ChatGPT for Microsoft PowerPoint Generate Content with AI

ChatGPT for PowerPoint Presentations. Write prompts for GPT that generate slide content for Microsoft PowerPoint.
ChatGPT for Microsoft PowerPoint Generate Content with AI
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ChatGPT for Microsoft PowerPoint Generate Content with AI

What you’ll learn

How to use ChatGPT and write high quality prompts for presentation design
Using PowerPoint and a relatively high level
Utilizing ChatGPT to research and generate content in the form of slides
How to work between ChatGPT and PowerPoint and leverage all its advantages
Jump into the AI world and speed up the researching and writing part of creating presentations

ChatGPT for Microsoft PowerPoint Generate Content with AI


PowerPoint (Microsoft 365 would be best)
A Microsoft Account so we can log into Office online
A ChatGPT (OpenAI) account (You can log in with your Google or Microsoft account)


The course explained in one sentence:Learn to use ChatGPT and write correct prompts to generate content for your PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote presentations.Why ChatGPT + PowerPoint?ChatGPT – Researching the topic is the most tedious part of creating or preparing for a presentation. By using Chat GPT to research,  explore, learn, and generate content you are streamlining your workflow. It makes you more efficient and gives you more time to design and think of how to present the content. PowerPoint – We will be using it as our design software here. Microsoft PowerPoint is still the leading presentation software that allows you to craft beautiful and trendy designs. With my guidance, you will craft a powerful, good-looking PPT presentation live as we go through the content. You will learn interesting power point tips and tricks while working through the course.What will I learn? ChatGPT – Writing prompts in Chat GPT that result in usable content for presentations and slidesPrompt Engineering – we will learn effective prompt creation, how to modify and re-iterate prompts for great resultsPowerPoint Presentation creation – Master PowerPoint along the way. We will create a complete and ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation with the content we have generated with our AI tool. I divided the content into a few stages for natural progression. We will learn and implement everything gradually throughout the lectures. We will first learn concepts about ChatGPT, talking with AI and generating results, and then bring that to life inside of PowerPoint by creating a high-quality presentation. Creating a PPT presentation is always the bread & butter in my MS PowerPoint courses and with smart ChatGPT usage it can be quick and entertaining.Are there resources?Yes, I have prepared unique resources for this course, mainly two thingsThe PowerPoint presentation (so you can work on my template if you wish)Prompting instructions (This is to recap everything I’m teaching about writing prompts during this course)How can I check your credentials and the quality of your course?You are most welcome to watch the promo video and free preview lectures of either this or any of my other courses! I especially encourage you to watch any of my MS PowerPoint content to make sure I’m the right teacher for you. If you like what you see, like my editing (like showcasing shortcuts, zooming in, using arrows and rectangles, using spotlights to highlight important things, my humor) you are very welcome to join. PPT can be a powerful software if you use it properly, let me show you how. No matter if you know just a bit or want to get advanced PowerPoint knowledge this course pushes you in that direction.There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you risk nothing in case push comes to shove!I hope I got you a little fired up and excited.Enroll now and we see each other inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Resources

Section 2: Level 1 – Using Chat GPT for PowerPoint

Lecture 3 Concept – Chat GPT account

Lecture 4 Applicability – Generating PowerPoint slide content

Lecture 5 Concept – Prompt Engineering

Lecture 6 Applicability – Generate Example Topics with AI

Lecture 7 PowerPoint – Template preparation

Lecture 8 PowerPoint – Slide #1 – Title Slide

Section 3: Level 2 – Importing Content to PowerPoint

Lecture 9 Importing with WORD Online

Lecture 10 Importing with Outline for Windows and MAC PowerPoint users

Lecture 11 PPT Designer vs Microsoft Copilot vs Chat GPT. Approach in this course

Section 4: Level 3 – Expanding and Re-iterating Content

Lecture 12 Rephrasing existing slides for PPT

Lecture 13 Slide #2 design in Ms PowerPoint

Lecture 14 Analogies – my secret Chat GPT weapon for presentations

Lecture 15 Table prompting in Chat GPT for ms powerpoint

Lecture 16 Priming Chat GPT (for example for a power point presentation)

Lecture 17 Slide #3 – Part 1 PowerPoint design

Lecture 18 Slide #3 – Part 2 PowerPoint design

Lecture 19 PowerPoint Animation crash course

Lecture 20 PowerPoint Animation Painter Usage

Section 5: PowerPoint – Designing Slides for Our Presentation

Lecture 21 Executive Summary – Prompt creation

Lecture 22 Slide #4 – Executive Summary design for PPT Presentation

Lecture 23 Slide #5 – Advanced PowerPoint Design

Lecture 24 AI tools – Bing Create for PowerPoint Design

Lecture 25 Outstanding resources I often use for power point content

Lecture 26 Slide #6 – Custom image slide, Advanced PowerPoint slides

Section 6: Level 4 – Advanced Prompting in Chat GPT

Lecture 27 Constructive Critic prompting. Use CHAT GPT as a critic

Lecture 28 Effective Prompt Revisions

Lecture 29 Make Chat GPT reduce text and highlight only key points

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 30 Thank You for learning in this Advanced PPT course

Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture

Learn how to utilize ChatGPT to generate content for your presentations (Even for Keynote, Google Slides etc.),If you are curious how to merge the workflow between ChatGPT and PowerPoint,Anyone wanting to learn writing prompts in ChatGPT,Anyone who wants to learn about PowerPoint

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 37m | 995.00 MB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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