Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training

Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Exam Preparation Course – Supply Chain, MM, Procurement Quality Expert
Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training
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Sandeep Kumar, ­ Quality Gurus Inc.


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Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training

What you’ll learn

Successfully pass the Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) exam in the first attempt
This course is fully aligned with the Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Body of Knowledge provided by most internationally recognized certification bodies.

Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training


Some industry experience is preferred
Basic understanding of the supply chain work processes is preferred


You can use this course for two purposes:1. Passing the Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) certification exam. The course contains more than 50 quizzes containing 300+ questions.Note 1: We only provide the exam preparation online course. This does NOT include the certification exam fee or the books that might be required for the preparation.2. Confidently manage the supplier quality management in your organization.1. CSQP CERTIFICATION EXAM PREPARATION: This course is fully aligned with the updated Body of Knowledge.I. Supplier Strategy (22 Questions) II. Risk Management(14 Questions) III. Supplier Selection and Part Qualification (30 Questions) IV. Supplier Performance Monitoring and Improvement (30 Questions) V. Supplier Quality Management (30 Questions) VI. Relationship Management (14 Questions) VII. Business Governance, Ethics and Compliance (10 Questions)2. LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTING SUPPLIER QUALITY MANAGEMENT TO IMPROVE THE ORGANIZATION’S PERFORMANCE:Training your supplier quality management team members to implement an effective supplier quality management system in the organization.- No need to pay $1000 to $3000 per person. – No need to send your people 3 to 5 days off from the work.- Certificate of Completion provided.- Download pdf study notes. Note: We are not a representative of ASQ®, IASSC® or any other certification organization. ASQ® is the registered trademark of the American Society for Quality. IASSC® is the registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. We are an independent training provider. We are neither associated nor affiliated with the certification organization(s) mentioned in our courses. The name and title of the certification exam mentioned in this course are the trademarks of the respective certification organization. We mention these names and/or the relevant terminologies only for describing the relevant exam processes and knowledge (i.e. Fair Use).


Section 1: 1 Supplier Strategy

Lecture 1 0 Introduction to CSQP

Lecture 2 0b Overview of CSQP Seven Sections

Lecture 3 1A-a Vision vs Mission

Lecture 4 1A-b Why Vision and Mission?

