ChatGPT Prompts Data Science Python Coding PLUS Projects

Learn ChatGPT Prompts For Beginners & Intermediate, Maths & Stats Coding In Python, Calculus, Numpy & Matplotlib
ChatGPT Prompts Data Science Python Coding PLUS Projects
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ChatGPT Prompts Data Science Python Coding PLUS Projects

What you’ll learn

Learn ChatGPT smart tips for beginner and intermediate level prompts
Learn tips and tricks from ChatGPT trailblazers and influencers on Linkedin
Gain insights into how ChatGPT is changing the world as a large language mode AI use case
What are Python libraries
What is Anaconda
What is Jupyter Notebook
What is Numpy
What is Matplotllib
How to plot in Matplotlib
What is Scipy
What is Scikit
What is Pandas
How to import files in Jypyter notebook using Pandas
How to create files using Pandas
Basic math in Python
Linear Algebra in Pythom
Statistics in Python
2d and 3d plotting in Python
Linear regression in Python
differential and Integral calculus in Python

ChatGPT Prompts Data Science Python Coding PLUS Projects


Internet connection
Laptop or PC or Mobile Phone
Motivation towards new learning


ChatGPT Smart Tips For Prompts”I couldn’t be more impressed with the content and the instructor. The course provided a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and applications of the ChatGPT model, as well as hands-on experience working with the model to generate responses.” Muhammad”The course was clear and concise with great examples to follow.” – Paula N.”Very insightful” – Sakyiwaa, “Great insight” – AbdurrahmanAre you tired of spending hours on menial tasks that could be automated with the help of a powerful language model? Are you ready to harness the power of ChatGPT, the world’s most advanced language model, and take your productivity to the next level? Look no further, because our ChatGPT Smart Tips course is here to help you do just that.PLUS you can download our ChatGPT Cheat Sheets for reference and follow along in the course as you put your ChatGPT smart tips skills to use to grow and boost your career.We make AI work and we have a passion for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. We have been following the development of ChatGPT for some time now and we are excited to share our knowledge and experience with others. In this course we will teach you the ins and outs of using ChatGPT’s capabilities to automate tedious tasks, generate creative ideas, and streamline your workflow.ChatGPT is a game changer in the field of language processing, with its ability to understand and respond to natural language it can be used for a wide range of tasks from automating mundane tasks to generating creative ideas. With this course, you’ll learn how to harness the power of ChatGPT and streamline your workflow, making you more efficient and productive than ever before.Our ChatGPT Smart Tips course is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the capabilities of this advanced language model. We’ll start with the basics, such as how to use ChatGPT’s interface effectively and tips and tricks for automating mundane tasks. Then, we’ll dive into its various prompts and commands, and show you how to use them to generate creative ideas and streamline your workflow. We’ll also cover some interesting queries and ideas for using ChatGPT in a business setting.We’ll also be covering some of ChatGPT’s limitations, as well as how to use it effectively. This will help you stay ahead of technological disruption rather than getting disrupted by it.Throughout the course, we’ll be using mainly video lessons and practical exercises to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the course. We will also be providing you with downloadable cheatsheets to help you apply the concepts covered in the course to your own work.Our course is unique in that it is taught by an experienced professional in the field, who has a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT. We have also designed the course to be engaging and interactive, ensuring that you will have an enjoyable learning experience.By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use ChatGPT like a pro and will be able to automate tasks, generate ideas, translate languages and much more. You’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and be able to improve your productivity.Sign up for our ChatGPT Smart Tips course today and take the first step towards mastering this powerful tool and staying ahead of the curve.Data Science & Coding In PythonGet instant access to a 73-page workbook on Data Science, follow along, and keep for referenceIntroduce yourself to our community of students in this course and tell us your goals with data scienceEncouragement and celebration of your progress every step of the way: 25% > 50% > 75% & 100%Over 13 hours of clear and concise step-by-step instructions, lessons, and engagementThis data science course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and experience associated with Data Science. Students will explore a range of data science tools, algorithms, linear programming and statistical techniques, with the aim of discovering hidden insights and patterns from raw data in order to inform scientific business decision-making.What  you will learn:Introduction to Python; what is Python, Anaconda, libraries, Numpy, Matplotlib, SciPy and SciKit LearnLearn mathematics by coding in python; basic maths, variables. solutions of equations. logarithmic and exponential functions. polynomials, complex numbers and trigonometryStatistics by coding in PythonLinear Algebra for data science: matrices. determinants, inverse, solutions, scalars and vectorsDetailed introduction and demo of NumpyLinear algebra in Python as well as calculus. Matplotlib and moreLear Data Science projects in Pandas: importing files, creating data framesRegression analysis using SKLearnData science careers in a Q&A Webinar plus additional insights; learn from other students questionsWho are the Instructors?Dr. Allah Dittah is your lead instructor – a PhD and lecturer making a living from teaching Python, advanced mathematics and data science. As a data science expert, he has joined with content creator Peter Alkema to bring you this amazing new course.You’ll get premium support and feedback to help you become more confident with data science!We can’t wait to see you on the course!Enrol now, and we’ll help you improve your data science skills!Peter and Allah


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction To ChatGPT Smart Tips: Learn Prompts For Beginners & Intermediate

Lecture 2 Meet Brett StClair: International Digital Transformation Leader & Speaker

Lecture 3 Introduction To Data Science & Python

Lecture 4 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Everyone What Are Your Goals

Lecture 5 Hello My Name Is ChatGPT, Welcome To This Course!!

