Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training

CQIA Exam Preparation Course | Quality Management Foundation Course | Quality 101 | New to Quality?
Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training
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Sandeep Kumar, ­ Quality Gurus Inc.


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Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training

What you’ll learn

Successfully pass the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) exam on the first attempt (confidently).
Implement proven quality management and quality improvement principles in your work areas.
This course will provide you with the foundational quality improvement tools needed to be a part of an improvement project.
Build a strong foundation for your successful Quality Management career

Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training


This course is people who are new to the field of Quality Management. No prior knowledge or experience is expected to take this course.


You can use this course for three purposes:1. Passing the CQIA certification exam. The course contains more than 100 practice questions.2. This is also an in-depth Quality 101 course. If you are starting your career in the field of quality, then this is the course for you to advance in your profession.3. Any member of an improvement team who wants to understand basic quality principles and support an improvement initiative.1. CQIA CERTIFICATION EXAM PREPARATION:This course is fully aligned with the updated Body of Knowledge.Sections:Section I        Quality Basics       Section II       Team Basics Section III      Continuous Improvement Techniques Section IV      Supplier RelationshipSection V       Customer Relationship2. QUALITY 101: FOUNDATIONAL QUALITY COURSE TO IMPROVE AN ORGANIZATION’S PERFORMANCE:Training your entry-level quality assurance, inspection and quality management team members to understand the basics of quality principles and apply best practices in their work areas.No need to pay $1000 to $3000 per person.  No need to send your people 3 to 5 days off from the work.Certificate of Completion provided.Download pdf study notes.Note: We are not a representative of ASQ®, IASSC® or any other certification organization.ASQ® is the registered trademark of the American Society for Quality.IASSC® is the registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification.We are an independent training provider. We are neither associated nor affiliated with the certification organization(s) mentioned in our courses. The name and title of the certification exam mentioned in this course are the trademarks of the respective certification organization. We mention these names and/or the relevant terminologies only for describing the relevant exam processes and knowledge (i.e. Fair Use).


Section 1: Section 1 – Quality Basics (30 Questions)

Lecture 1 ASQ CQIA Exam – Introduction

Lecture 2 1A1 and 1A2 Quality Plan and Quality Definitions

Lecture 3 1A3 Quality Systems

Lecture 4 1A4 Organizational Culture

Lecture 5 1A4 Change Management

Lecture 6 1A5 Employee Involvement and Empowerment

Lecture 7 1A6 Systems and Processes

Lecture 8 1A7 Variation

Lecture 9 1A8 Standardization

Lecture 10 1B Benefits of Quality

Lecture 11 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Walter Shewhart

Lecture 12 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Edwards Deming Part 1

Lecture 13 1C Deming’s 14 Principles of Management Part 1

Lecture 14 1C Deming’s 14 Principles of Management Part 2

Lecture 15 1C Deming’s 14 Principles of Management Part 3

Lecture 16 1C Deming’s 14 Principles of Management Part 4

Lecture 17 1C Deming’s 14 Principles of Management Part 5

Lecture 18 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Joseph Juran

Lecture 19 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Kaoru Ishikawa

Lecture 20 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Philip Crosby

Lecture 21 1C Foundations of Quality – Quality Guru Armand Feigenbaum

Lecture 22 Download Section 1 Slides

Section 2: Section 2 – Team Basics (16 Questions)

Lecture 23 2A1 Team Purpose

Lecture 24 2A2 Team Types

Lecture 25 2A3 Value of Teams

Lecture 26 2B Team Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 27 2C1 Initiating Teams

Lecture 28 2C2 Selecting Team Members

Lecture 29 2C3 Team Stages

Lecture 30 2C4 Team Conflict – Part 1

Lecture 31 2C4 Team Conflict – Part 2

Lecture 32 2C5 Team Decision Making – Introduction

Lecture 33 2C5 Team Decision Making – Brainstorming

Lecture 34 2C5 Team Decision Making – Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

Lecture 35 2C5 Team Decision Making – Multivoting

Lecture 36 Download Section 2 Slides

Section 3: Section 3 – Continuous Improvement Techniques (40 Questions)

Lecture 37 3A1 Six Sigma concepts and tools

Lecture 38 3A2 Lean concepts and tools – Introduction

Lecture 39 3A2 Lean – Setup Reduction (SUR / SMED)

Lecture 40 3A2 Lean – Kanban and Just-in-time (JIT)

Lecture 41 3A2 Lean – Kaizen

Lecture 42 3A2 Lean – 5S

Lecture 43 3A2 Lean – Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Lecture 44 3A2 Lean – Poka-yoke (Error proofing)

Lecture 45 3A3 Benchmarking

Lecture 46 3A4 Incremental and Breakthrough Improvement

Lecture 47 3B1 and 2 Improvement Techniques – Brainstorming and PDCA Cycle

Lecture 48 3B3 Affinity Diagrams

Lecture 49 3B4 Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

Lecture 50 3B5 Internal Audits

Lecture 51 3C Improvement Tools – Cause and effect diagrams

Lecture 52 3C Flowcharts

Lecture 53 3C Checksheets

Lecture 54 3C Pareto Charts

Lecture 55 3C Scatter Diagrams

Lecture 56 3C Control Charts

Lecture 57 3C Histograms

Lecture 58 3C Decision Trees

Lecture 59 3C Stratification

Lecture 60 3D Root Cause Analysis

Lecture 61 3E Risk Management – Introduction

Lecture 62 3E Risk Management – FMEA Introduction

Lecture 63 3E Risk Management – FMEA Example

Lecture 64 3E Risk Management – FMEA Summary

Lecture 65 3E Risk Management – SWOT Analysis

Lecture 66 Download Section 3 Slides

Section 4: Section 4 – Supplier Relationship (7 Questions)

Lecture 67 4A Supplier Selection

Lecture 68 4B Supplier Relationship

Lecture 69 4C Supplier Performance

Lecture 70 Download Section 4 Slides

Section 5: Section 5 – V. Customer Relationship (7 Questions)

Lecture 71 5A Customer Identification

Lecture 72 5B1 Data Gathering and Use – Part 1

Lecture 73 5B1 Data Gathering and Use – Part 2

Lecture 74 5B2 Complaint Process

Lecture 75 5B3 Customer Needs – QFD Part 1

Lecture 76 5B3 Customer Needs – QFD Part 2

Lecture 77 Download Section 5 Slides

Section 6: Bonus Section

Lecture 78 Bonus Lecture

Individuals attempting the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) exam,Quality Professionals interested in implementing the quality principles to improve their work processes,Professionals (who do not necessarily come from a traditional quality area) needing the basic knowledge of quality tools and their uses for involving in a quality improvement projects

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 33m | 4.37 GB
Created by: Sandeep Kumar, ­ Quality Gurus Inc.

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