ChatGPT for Finance and Investment Professionals

Use ChatGPT for Data Analytics, PDF Reading, Web Searches, Chart Interpretation, Excel Modelling, Python Coding & more
ChatGPT for Finance and Investment Professionals
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ChatGPT for Finance and Investment Professionals

What you’ll learn

Prompt Engineering for Finance and Investments: from basic to advanced prompt techniques
Letting ChatGPT read, analyse and summarize large PDF docs like annual reports
Using ChatGPT for Advanced (Financial) Data Analytics with Python
Using ChatGPT to browse and search the Web with Microsoft Bing
Asking ChatGPT to analyse and interpret financial charts and graphs
Getting assistance from ChatGPT for your Python Project or Excel Model
Creating customized GPT models (NEW Feature!)
Understanding Limitations and Restrictions of using ChatGPT for Finance and Investments
Creating meaningful finance-related images and pictures with DALLE 3
Setting up ChatGPT and GPT models for your purposes
Features and Options or ChatGPT PLUS demonstrated and explained
Using ChatGPT Plugins for advanced tasks

ChatGPT for Finance and Investment Professionals


An internet connection capable of streaming HD videos.
Some Finance or Investment related background (not required but it helps)


(November 23: Addition of the brand new and super powerful “Create a GPT” Feature!) Welcome to the first ChatGPT course for Finance and Investment Professionals. Boost your results and efficiency at work with AI!In the dynamic world of finance and investment, staying ahead means leveraging the most cutting-edge tools at your disposal. This is a unique course designed to arm financial professionals with advanced ChatGPT skills, going beyond the basics to explore how this revolutionary AI can transform your approach to data analysis, client interactions, and strategic decision-making. What You Will Learn:Getting Started: We set the stage with fundamental principles of AI in finance, ensuring you’re primed for the advanced content ahead. Introduction to ChatGPT: A comprehensive overview of ChatGPT, tailored for financial professionals. Understand its core functionalities and immediate applications in your daily workflow. Five Essential Techniques in Prompt Engineering for Financial Professionals: Dive into prompt engineering, learning to craft queries that yield the most relevant and accurate responses for complex financial data and scenarios. ChatGPT in Finance and Investing: Understanding Its Limits and Pitfalls: It’s crucial to recognize the limitations and potential missteps when integrating AI in finance. This section empowers you with the knowledge to navigate these challenges effectively. ChatGPT – Advanced Features for Finance (PLUS): Explore the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, including DALL-E 3 for image creation, enhanced data analytics with Python, and more, all tailored for financial contexts. Case Study: Goal-Based Investment Planning with Advanced Prompt Engineering: Apply your skills in a real-world scenario, utilizing ChatGPT to strategize and execute goal-oriented investment plans. Case Study: Financial Excel Modeling and Deal Pitching with ChatGPT: Get valuable help from ChatGPT for your Financial Excel Models and let ChatGPT draft letters and documents for you. Case Study: Python Coding and Bug Fixing with ChatGPT: Enhance your coding efficiency in Python with ChatGPT’s assistance, especially in debugging and optimizing financial algorithms. Why to take this ChatGPT Course:Practical Approach: Each module is designed with a focus on practical application, especially through real-world case studies in finance and investment. Interactive Learning: Students are encouraged to actively engage with the material through case study analysis. Comprehensive Tools Integration: The course covers the latest tools such as image creation with DALL-E 3, advanced data analytics with Python, PDF reading enhancements, and effective web browsing and searching techniques. Expert Insights: Learn from professionals who are at the forefront of integrating AI in finance, providing insights that are both current and relevant. Flexible Learning: Designed for busy professionals, the course offers flexibility to learn at your own pace while ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each topic. Who is this Course for?This course is ideal for finance professionals, investment analysts, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and anyone keen on integrating AI into their financial expertise. Whether you’re looking to enhance your analytical skills, streamline your workflow, or gain a competitive edge in the financial sector, this course offers the tools and insights to achieve your goals. Are you ready to be at the forefront of AI in finance? Enroll now and start transforming your professional landscape with AI!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Welcome and Overview

Lecture 2 NEW ChatGPT Features already included in this course (Nov 2023)

Lecture 3 Diving into ChatGPT for Finance: The Power of Prompts

Lecture 4 How to get the most out of this course

Lecture 5 Did you know…?

Section 2: Introduction to ChatGPT

Lecture 6 What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

Lecture 7 ChatGPT vs. Search Engines

Lecture 8 Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

Lecture 9 Creating a ChatGPT account and getting started

Lecture 10 **Design Update November 2023**

Lecture 11 Features, Options and Products around GPT models

Lecture 12 Navigating the OpenAI Website

Lecture 13 What is a Token and how do Tokens work?

