Chat GPT Midjourney Personal Digital Marketing Assistants

Ultimate Chat GPT & MJ course for digital marketers. Gain a good grasp of AI to delegate your marketing activities.
Chat GPT Midjourney Personal Digital Marketing Assistants
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Chat GPT Midjourney Personal Digital Marketing Assistants

What you’ll learn

How to recognize the role of Chat GPT in digital marketing
How to identify the functions of Chat GPT that can be used for improving digital marketing strategy
How to optimize daily marketing routine with the help of Chat GPT
How to generate content using Chat GPT
How to automate SMM tasks by implementing Chat GPT
How to apply Chat GPT for email marketing
How to use Chat GPT for better SEO
How to simplify studying processes with the help of Chat GPT

Chat GPT Midjourney Personal Digital Marketing Assistants


Basic knowledge of digital marketing is desirable, but not required
Your wish to keep up with the trends and understand how AI can help you in marketing


Stay ahead of the curve and use artificial intelligence to gain your competitive advantage!Whether you are a beginning digital marketer or an experienced one, I’m sure you already know that this job is all about juggling dozens of various duties at the same time. Digital marketers are often responsible for managing multiple tasks including SEO, SMM, content creation, and email marketing, and even more often are struggling to do it all effectively. Luckily, by incorporating such tools as Chat GPT or Midjourney, marketers can automate many processes and simplify their work.Chat GPT & OpenAI is an artificial intelligence tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and generate human-like responses to user inputs. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, customer service interactions, and, of course, marketing automation. This technology is constantly evolving so the sooner you, as a marketer, start implementing it into your workflow, the more benefits you can make.Midjourney AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence specializing in sophisticated natural language processing and computer vision technology. This technology can help you generate amazing visuals for your marketing purposes.This Chat GPT/Midjourney course provides more than four hours of lectures and explains how to use AI-powered tools for digital marketing activities. You will learn how to simplify your work process with AI and streamline your efforts to achieve better results.IN OUR COMPLETE TRAINING, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO:Turn Chat GPT into a valuable digital marketing tool. Explore how Chat GPT enhances digital marketing (for content creation, social media, email marketing, SEO, PPC, customer support, analysis, and overall marketing strategy).Get the most out of Chat GPT for your content marketing.Learn how to create a content strategy, find relevant hashtags, optimize text, and much more.Use Chat GPT for social media marketing: generating ideas for social media posts, blog articles, and other sorts of materials, creating engaging and relevant social media posts, personalizing your marketing, improving customer service, generating captivating and contextually relevant captions for images, and more.Create an effective SEO strategy using Chat GPT.Learn how to generate a meta title and meta description, do keyword research, and create an effective SEO strategy with the help of Chat GPT.Automate a lot of basic SEO and SMM processes.Save valuable time by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on more critical aspects of your marketing campaigns using Chat GPT.Personalize your online communication.Learn how to get the most out of Chat GPT for email marketing and create personalized messages that drive more leads to your business.Master PPC campaigns with Chat GPT.From campaign creation to building an audience persona and negative keyword strategies, you’ll be equipped with the skills to optimize your PPC efforts.Utilize Chat GPT for different types of analysis. Uncover how Chat GPT can assist you in analytical tasks, making data-driven decisions more accessible and more efficient.Enhance customer support. Increase the level of your customer support using Chat GPT, providing quick and accurate responses to your clients.Simplify work processes.Streamline working processes, making them more accessible and efficient.11.    Get the knowledge and practical skills needed to leverage Midjourney AI:Gain a comprehensive understanding of Midjourney AI, its capabilities, and its significance in the digital marketing landscape.Learn how to effectively use Midjourney to generate high-quality and visually appealing images for their marketing campaigns.Integrate Midjourney-generated images seamlessly into your marketing strategies, enhancing the visual appeal of their content.Discover creative techniques and strategies for crafting compelling visuals that resonate with your target audience.12.    Uncover the Depths of AI:Differentiate between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.Craft compelling prompts for Chat GPT.Implement practical strategies and tactics for digital marketers with AI.Navigate AI solutions within restricted niches effectively.13. Explore a curated list of 23 TOP AI tools:Access an extensive list of 23 AI-powered tools to elevate your digital marketing game.Discover tools for SEO, content generation, analytics, and more to streamline your campaigns.This online training covers everything you need to know about Chat GPT’s and Midjourney capabilities and how to integrate them into your digital marketing strategies. You’ll gain a deep understanding of its features and learn practical tips and techniques from industry experts.YOU’LL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN HOW TO USE CHAT GPT AND MIDJOURNEY IN MARKETING FROM TOP DIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONALS:We have over 15 years of experience in online marketing. Our Webpromo Agency has both Google Premier Partner status and Facebook Marketing Partner status.I’ve personally collected a vast amount of digital marketing qualifications and marketing certifications (Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads360 Certified, and others).We’ve launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and campaigns throughout our careers.Over 500,000 digital marketing specialists worldwide have enrolled in our online courses. Our free online events, blog, and YouTube tutorials help the SkillsBooster community stay in the loop and get all the tips they need to succeed in digital marketing.OUR TRAINING INCLUDES:● Practice: 4+ hour of lectures with plenty of hands-on examples. Lessons range from 3 to 11 minutes and are easy to follow.● Lifetime access to the course and its future updates.● 24/7 Support: If you have questions, I will always be willing to answer them.● Complete the course and receive an Udemy certificate.SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED?This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.Are you ready to step up your digital marketing game? Enroll in our course today to learn how AI can be your personal marketing assistant!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Chat GPT

