ChatGPT Complete Course ChatGPT BeginnerExpert ChatGPT

Master All Aspects Of ChatGPT. Dramatic Productivity With ChatGPT AI. Work ChatGPT. Soft/Hard Skills Chat GPT. ChatGPT
ChatGPT Complete Course ChatGPT BeginnerExpert ChatGPT
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Steve Ballinger, MBA


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ChatGPT Complete Course ChatGPT BeginnerExpert ChatGPT

What you’ll learn

Using ChatGPT To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity. Hot Tips That Many Are Not Aware Of.
Learn All Aspects Of ChatGPT In One Flagship Course With Frequent Updates.
Leverage Leading Udemy & ChatGPT Instructor Knowledge. Instructor has Over 467,000 Students.
Using ChatGPT To Improve Your Writing Skills & Shorten Writing Time.
Use ChatGPT To Educate Yourself In Soft Skills & Hard Skills. Virtually No Limit.
Surprising Areas Like Code Debugging, Translation, & Summarizing Long Documents You Need To Read.
Demo Of Many Ways You Can Use ChatGPT At Work Plus Some Personal Ways You Can Use It As Well.

ChatGPT Complete Course ChatGPT BeginnerExpert ChatGPT


No prerequisites as ChatGPT is a free tool anyone can access and use immediately.


The most complete course on ChatGPT. Learn super fast and all lessons are short and too the point. Are you ready to revolutionize the way you work with ChatGPT AI (Artificial Intelligence). The course is demo focused so you can see how you can use ChatGPT in action quickly. You will get the most out of ChatGPT and be exposed to new areas of Chat GPT as well. What students are saying:”This was the perfect course to get me started and to get ideas on now only how to use ChatGPT, but how to get a little creative with the prompts.” -Elaine V”I have already been introduced to ChatGPT but I have learned so much in the first few videos that I didn’t even know!” -Shaista R”Lot’s of useful examples in the course. I must admit that besides learning this was also a bit of entertainment. Nice job Steve :-)” -Bernd E”The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging and easy to follow.” -Carmen RChatGPT, write me a review of a five star udemy course, highlighting the instructor’s broad coverage of the topic, interesting examples, and clear insight into the emerging topic of AI assistants. -James R”This is a great course to get started with chat, GPT. It’s quick, concise, and very informative. It will get you going in no time.” -Patrick SThis course will teach you everything you need to know to effectively use this powerful language model in your professional life. You will be amazed at what ChatGPT can do for you in your work life and there are examples of using in your personal life as a bonus as well.Some Of What You Will LearnThe ChatGPT InterfaceHot Tips Exclusive To The Course#1 Key To Getting The Most Out Of ChatGPTEmail Writing Faster & Better With ChatGPTReport Writing With ChatGPTFree Vs. Pay Version Of ChatGPT As Instructor Had Advanced Access And Shares All.Presentation Scripting & Writing With Chat GPTSoft Skill Education With ChatGPTTranslation With ChatGPTQuickly Summarize Long Documents With Chat GPTHard Skill & Problem Solving With ChatGPTHow ChatGPT Can Help With Coding & ExcelCopywriting Webpages With ChatGPTSocial Media Marketing With ChatGPTVideo Creation With Other AI & ChatGPTMind Mapping With ChatGPTAsking For A Raise With ChatGPT HelpChatGPT Full-Time Job & Freelance OpportunitiesEvaluate Your Writing Style With ChatGPTInterview Prep With ChatGPT. Have Chat GPT Act As Your Interviewer (Practice)ChatGPT As Work Coach or Life Coach. Dialogue 1-1 With Chat GPTWill ChatGPT Replace Google Search?AI Detector & Paraphrase Tools: Help With Google PenaltiesLimitations Of ChatGPT.Ethical Considerations With Chat GPTCreate Your Marketing Plan With Chat GPTEmail Funnels With Chat GPTWriting Books Fast (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Childrens) With Chat GPTFun Ways You Can Use ChatGPT Like Writing Music, Poetry, and For Gift Ideas….And Much More!The course is designed for professionals of all levels, from beginners to advanced users. We will cover the basics of ChatGPT and how it works, as well as more advanced techniques for maximizing its potential in your work.By the end, you will be a proficient Chat GPT user, able to save time and increase productivity in your daily work.Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your career to the next level with ChatGPT. Enroll now and start revolutionizing the way you work!Many thanks.-Steve Ballinger, Top 1% Udemy Instructor & ChatGPT Enthusiast—————-I asked ChatGPT some questions about itself and here are the answers.What is ChatGPT?I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I use deep learning algorithms to understand natural language and generate responses to questions or prompts. Essentially, I’m a computer program designed to mimic human conversation and provide helpful answers and insights on a wide range of topics.What Are The Benefits Of ChatGPT?There are several benefits of using ChatGPT, including:Availability: ChatGPT is available 24/7, so users can get answers to their questions or engage in conversation at any time of day.Speed: ChatGPT is capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, so users can get responses to their queries in a matter of seconds.Convenience: ChatGPT can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for people who need information or assistance on-the-go.Consistency: ChatGPT’s responses are consistent and accurate, regardless of the user’s mood, tone, or location. This helps to ensure that users receive reliable information every time they use the service.Personalization: ChatGPT can be trained on specific topics or industries, allowing it to provide personalized answers and insights tailored to the user’s needs.Overall, Chat GPT is a powerful tool that can help individuals and businesses save time and effort by providing quick, reliable, and personalized responses to their questions and queries.