Section 3: Five Essential Techniques in Prompt Engineering for Financial Professionals

Lecture 14 Introduction

Lecture 15 Explicit Instruction: The First Step in Masterful Prompt Engineering

Lecture 16 Temperature Setting: Fine-tuning ChatGPT Responses to Your Liking

Lecture 17 The Length of ChatGPT Responses: Crafting Precise Outputs

Lecture 18 Few-shot Learning: Guiding ChatGPT Through Examples

Lecture 19 Iterative Refinement in ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Lecture 20 Bonus Technique: Aggregation of long Texts in easy-to-read Tables

Section 4: ChatGPT in Finance and Investing: Understanding Its Limits and Pitfalls

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Real-Time Data Availability

Lecture 23 Looking Ahead – The Lack of (true) Predictive Capabilities

Lecture 24 ChatGPT: The Challenge of Bias and Misinformation

Lecture 25 Beyond AI: The Value of Human Skills in Finance

Lecture 26 AI in Finance: Compliance with Ethics and Regulations

Lecture 27 ChatGPT Token Limits: Understanding and Overcoming Boundaries

Section 5: ChatGPT – advanced features for Finance (PLUS)

Lecture 28 Introduction

Lecture 29 GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5

Lecture 30 Unleash the Power of ChatGPT Plugins – Reading and Analysing PDF files

Lecture 31 Unleash the Power of ChatGPT Plugins – Wolfram Alpha for Finance

Lecture 32 Advanced (Financial) Data Analysis with ChatGPT and Python

Lecture 33 Excursus: Copy/Paste ChatGPT´s Python Code into your projects

Lecture 34 Analysing Pictures and Images

Lecture 35 Creating Pictures and Images with DALL-E

Lecture 36 ChatGPT browsing the Web with Bing

Lecture 37 **Update November 2023**

Lecture 38 **NEW: Create a GPT** (November 2023)

Lecture 39 BONUS: the WebChatGPT Extension (available in free version!)

Section 6: Case Study: Goal-based Investment Planning with advanced Prompt Engineering

Lecture 40 Case Introduction and Downloads

Lecture 41 Defining Role, Tone and Target Audience with Custom Instructions

Lecture 42 Adding Context and Background Information

Lecture 43 Reversing Roles: the pre-response Inquiry

Lecture 44 Initial Prompting with Goal, Scope, Anchoring, Exclusions & more

Lecture 45 Feedback Loops: Iterative Refinement and Chain Prompting

Lecture 46 Final Response Formatting

Lecture 47 Self-Assessment and Reflective Thinking

Lecture 48 BONUS: Prompt Re-Engineering

Section 7: Case Study: Financial Excel Modeling and Deal Pitching with ChatGPT

Lecture 49 Case Introduction and Downloads

Lecture 50 Getting help from ChatGPT for your Excel Model

Lecture 51 ***Win this Challenge and get your reward*** (for a limited time only!)

Lecture 52 Letting ChatGPT write Letters and Proposals for you

Section 8: Case Study: Python Coding and Bug Fixing with ChatGPT

Lecture 53 Case Introduction and Downloads

Lecture 54 Bug Fixing with ChatGPT

Lecture 55 Improving the Code with ChatGPT

Lecture 56 Adding new Features with ChatGPT

Lecture 57 The Class explained 1 (optional)

Lecture 58 The Class explained 2 (optional)

Lecture 59 The Class explained 3 (optional)

Lecture 60 The Class explained 4 (optional)

Lecture 61 The Class explained 5 (optional)

Lecture 62 The Class explained 6 (optional)

Lecture 63 The Class explained 7 (optional)

Lecture 64 The Class explained 8 (optional)

Section 9: Appendix: Installing and working with Python, Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks

Lecture 65 Download and Install Anaconda

Lecture 66 How to open Jupyter Notebooks

Lecture 67 How to work with Jupyter Notebooks

Section 10: What´s next? (outlook and additional resources)

Lecture 68 Bonus Lecture

Financial and Investment Professionals interested in boosting their work with Artificial Intelligence.,Everybody in a Business-related Profession wanting to leverage the power of ChatGPT for their day-to-day work.,Investment Analysts and Managers seeking to outsource the most time-consuming parts of their work to ChatGPT.,Python and Excel Wizards needing help and assistance from ChatGPT for their models.,Investment Bankers and Managers seeking to draft Legal Docs, Term Sheets, etc. in no time.,(Tax) Accountants wanting to receive insight from a powerful AI for their day-to-day tasks.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 31m | 3.40 GB
Created by: Alexander Hagmann

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