Lecture 6 Let’s Celebrate Your Progress In This Course: 25% > 50% > 75% > 100%!!

Section 2: Watch Brett Demo ChatGPT Live Regenesys Highlights (Full Video At End Of Course)

Lecture 7 Live ChatGPT Demo Highlights #1

Lecture 8 Live ChatGPT Demo Highlights #2

Lecture 9 Live ChatGPT Demo Highlights #3

Lecture 10 Live ChatGPT Demo Highlights #4

Section 3: Preview & Download ChatGPT Cheat Sheets & Data Science Python Workbook & Files

Lecture 11 Preview & Download The ChatGPT CheatSheet: 20 Smart Tips In This Course

Lecture 12 Preview AND Download Your 73 Page Python & Data Science Workbook

Lecture 13 Download your project files: Pandas, NumPy & Matplotlib

Section 4: Get Ready To Learn ChatGPT & Dive Into The World Of ChatGPT

Lecture 14 Introduction of ChatGPT get ready to learn things

Lecture 15 Dive into the world of ChatGPT – CheatSheet Part1.mp4

Section 5: ChatGPT Basics, Tips & Tricks PLUS Having Fun & Interesting Queries For Business

Lecture 16 the basics and steps on how to get to ChatGPT

Lecture 17 Tips and tricks for ChatGPT interface

Lecture 18 Having fun on ChatGPT by asking crazy questions

Lecture 19 Some interesting Queries for business

Section 6: ChatGPT Prompts: Act Like, Include & Column

Lecture 20 Using ACT LIKE prompt

Lecture 21 Using INCLUDE prompt

Lecture 22 Using COLUMN prompt

Section 7: ChatGPT Prompts: Find & Translate

Lecture 23 Using FIND prompt

Lecture 24 Using TRANSLATE prompt

Section 8: ChatGPT Prompts: Define, Convert, Calculate & Generate Ideas

Lecture 25 Using DEFINE prompt

Lecture 26 Using CONVERT prompt

Lecture 27 Using CALCULATE prompt

Lecture 28 Using GENERATING IDEAS prompt

Section 9: ChatGPT Prompts: List, Cause & Impact

Lecture 29 Using a CREATE A LIST prompt

Lecture 30 Using DETERMINE CAUSE prompt

Lecture 31 Using ASSESS IMPACT prompt

Section 10: ChatGPT Prompts: Recommend Explain & Outline

Lecture 32 Using RECOMMEND SOLUTIONS prompt

Lecture 33 Using EXPLAIN CONCEPT prompt


Section 11: ChatGPT Prompts; Benefits, Drawbacks & Shorten

Lecture 35 Using DESCRIBE BENEFITS prompts

Lecture 36 Using Explain DrawBacks prompt

Lecture 37 Using SHORTEN propmt

Section 12: When ChatGPT Gets It Wrong & Wrap Up

Lecture 38 What ChatGPT gets Wrong

Lecture 39 And finally to wrap up

Section 13: Introduction To ChatGPT intermediate Smart Tips For Prompts

Lecture 40 Introduction To ChatGPT: Intermediate Prompts Smart Tips

Lecture 41 Meet Brett StClair: International Digital Transformation Leader & Speaker

Lecture 42 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

Section 14: ChatGPT Prompts: Understand, Competition, Identify Opportunities, Marketing

Lecture 43 Using UNDERSTAND prompt

Lecture 44 Using ANALYZE COMPETITION prompt

Lecture 45 Using IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES prompt

Lecture 46 Using CREATE MARKETING PLAN prompt

Section 15: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze Customer Behaviour. Content Strategy, Email Campaign


Lecture 48 Using CREATE CONTENT STRATEGY prompt

Lecture 49 Using CREATE EMAIL CAMPAIGN prompt

Section 16: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze SEO, Develop Sales Strategy, Create Project Plan

Lecture 50 Using ANALYZE SEO prompt

Lecture 51 Using DEVELOP SALES STRATEGY prompt

Lecture 52 Using CREATE PROJECT PLAN prompt

Section 17: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze Workflow, Design Onboarding, Develop Retention Strategy

Lecture 53 Using ANALYZE WORKFLOW prompt



Section 18: ChatGPT Prompts: Create Loyalty Programme, Design Feedback, Develop Training

Lecture 56 Using CREATE LOYALTY PROGRAM prompt

Lecture 57 Using DESIGN FEEDBACK PROCESS prompt

Lecture 58 Using DEVELOP TRAINING PROGRAM prompt

Section 19: ChatGPT Prompts: Design Script, Create Survey and Develop Policy

Lecture 59 Using DESIGN SCRIPT prompt

Lecture 60 Using CREATE SURVEY prompt

Lecture 61 Using DEVELOP POLICY prompt

Section 20: ChatGPT Prompts: Design Report, Create FAQ & Wrap Up

Lecture 62 Using DESIGN REPORT prompt

Lecture 63 Using CREATE A FAQ prompt

Lecture 64 And finally to wrap up

Section 21: Learn From ChatGPT Influencers & Trailblazers on Linkedin Additional Insights

Lecture 65 Introduction to ChatGPT Influencers On LinkedIn – Boost Your ChatGPT Smarts!!