Section 1: ChatGPT AI: Work Faster, Less Stress, With Better Outcomes!

Lecture 1 Welcome & Benefits Of ChatGPT

Lecture 2 Quick Note: Getting The Most Out Of The ChatGPT Course

Lecture 3 Overview Of The ChatGPT Interface

Lecture 4 Hot Tips!

Lecture 5 #1 Key To Getting The Most Out Of ChatGPT

Section 2: Practical Uses Of ChatGPT At Work

Lecture 6 Email Writing Faster & Better With ChatGPT

Lecture 7 Report Writing With ChatGPT

Lecture 8 Seen Some Of Capabilities But What’s Exactly Is ChatGPT?

Lecture 9 Free Vs. Pay Version Of ChatGPT. Known As ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT+, Chat GPT Plus

Lecture 10 Presentation Scripting & Writing With Chat GPT

Lecture 11 Soft Skill Education With ChatGPT

Lecture 12 Quickly Summarize Long Documents With Chat GPT

Lecture 13 Translation With ChatGPT

Lecture 14 Hard Skill & Problem Solving With ChatGPT

Lecture 15 Coding With ChatGPT

Lecture 16 Learn Complex Skills Using ChatGPT (Python Coding Example With Chat GPT)

Lecture 17 Blog Writing With ChatGPT

Lecture 18 Copywriting Webpages With ChatGPT

Lecture 19 LinkedIn Profile & Article Writing With ChatGPT

Lecture 20 Social Media Marketing With ChatGPT

Lecture 21 Chatbot Example & Integrating ChatGPT Into Your Systems

Lecture 22 Video Creation With Other AI & ChatGPT

Lecture 23 Dall-E-2 Creating Custom Images With Open AI Dall-E-2. (Dalle) (Dalle2)

Lecture 24 Brainstorming With ChatGPT. Let ChatGPT Help With Ideation.

Lecture 25 Mind Mapping With ChatGPT. Key Prompts To Use With Chat GPT

Lecture 26 Understanding Different Peoples Perspectives By Leveraging ChatGPT

Lecture 27 Stock Market Investing With ChatGPT Analysis Of Financial Statements Fast!

