Scorecard tool

Lecture 4 Hoshin Planning and X Matrix tool

Lecture 5 Gap or Opportunity Analysis tools

Section 3: Key Business Strategic Tools

Lecture 6 How to create a Business Strategy ?

Lecture 7 Boston- BCG Matrix

Lecture 8 The Ansoff Matrix

Lecture 9 The Kano Model

Lecture 10 TOWS Analysis

Lecture 11 VRIO Analysis

Lecture 12 GE-Mckinsey Matrix and Model

Lecture 13 Business Model Canvas

Lecture 14 CAGE distance framework

Lecture 15 Contingency Planning

Lecture 16 Kurl Levin -Force Field Analysis

Lecture 17 Competitive Analysis

Lecture 18 Horizontal- Vertical Integration

Lecture 19 PESTLE Analysis

Lecture 20 Porter’s Diamond Model

Lecture 21 Porter’s Five Forces

Lecture 22 Porters Generic Strategies

Lecture 23 SOAR Analysis

Lecture 24 DRIP Model

Lecture 25 Eishenhower Matrix

Lecture 26 OODA Loop

Section 4: Supply Chain and Finance Strategic Tools

Lecture 27 Krajlic Matrix

Lecture 28 Negotiation Matrix

Lecture 29 Internal Rate of Return

Lecture 30 Break Even Analysis

Lecture 31 Net Present Value

Any Graduate who is working in a organization,For all MBA Students,Corporate Strategy Planning Professionals, HR Professionals, Operational Excellence Professionals

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Created by: International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)

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