Lecture 2 How to Study on Udemy Effectively

Lecture 3 How to Utilize Chat GPT in Digital Marketing

Section 2: How to Work With Chat GPT

Lecture 4 Tips for Working With Chat GPT

Lecture 5 The Key Difference Between Chat GPT-3 and Chat GPT-4

Lecture 6 FAQs About Chat GPT

Section 3: Key Tips for Search Engine Optimization Using Chat GPT

Lecture 7 Chat GPT as a Tool for SEO

Lecture 8 Generating SEO Meta Title with Chat GPT

Lecture 9 Meta Description Creation with Chat GPT

Lecture 10 How to Do Keyword Research Using Chat GPT

Lecture 11 Find Keyword Research Tools with Chat GPT

Lecture 12 Creating Optimized Content with Chat GPT

Lecture 13 Chat GPT and SEO Strategy Creation

Lecture 14 Chat GPT and Competitors Monitoring

Lecture 15 The Threats of Using Chat GPT for SEO

Section 4: Chat GPT and Google Ads: Tips for Effective Utilization

Lecture 16 Using Chat GPT for PPC Campaigns

Lecture 17 Chat GPT Tool and PPC Campaign Creation

Lecture 18 How to Write Ad Copy Using Chat GPT

Lecture 19 Text Paraphrasing with Chat GPT Tool

Lecture 20 How to Use Chat GPT for Negative Keywords Creation

Lecture 21 Building an Audience Persona with Chat GPT

Lecture 22 Finding Customers Pain Points with a Chat GPT Assistance

Lecture 23 Landing Page Creation with Chat GPT

Lecture 24 Create a Call-To-Action by Using Chat GPT

Lecture 25 Chat GPT and Ad Performance Analyzing

Lecture 26 A/B Testing For PPC by Using Chat GPT

Section 5: The Analysis Process with Chat GPT

Lecture 27 Leveraging Chat GPT for Digital Marketing Analysis

Lecture 28 SWOT Analysis and Chat GPT

Lecture 29 Chat GPT as a Tool for S.M.A.R.T. Goal Creation

Section 6: How to use Chat GPT for SMM

Lecture 30 How to Use Chat GPT for SMM in Digital Marketing

Lecture 31 Goal-Oriented Campaigns Creation for SMM with Chat GPT

Lecture 32 Content Calendar Creation Using Chat GPT

Lecture 33 How is it Possible to Transform Your Text with Chat GPT?