Section 3: ChatGPT & Career Development

Lecture 28 Asking For A Raise With ChatGPT Help

Lecture 29 ChatGPT Jobs

Lecture 30 ChatGPT Freelancing Opportunities

Lecture 31 Evaluate Your Writing Style With ChatGPT. Feedback From Chat GPT

Lecture 32 Writing Style Commands With ChatGPT. Let Chat GPT Help You Write Better

Lecture 33 Interview Prep With ChatGPT. Have Chat GPT Act As Your Interviewer (Practice)

Lecture 34 Writing A Job Description With ChatGPT. As A Manager Or Yourself With Chat GPT

Lecture 35 ChatGPT As Work Coach. Dialogue 1-1 With Chat GPT

Lecture 36 ChatGPT As Life Coach. Dialogue 1-1 With Chat GPT

Lecture 37 Manager: ChatGPT Help With Performance Management, Termination, & Interviewing

Section 4: Ethics & Google Replacement With ChatGPT?

Lecture 38 Will ChatGPT Replace Google Search?

Lecture 39 AI Detector & Paraphrase Tools: Help With Google Penalties (+ Google Uses AI)

Lecture 40 Limitations Of ChatGPT. Chat GPT Is Great But Not Perfect

Lecture 41 Ethical Considerations With ChatGPT

Section 5: ChatGPT For Side-Gig & Freelancers. Grow Your Business With ChatGPT

Lecture 42 Important: Please Review For This Section

Lecture 43 Create Your Marketing Plan With Chat GPT

Lecture 44 Email Funnels With Chat GPT

Lecture 45 Social Media Marketing With ChatGPT

Lecture 46 SEO & Website Page Maximize With ChatGPT

Lecture 47 Blogs! Faster & Better Blogging With ChatGPT

Lecture 48 Blogging And AI Detect & Penalty Considerations

Lecture 49 Book: Non-Fiction With Chat GPT

Lecture 50 Book: Fiction With ChatGPT

Lecture 51 Book: Children’s With ChatGPT

Lecture 52 Infographic Creation With ChatGPT

Lecture 53 Video: On Or Off Camera With ChatGPT & Descript AI Video Creation

Lecture 54 Product & Service Descriptions With ChatGPT Help. Save Time With Chat GPT

Section 6: Fun Ways You Can Use ChatGPT In Your Personal Life

Lecture 55 Ideas For Gifts.

Lecture 56 Writing Music With ChatGPT Help

Lecture 57 Writing Poetry With ChatGPT Help

Section 7: GPT-4 (Newest Version Of Chat GPT) What Is GPT-4 And Is There A Cost?

Lecture 58 GPT-4 Enhancements

Lecture 59 GPT-4 Use Cases & Additional Resources

Section 8: ChatGPT: Top Action Steps To Putting What You Learned About ChatGPT Into Action!

Lecture 60 Top 4 Action Steps + Extra Step

Lecture 61 Let’s Keep The Learning Going!

Section 9: Bonus Onboarding

Lecture 62 Important Read First

Lecture 63 Why Onboarding Important & Impact On You & The Company

Lecture 64 My Really Bad Onboarding Experience

Lecture 65 4 C’s Of Onboarding new Hires

Lecture 66 Onboarding Trends

Lecture 67 Roles: HR And The Manager

Lecture 68 What Exactly Is Onboarding

Lecture 69 Pre-Boarding: Preparing For The New Hire

Lecture 70 Assigning A Mentor

Lecture 71 First Day On The Job

Lecture 72 First Weak And 30 Days Of Onboarding

Lecture 73 On Going Professional Development

Lecture 74 Onboarding Example Case Studies

Lecture 75 Checklist Examples & Free Checklists You Can Use

Lecture 76 Top 4 Action Steps + Extra Step

Lecture 77 Let’s Keep The Learning Going!

Great for anyone looking to be more productive at work and use the power of Chat GPT AI.,Interested in using the latest technology to enhance their career.,Perfect if work for a company or have your own business or side-gig.,Leverage ChatGPT to further your own education and use it in practical and creative ways.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 1m | 7.96 GB
Created by: Steve Ballinger, MBA

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