Character Art School Complete Character Drawing

Learn How to Draw Characters Professionally, in the Ultimate Drawing Course – For Games, Manga, Animation and Comics
Character Art School Complete Character Drawing
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Scott Harris • 450,000+ Enrolments


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Character Art School Complete Character Drawing

What you’ll learn

How to Draw Characters Well
How to Draw Out of Your Head Fast
How to Draw in 3D
How to Draw Faces, Bodies and Hands
How to Draw Professionally
How to Draw Characters for Games, Films, Animation, Manga, Comics and More
Draw with Pencils and Paper OR Digital Art Tools
Utilize the included 7GB of Free Art Resources

Character Art School Complete Character Drawing


Paper and Pencils or Digital Tools
Motivation to Learn!
A Desire to Draw Professionally
A love of Characters!


Are you here to learn to draw characters professionally? Struggling with other courses where the instructors drone on and on? Do you need someone to teach you discipline, commitment and how to reach your art goals? You’ve come to the right place. Enrol now, or read on to discover why this is absolutely the course for you.What exactly is Character Art School?Character Art School is a character drawing course where you learn how to draw professional characters in any style for books, games, animation, manga, comics and more. I’ve hand-crafted the The Complete Character Drawing course to be the only course you really need to learn all the core fundamentals, and advanced techniques to drawing and sketching characters well. If you’re an absolute beginner or you’re already at an intermediate level, the course will advance your current drawing ability to a professional level. The course is a comprehensive 10 module guided video course, where the only limit to your progression is your determination and engagement in the rewarding assignments.Whether you want to draw characters, design characters, create concept art characters for films and games, illustrations, comics, manga, Disney style or other styles, this is the course you need to get you there.I’ll teach you to draw characters without fear, and I’ll teach you to draw characters well – that’s my promise to you!Finally, Learn Character Drawing WellWhether you’re a complete beginner, or intermediate at character drawing, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. Seriously. Inspired by masters and built on the theory of giants, Character Art School is one of, if not the most comprehensive character drawing course out there. I’m so convinced of this, I’ll give you a no-questions asked refund if you’re not satisfied.Clear, Easy to Understand Lessons (Scott’s No Fluff Promise!)Crystal clear in fact. Learning character drawing and how to draw people effectively means having information presented in a logical and coherent way. The Character Art School Course is modular by design, easy to grasp, and allows you to learn in a well paced, structured way. Engage in the course chronologically, then revise each module at your leisure. Grasp concepts, such as how to draw lips, eyes, faces, and more, faster than you ever have before – there’s no fluff here.Assignments that are RewardingBridging the gap between theory and practice, each module’s assignments have been designed to both reinforce theory, and feel rewarding. I’ve taken the core of the theory, and purpose built each assignment to help you rapidly progress, and you’ll see the difference in your own work almost immediately. Art is about doing, so let’s get started- let’s draw something awesome!What’s Your Style?Whether you want to learn Character Drawing to draw for games, comics, cartoons, manga, animation and more, this course has you covered. I’m not teaching you a ‘method’ or a ‘way’ to draw, I’m teaching you to be fundamentally good at drawing characters, whether you prefer traditional pencil drawing or you like to draw digitally.What are Students Saying about this 5-Star Course?”Probably the best art course I’ve ever taken — online or in college. Wonderfully presented, it helped me correct mistakes I’d been making that were really holding my artwork back. I’ve seen phenomenal progress after 30 days practice of the course material. Highly recommended.” Dan Rahmel”Just a perfect 5 stars rating. It’s really complete and filled with advice, theories and concrete examples. As he said, it’s probably the last character drawing course you’ll take. It’s all I wanted. Thank you so much Scott Harris!” Mario”Amazing course. I haven’t even started drawing yet because I’m in awe of how simple the instructor makes even the most complicated techniques look. At last, drawing like a pro is within my grasp! I also like the fact that the instructor allows me to just watch the first time through without worrying about drawing until I’m familiar with the concepts. My next time through the course, I’ll be prepared and more confident than ever to begin drawing. Even so, I’ve already used some of the concepts in this course for a sketch here and there when I feel inspired to draw, and I can tell worlds of difference between my former drawings and newer ones. Laid back instructor, but very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course.”Eric BeatyOne Last Thing!The sad reality is that other course creators are copying my content and work – that said, I want you to know that NOBODY will teach you like me. Take my course, do the first 6 modules, and if you aren’t insanely hyped about everything I’ve taught you – get a free 30 day refund. Oh, and read some of the 5 star reviews below!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Updates, Resources and Community