Lecture 5 1A-c Strategy

Lecture 6 1A-d Strategic Planning

Lecture 7 1A-e Strategic vs Tactical Planning

Lecture 8 1B1-a Supplier Issues

Lecture 9 1B1-b Supplier Lifecycle Management

Lecture 10 1B1-c Supplier Selection

Lecture 11 1B1-d Steps in Supplier Selection – Part 1

Lecture 12 1B1-e Steps in Supplier Selection – Part 2

Lecture 13 1B1-f SIPOC

Lecture 14 1B2-a Performance Monitoring

Lecture 15 1B2-b Performance Improvement

Lecture 16 1B3 Supplier Classification System

Lecture 17 1B4 Partnership and Alliance

Lecture 18 1C1-a Direct vs Indirect Cost

Lecture 19 1C1-b Cost Saving Opportunities

Lecture 20 1C1-c Cost of Poor Quality – Part 1

Lecture 21 1C1-d Cost of Poor Quality – Part 2

Lecture 22 1C1-d Cost of Poor Quality – Part 3

Lecture 23 1C2 Supply Chain Rationalization

Lecture 24 1C3-a Make Buy Decisions

Lecture 25 1C3-b SWOT

Lecture 26 1D-a Types of Contracts

Lecture 27 1D-b Common Contract Terms

Lecture 28 1D-c Quality Considerations

Lecture 29 1E Deployment of Strategy and Expectations

Lecture 30 Download Section 1 Slides

Section 2: 2 Risk Management

Lecture 31 2A1-a Introduction to Risk Management

Lecture 32 2A1-b Five Steps in Risk Management

Lecture 33 2A1-c System Level Strategy

Lecture 34 2A1-d Business Continuity and Contingency

Lecture 35 2A2-a Product Level Strategy

Lecture 36 2A2-b Risk Responses for Negative Risks

Lecture 37 2A3-a Prevention Strategies

Lecture 38 2A3-b Dealing with Counterfeit Material

Lecture 39 2B1-a Identify Risks

Lecture 40 2B1-b Assess and Prioritize Risks

Lecture 41 2B1-c Decision Analysis

Lecture 42 2B1-d FMEA

Lecture 43 2B1-e FTA

Lecture 44 2B1-f Process Audit

Lecture 45 2B2 Mitigation Control

Lecture 46 2B3-a Mitigation Effectiveness Part 1

Lecture 47 2B3-b Mitigation Effectiveness Part 2

Lecture 48 Download Section 2 Slides

Section 3: 3 Supplier Selection and Part Qualification

Lecture 49 Section 3 Overview

Lecture 50 3A1-a Design Focus – Design for X

Lecture 51 3A1-b Design Review Verification Validation

Lecture 52 3A2 Identifying Requirements

Lecture 53 3B1 Supplier Comparison

Lecture 54 3B2-a Potential Suppliers Evaluation

Lecture 55 3B2-b Supplier Audits

Lecture 56 3B2-c Supplier Financial Analysis

Lecture 57 3B2-d Third Party Certification

Lecture 58 3B3 Supplier Selection

Lecture 59 3C1-a Technical Review Topics List

Lecture 60 3C1-b Views – Four Quadrants

Lecture 61 3C1-c First and Third Angle Projections

Lecture 62 3C1-d Drawing Title Block

Lecture 63 3C1-e Types of Lines

Lecture 64 3C1-f Dimensioning Lines

Lecture 65 3C1-g Tolerances

Lecture 66 3C1-h Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Part 1

Lecture 67 3C1-i GD-and-T Part 2 Datum Reference

Lecture 68 3C1-j GD-and-T Part 3 Symbols

Lecture 69 3C2 Supplier Relations

Lecture 70 3C3-a Qualification Planning

Lecture 71 3C3-b Calibration Requirements

Lecture 72 3C3-c Sample Size

Lecture 73 3C3-d First Article Inspection

Lecture 74 3C3-e Measurement System Analysis MSA

Lecture 75 3C3-f Process Flow Diagram PFD

Lecture 76 3C3-g Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA

Lecture 77 3C3-h Control Plan

Lecture 78 3C3-i Critical to Quality CTQ

Lecture 79 3C3-j Inspection Planning

Lecture 80 3C3-k Process Capability Studies – Part 1

Lecture 81 3C3-l Process Capability Studies – Part 2

Lecture 82 3C3-m Last Three Elements

Lecture 83 3C4-a Part Approval Part 1

Lecture 84 3C4-b Part Approval Part 2

Lecture 85 3C4-c Part Approval Part 3

Lecture 86 3C5 Validate Requirements

Lecture 87 Download Section 3 Slides

Section 4: 4 Supplier Performance Monitoring and Improvement

Lecture 88 4A1 Supplier Metrics

Lecture 89 4A2 Supplier Performance

Lecture 90 4A3-a Supplier Process Performance Intro

Lecture 91 4A3-b Lean – 5S

Lecture 92 4A3-c Lean – Kaizen

Lecture 93 4A3-d Lean – Value Stream Mapping VSM

Lecture 94 4A3-e Lean – SMED

Lecture 95 4A3-f Lean – Kanban and Pull

Lecture 96 4A3-g Lean – Muda

Lecture 97 4A3-h Lean – Standard Work

Lecture 98 4A3-i Lean – Takt Time

Lecture 99 4A3-j Lean – Error Proofing

Lecture 100 4B-a Assess Nonconforming Product Process Service

Lecture 101 4B-b Risk Management and Nonconformity

Lecture 102 4C1-a Root Cause Analysis Introduction

Lecture 103 4C1-b Five Whys

Lecture 104 4C1-c Brainstorming

Lecture 105 4C1-d Production Records

Lecture 106 4C1-e Review of Process flow

