ChatGPT Crash Course Introduction to ChatGPT for Work

Use ChatGPT to Boost Your Productivity: Leverage OpenAI’s Revolutionary ChatGPT Model.
ChatGPT Crash Course Introduction to ChatGPT for Work
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ChatGPT Crash Course Introduction to ChatGPT for Work

What you’ll learn

Set up a ChatGPT account and navigate the user interface with ease.
Master core prompting techniques, such as Q&A, information extraction, and text summarization.
Enhance ChatGPT’s reasoning abilities using Chain of Thought Prompting.
Apply advanced prompt engineering principles for better AI communication.
Utilize ChatGPT for writing, editing, and proofreading tasks.
Leverage ChatGPT for research, ideation, and peer review processes.
Employ ChatGPT as a UX and design assistant to improve user experiences.
Analyze data trends and perform financial analysis using ChatGPT’s analytical capabilities.

ChatGPT Crash Course Introduction to ChatGPT for Work




Are you ready to dive into the world of AI communication and revolutionize your professional life? Suitable for people with technical and non-technical backgrounds, this course offers a unique, playful, yet professional approach to learning prompt engineering using OpenAI’s ChatGPT online interface.While other courses may bombard you with hundreds of prompts, our focus is on equipping you with the right tools and techniques to craft your own effective prompts. It’s not just about learning; it’s about empowering you to become a prompt engineering maestro.Our comprehensive syllabus takes you on an exciting journey, starting with the fundamentals of prompt engineering and ChatGPT account setup. As you progress, you’ll master core and advanced prompting techniques, discovering the principles that underpin successful prompt engineering. We’ll also provide hands-on examples to showcase the versatile applications of ChatGPT across various business domains, such as writing and editing, research and ideation, and data analysis.By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of prompt engineering with ChatGPT but also be equipped to apply these skills to a wide range of business applications. Get ready to level up your career, enhance your productivity, and unlock the full potential of AI communication.Enroll today and embark on your journey!


Section 1: COURSE 1: ChatGPT Crash Course – Using ChatGPT for Work

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 What is Prompt Engineering?

Lecture 3 Create Your ChatGPT Account

Lecture 4 Tour of the ChatGPT Interface

Lecture 5 Disclaimer: NEVER Use a Raw Output

Lecture 6 Understanding OpenAI’s Data Policy for ChatGPT and Opting Out

Section 2: Core Prompting Techniques

Lecture 7 Text Insertion

Lecture 8 Question and Answer (Q&A)

Lecture 9 Text Classification

Lecture 10 Information Extraction

Lecture 11 Text Summarization

Lecture 12 Conversation

Lecture 13 Reasoning

Section 3: Building Advanced Prompts

Lecture 14 Principles of Prompt Engineering

Lecture 15 Quick Note

Lecture 16 Creating an Identity

Lecture 17 Clearly Define the Task

Lecture 18 Providing Context

Lecture 19 Specifying Output Tone and Style

Lecture 20 Using Variables in your ChatGPT Prompts

Section 4: Applications of ChatGPT as a Writing and Editing Assistant

Lecture 21 Ask Questions about a News Article

Lecture 22 Extracting Next Steps and Drafting Emails from a Meeting Transcript

Lecture 23 Using a Marketing Brief to Generate a Twitter Campaign

Lecture 24 Updating a Cover Letter with a Job Description

Section 5: Applications of ChatGPT for Research

Lecture 25 Getting Feedback from Different Perspectives

Lecture 26 Researching Customer Personas

Lecture 27 ChatGPT as a UX and Design Assistant

Lecture 28 Researching Your Business’ Competitive Landscape

Section 6: Applications of ChatGPT for Analysis

Lecture 29 Finding Trends in Data (Conducting a Descriptive Analysis)

Lecture 30 Labeling Your Data

Lecture 31 Finance: Conducting a Vertical Analysis of an Income Statement

Lecture 32 Transforming Data into Code

Lecture 33 Assignment: Transforming Data into a Ready-to-Use Format

Section 7: Bing Chat for Real-Time Research

Lecture 34 What AI Tool is Best for Real-Time Research?

Lecture 35 Exploring the Bing Chat Interface

Lecture 36 Using Bing Chat to Research Current Events

Lecture 37 Use Bing Chat to Plan a Trip

Section 8: ChatGPT Code Interpreter (ChatGPT Plus Users)

Lecture 38 Enabling and Exploring the Code Interpreter

Lecture 39 Cleaning Data with the Code Interpreter

Lecture 40 Exploratory Data Analysis with the Code Interpreter

Lecture 41 Regression with the Code Interpreter

Lecture 42 Linear Programming with the Code Interpreter

Lecture 43 Creating a Video with the Code Interpreter

Lecture 44 Using the Code Interpreter as a Math and Science Study Assistant

Section 9: COURSE 2: Using the ChatGPT API to Build AI Powered Applications

Lecture 45 Python Experience Preferred, but not Required!

Lecture 46 How to Use the Course Files

Lecture 47 Installing Jupyter Notebook

Lecture 48 Obtaining Your OpenAI API Key

Lecture 49 Setting Up Our Jupyter Notebook

Section 10: Basic Prompting Techniques

Lecture 50 Text Summarization

Lecture 51 Inference: Text Classification, Extraction, and Insertion

Lecture 52 Conversation

Lecture 53 Reasoning

Lecture 54 Few Shot Prompting

Lecture 55 Translation

Lecture 56 Delimiters

Section 11: Understanding the ChatCompletion API

Lecture 57 Required Parameters in Request Body

Lecture 58 Optional Parameters in the Request Body

Lecture 59 Experimenting with Temperature

Lecture 60 Understanding the Response Body of the ChatCompletion API

Lecture 61 Exercise: Using Optional Parameter n

Lecture 62 Answers: Using Optional Parameter n

Section 12: Case Studies: Advanced ChatGPT Use Cases

Lecture 63 Generating Marketing Copy from a Product Fact Sheet

Lecture 64 Using a Meeting Transcript to Automatically Generate a Follow-Up Email

Lecture 65 Responding Automatically to a Negative Customer Review

Lecture 66 Labeling Data

Lecture 67 Conducting a Vertical Financial Analysis

Lecture 68 Exercise: Advanced Use Cases

Lecture 69 Answers: Advanced Use Cases

Section 13: Build a Customer Service Chatbot using the ChatCompletion API

Lecture 70 Demo: Creating a OrderBot for a Restaurants

Lecture 71 Project: Building a Customer Service Chatbot

Lecture 72 Answers: Building a Customer Service Chatbot

Business owners, working professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to boost their productivity.,Developers and tech enthusiasts who want to explore AI-driven applications.,Anyone eager to improve their business processes using ChatGPT.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 42m | 2.16 GB
Created by: Jacob Coccari

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