Section 2: Module 1: Intro to Art Fundamentals

Lecture 3 Always Remember This One Thing

Lecture 4 Let’s Get Messy

Lecture 5 The Basic Structure of Art and Drawing

Lecture 6 Breaking Down the Structure

Lecture 7 See like An Artist

Lecture 8 Skill vs. Emotion in Drawing

Lecture 9 The Importance of Story in Drawing

Lecture 10 Drawing with Believability and Drawing with Realism

Lecture 11 Maturity As An Artist

Lecture 12 Drawing Art Studies vs Drawing Art Creation

Lecture 13 Drawing Imaginative Art

Lecture 14 Module 1 Summary

Lecture 15 Module 1 Assignments

Section 3: Module 2: Drawing Fundamentals

Lecture 16 Drawing Warmup and Penmanship

Lecture 17 Drawing in 3D

Lecture 18 Dynamic Drawing

Lecture 19 Showing Depth in your Drawings

Lecture 20 Asymmetry in Drawing

Lecture 21 Drawing Line Weights

Lecture 22 Drawing Thinly and Lightly

Lecture 23 The Importance of Drawing Fast

Lecture 24 Two Stage Drawing Workflow

Lecture 25 What is Drawing Style?

Lecture 26 How to Use References when Drawing

Lecture 27 Developing Your Visual library for your Drawings

Lecture 28 Drawing Theory Stacking

Lecture 29 Module 2 Assignments

Section 4: Module 3: Character Forms and Proportions

Lecture 30 Introduction to Module 3

Lecture 31 Drawing the Proportions of the Body

Lecture 32 Drawing the Head – Drawing Head Proportions

Lecture 33 Drawing the Head Proportions – Side View

Lecture 34 Drawing Hands – Drawing the Hand Proportions

Lecture 35 Dynamism in the Form

Lecture 36 Drawing the Head and Neck Forms

Lecture 37 Drawing the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis Forms