Lecture 107 4C1-f Check Sheets

Lecture 108 4C1-g Cause and Effect Diagram

Lecture 109 4C1-h Pareto Analysis

Lecture 110 4C1-i Fault Tree Analysis and MSA

Lecture 111 4C1-j Design of experiments – Intro

Lecture 112 4C1-k Design of experiments – Definitions

Lecture 113 4C1-l Design of experiments – More Definitions

Lecture 114 4C1-m Design of experiments – Plots

Lecture 115 4C2-a Collaboration with supplier

Lecture 116 4C2-b Correction vs Corrective Action

Lecture 117 4C2-c Preventive Action

Lecture 118 4C2-d Update FMEA and Control Plan

Lecture 119 4C2-e Product and Process Design Change

Lecture 120 4C2-f Statistical Process Control – Intro

Lecture 121 4C2-g Selecting Control Charts

Lecture 122 4C2-h np and p charts

Lecture 123 4C2-i c and u charts

Lecture 124 4C2-j Variable Control Charts

Lecture 125 4C2-k Causes of Variation

Lecture 126 4C2-l Nelson Rules for Control Charts

Lecture 127 4C2-m Process Capability Part 1

Lecture 128 4C2-n Process Capability Part 2

Lecture 129 4C2-o Process Capability Part 3

Lecture 130 Download Section 4 Slides

Section 5: 5 Supplier Quality Management

Lecture 131 5A1-a Section 5 Introduction

Lecture 132 5A1-b Audit Definitions

Lecture 133 5A1-c Types of Audits

Lecture 134 5A1-d Audit Participants

Lecture 135 5A1-e Audit Purpose Scope and Criteria

Lecture 136 5A1-f Audit Plan

Lecture 137 5A1-g Auditing Strategies

Lecture 138 5A1-h Activities Prior to the Site Visit

Lecture 139 5A1-i Audit Opening Meeting

Lecture 140 5A1-j Interviews and Data Collection

Lecture 141 5A1-k Consolidating Audit Findings

Lecture 142 5A1-l Audit Closing Meeting

Lecture 143 5A2-a Effective Audit Reporting

Lecture 144 5A2-b Nonconformities Classification

Lecture 145 5A2-c Corrective and Preventive Actions

Lecture 146 5A2-d Audit Followup and Closure

Lecture 147 5A3 Supplier Communication

Lecture 148 5A4-a Supplier Development and Remediation

Lecture 149 5A4-b Benchmarking

Lecture 150 5A4-c DMAIC

Lecture 151 5A4-d Takt Time and Cycle Time

Lecture 152 5A4-e Cycle Time Reduction Part 1

Lecture 153 5A4-f Cycle Time Reduction Part 2

Lecture 154 5A4-g Cost of Quality

Lecture 155 5A5-a Project Management Basics

Lecture 156 5A5-b WBS

Lecture 157 5A5-c Gantt Chart

Lecture 158 5A5-d Critical Path Method CPM

Lecture 159 5A5-e Project Tools – PERT

Lecture 160 5B1-a Types of teams

Lecture 161 5B1-b Team stages and dynamics

Lecture 162 5B2 Team Roles

Lecture 163 5B3-a Team Performance and Evaluation

Lecture 164 5B3-b Training Effectiveness and Evaluation

Lecture 165 5C-a Compliance with Requirement – RoHS

Lecture 166 5C-b Compliance with Requirement – Regulations

Lecture 167 5C-c Compliance with Requirement – Contract

Lecture 168 Download Section 5 Slides

Section 6: 6 Relationship Management

Lecture 169 6A Supplier Onboarding

Lecture 170 6B1-a Communication Techniques

Lecture 171 6B1-b Four Communication Styles

Lecture 172 6B1-c Conflict Management

Lecture 173 6B1-d Communication in Multicultural Environment

Lecture 174 6B2-a Reporting Using Quality Tools

Lecture 175 6B2-b Basic Quality Tools – Pareto Chart

Lecture 176 6B2-c Basic Quality Tools – Cause Effect

Lecture 177 6B2-d Basic Quality Tools – Flow Charts

Lecture 178 6B2-e Basic Quality Tools – SPC

Lecture 179 6B2-f Basic Quality Tools – Check Sheet

Lecture 180 6B2-g Basic Quality Tools – Scatter Diagram

Lecture 181 6B2-h Basic Quality Tools – Histogram

Lecture 182 6C-a Coaching and Influencing without Authority

Lecture 183 6C-b Negotiation

Lecture 184 6C-c Roles and Responsibilities RACI

Lecture 185 Download Section 6 Slides

Section 7: 7 Business Governance, Ethics and Compliance

Lecture 186 7A ASQ Code of Ethics

Lecture 187 7B Compliance

Lecture 188 7C1 Organizational Policies

Lecture 189 7C2 Intellectual Property

Lecture 190 7C3 Illegal Activity

Lecture 191 Download Section 7 Slides

Section 8: Bonus Section


Individuals attempting the Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) exam,Individuals interested in managing and improving supplier quality performance,Quality Managers and Directors,Supplier Quality Managers,Other Quality Professionals interested in expanding their role to include supplier quality

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Udemy | English | 18h 48m | 8.00 GB
Created by: Sandeep Kumar, ­ Quality Gurus Inc.

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