Lecture 34 Video Content Creation with Chat GPT Assistance

Lecture 35 FAQ List Creation for an Effective SMM Campaign

Lecture 36 Chat GPT Tips in Caption Generations

Lecture 37 How Can You Use Chat GPT to Respond to Comments on Social Media?

Lecture 38 Find Influencers in Your Sphere with Chat GPT

Lecture 39 Tips on How Chat GPT Can Help You Promote Your Product

Section 7: Content Marketing and Chat GPT: Hashtags Generating, Product Promotion, and more

Lecture 40 How to Use Chat GPT as a Content Marketer

Lecture 41 Content Strategy Creation with Chat GPT

Lecture 42 Chat GPT and Relevant Hashtag Generating

Lecture 43 How to Use Chat GPT to Find Content Marketing Instruments

Lecture 44 Quiz Creation with Chat GPT

Lecture 45 Visual Infographic and Chat GPT

Lecture 46 Using Chat GPT for Emotion Recognition in Comments

Lecture 47 Preparing Interview Questions with Chat GPT

Lecture 48 Optimize Large Text Reading with Chat GPT

Lecture 49 Text Analysis and Chat GPT

Section 8: Email Marketing with Chat GPT

Lecture 50 How to Successfully Use Chat GPT for Email Marketing

Lecture 51 Organize Your Email Easier with Chat GPT

Lecture 52 Simple Tips on Editing Email Using Chat GPT

Lecture 53 Leveraging Chat GPT for Customer Response Management

Lecture 54 Using Chat GPT for Polls and Ratings Creation

Lecture 55 Email for Smartphone Format with Chat GPT

Lecture 56 Outreach Email/Follow Up Creation by Using Chat GPT

Lecture 57 A/B Testing with Chat GPT

Lecture 58 Automate Your Email Workflow with Chat GPT

Section 9: Using Chat GPT to Effectively Communicate With Сlients

Lecture 59 Effective Customer Service Using Chat GPT

Lecture 60 Chat GPT and Call Draft Preparation

Lecture 61 Customer Follow-up Writing Using Chat GPT

Lecture 62 Customer Survey Generation Using Chat GPT

Lecture 63 Feedback Analysis Via Chat GPT

Lecture 64 How to Build Knowledge Base with AI

Lecture 65 Chat GPT Suggestions to Provide Better Customer Support

Section 10: How to work with Midjourney

Lecture 66 Introduction to Image Generation

Lecture 67 The Role of Text Prompts

Lecture 68 Generating Images with Midjourney A

Lecture 69 Factors Influencing Image Generation

Lecture 70 Setting Up Your Midjourney AI Account and Workspace. Part 1

Lecture 71 Setting Up Your Midjourney AI Account and Workspace. Part 2

Lecture 72 Midjourney AI User Interface : Discord Setup.

Lecture 73 Techniques for Formulating Prompts

Lecture 74 Midjourney Fast and Relax Modes

Lecture 75 Understanding Remix Mode

Section 11: Q&A

Lecture 76 Difference Between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4

Lecture 77 Favorite Prompt for Chat GPT

Lecture 78 Strategies and Tactics for Digital Marketer

Lecture 79 How to Work with GPT in Restricted Niches

Section 12: Useful AI Tools for Digital Marketer

Lecture 80 Top 23 AI Tools for Digital Marketers

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 81 Conclusion

Lecture 82 How to Leave a Review for the Course

Lecture 83 How to Get a Certificate

Section 14: BONUS

Lecture 84 Bonus Lecture

Beginning marketing specialists who want to learn how to implement Chat GPT but lack knowledge or experience in some spheres,Digital marketing specialists who are willing to optimize and automate their work process with the help of Chat GPT,Business owners who deal with the company’s promotion on their own and want to keep up with the latest trends

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 46m | 3.79 GB
Created by: Anton Voroniuk

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