Lecture 38 Drawing the Arms and Legs Forms

Lecture 39 Drawing the Hands Forms

Lecture 40 Drawing the Forms of the Feet

Lecture 41 Drawing the Forms of the Breasts

Lecture 42 DEMO Putting the Forms Together

Lecture 43 Drawing the Eyes | How to Draw Eyes

Lecture 44 Drawing the Ears | How to Draw Ears

Lecture 45 Drawing the Nose | How to Draw the Nose

Lecture 46 Drawing the Mouth and Lips

Lecture 47 DEMO Facial Features

Lecture 48 Let’s Talk About Anatomy

Lecture 49 Module 3 Assignments

Lecture 50 Module 3 Anatomy Study Plan

Lecture 51 Anatomy Study Resources

Section 5: Module 4: Gesture Drawing Foundations

Lecture 52 What is Gesture? Gesture Drawing Fundamentals

Lecture 53 Gesture’s Core Foundation

Lecture 54 Drawing Action in the Form

Lecture 55 Important Drawing Lines

Lecture 56 Drawing Axis and Assymetry

Lecture 57 Basic Gesture Drawing

Lecture 58 Intermediate Gesture Drawing

Lecture 59 Advanced Gesture Drawing

Lecture 60 Drawing Life Gestures

Lecture 61 How to: Gesture Drawing Exercises

Lecture 62 Module 4 Assignments

Section 6: Module 5: Character Drawing Workflows

Lecture 63 Drawing Workflow 1: Two Stage Workflow

Lecture 64 Drawing Workflow 2: Multi-Stage Workflow

Lecture 65 DEMO Multi-Stage Drawing Workflow

Lecture 66 DEMO Realtime Drawing Workflow

Lecture 67 Finding Your Ideal Drawing Workflow

Lecture 68 Module 5 Assignments

Section 7: Module 6: Character Composition and Design

Lecture 69 Module 6 Introduction

Lecture 70 The Center of Gravity when Drawing Characters

Lecture 71 Asymmetry in Character Drawing

Lecture 72 Squash and Stretch – Animation Concepts for Drawing

Lecture 73 Drawing Action and Re-action

Lecture 74 Gender and Age Differences when Drawing Characters

Lecture 75 Character Drawing and Character Design Essentials

Lecture 76 Focal Points when Drawing Characters

Lecture 77 Drawing Unique Characters

Lecture 78 Utilising Symbolism when Drawing Characters

Lecture 79 Silhouette Value for Character Drawing

Lecture 80 The Three Core Elements of Character Design

Lecture 81 The 5 Core Elements of Drawing Good Character Compositions

Lecture 82 Using All of Your Drawing Knowledge

Lecture 83 Module 6 Assignments

Section 8: Module 7: Facial Expression and Emotion

Lecture 84 Dynamics of the Face for Drawing

Lecture 85 Keys to Expressing with the Eyes | Drawing Expressive Eyes

Lecture 86 Keys to Expressing with the Eyebrows | Drawing Expressive Eyebrows

Lecture 87 Keys to Expressing with the Mouth | Drawing Expressive Mouths

Lecture 88 DEMO Drawing Facial Expressions and Drawing Emotions

Lecture 89 Module 7 Assignments

Section 9: Module 8: Hair and Cloth Dynamics

Lecture 90 Fundamentals of Drawing Hair

Lecture 91 Basic Components of Drawing Hair

Lecture 92 Drawing Basic Hair Shapes

Lecture 93 DEMO Drawing Hair and Hairstyles

Lecture 94 Drawing Clothing with Cloth Dynamics

Lecture 95 Module 8 Assignments

Section 10: Module 9: Character Post-Production

Lecture 96 Creating Clean Lines and Line Art for Finishing Drawings

Lecture 97 Creating Rough Clean Lines and Line Art for Finishing Drawings

Lecture 98 Character Page Composition when Drawing Characters

Lecture 99 Final Assignment

Section 11: Module 10: Comprehensive Character Demos

Lecture 100 Intro to Character Drawing Demos

Lecture 101 DEMO Carmi Commentary and Drawing Timelapse

Lecture 102 DEMO Carmi Full Demo Drawing

Lecture 103 DEMO ChronoViper Commentary and Drawing Timelapse

Lecture 104 DEMO ChronoViper Full Drawing Demo

Lecture 105 DEMO Roderick Commentary and Drawing Timelapse

Lecture 106 DEMO Roderick Real-time Drawing Demo

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 107 Conclusion to the Character Drawing Course

Section 13: Add-on Demos

Lecture 108 DEMO Asuka Full Drawing

Lecture 109 DEMO XGirl Full Drawing

Section 14: Additional Content

Lecture 110 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Lecture 111 Photoshop Brushpack Download

Lecture 112 Procreate Brushpack Download

Lecture 113 Clip Studio Paint Brushpack Download

Lecture 114 Paint Tool Sai Brush Settings

Lecture 115 Kenji Basic Workflow Example

Anyone who wants to learn to draw characters well, in any style,Individuals who love character art, from Video Game Art, to Animation, Comics, Manga and more,Absolute beginners to advanced students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 26h 36m | 14.21 GB
Created by: Scott Harris • 450,000+ Enrolments

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