Lecture 66 Filipa Canelas – Power house at Hooks and using GPT to enhance content

Lecture 67 Bram Van der Hallen – One of the top posters of content for prompts

Lecture 68 Tobias Willmann – First person I saw to use the group by topic prompt

Lecture 69 Aleyda Solís – SEO expert with ChatGPT – her post on how to use it was superb

Lecture 70 Shlomo Genchin – Great post on how to brainstorm with ChatGPT

Lecture 71 Sam Szuchan – Great carousels and loads of Linking and writing tips

Lecture 72 Lucas Perret – Chat GPT for sales

Lecture 73 Lara Acosta – Content and marketing strategy with great carousels for ChatGPT

Lecture 74 Eimri Bar – Using ChatGPT in Sales and in Linkedin Content Creation

Lecture 75 Matt Gray – All about the entrepreneur and motivational posts

Lecture 76 Inna Haidamaka – Passionate about SEO and Content with ChatGPT

Lecture 77 Steve Nouri – Huge following, Focus is on AI and Data / beginners newsletter

Lecture 78 Ruben Hassid – He is a ghost writer – showed me tribescaler

Lecture 79 Roxana Irimia – Marketing expert – Great carousels – Lots of Guides and tips

Lecture 80 Ariel Levin – ChatGPT geek – Passionate about Business development

Lecture 81 Alex Velinov – lots of Open AI posts images and GPT3

Section 22: Introduction to Python

Lecture 82 What is Python

Lecture 83 Uses of Python

Lecture 84 What is Anaconda and its application

Lecture 85 What is a Jupyter Notebook and how to code in Jupyter notebook

Lecture 86 What is a Library

Lecture 87 What are Python Libraries

Lecture 88 What is Numpy

Lecture 89 What is Matplotlib

Lecture 90 What is Pandas

Lecture 91 What is SciPy Library in Python

Lecture 92 What is SciKit Learn

Section 23: Learn Mathematics by Coding in Python

Lecture 93 Basics Math in Python

Lecture 94 Variables in Python

Lecture 95 Solution of Quadratic and Linear Equations

Lecture 96 Logarithmic and Exponential Function in Python

Lecture 97 Logarithmic and Exponential Function in Python Lecture 2

Lecture 98 Polynomials in Python

Lecture 99 Complex Numbers in Python

Lecture 100 Trigonometry in Python

Lecture 101 You’ve Achieved 25% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 50% >>

Section 24: Learn Statistics by Coding in Python

Lecture 102 Statistics in Python

Section 25: Linear Algebra for Data Science

Lecture 103 What is Matrix

Lecture 104 Rows and Columns in Matrix

Lecture 105 Order or Dimension of a Matrix

Lecture 106 Transpose of a Matrix

Lecture 107 Addition and Subtraction of Matrices

Lecture 108 Multiplication of Matrices

Lecture 109 Determinant of Matrices

Lecture 110 Inverse of a Matrix

Lecture 111 Solution of System of Linear Equations

Lecture 112 Scalars and Vectors

Lecture 113 Addition and Subtraction of Vectors

Section 26: Introduction to NumPy: 5 Different Code Projects

Lecture 114 Introduction to Numpy

Lecture 115 You’ve Achieved 50% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 75% >>

Section 27: Linear Algebra in Python Using NumPy: 5 Projects

Lecture 116 Vectors Using Numpy

Lecture 117 Sum and Difference of Vectors

Lecture 118 Linear Algebra in Python Using Numpy Project 1

Lecture 119 Linear Algebra in Python Using NumPy Project 2

Lecture 120 Linear Algebra in Python Using NumPy Project 3

Lecture 121 Linear Algebra in Python Using NumPy Project 4

Lecture 122 Linear Combination in Python Using Numpy

Lecture 123 Inner Product in Python Using Numpy

Section 28: Calculus in Python Using Numpy

Lecture 124 Derivatives Using Numpy

Lecture 125 Integration in Python Using Numpy

Lecture 126 Limits Using Numpy

Lecture 127 You’ve Achieved 75% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 100% >>

Section 29: Matplotlib

Lecture 128 Practical Example of Matplotlib

Lecture 129 Dot Plot in Matplotlib

Lecture 130 Simple Plot

Lecture 131 Plotting Linear, Quadratic, and Cubic Equations

Lecture 132 Labelling Using Matplotlib

Lecture 133 Random Plotting

Lecture 134 Random Plotting 2

Lecture 135 Scattering Plot in Matplotlib

Section 30: Data Science Projects in Pandas

Lecture 136 Import File in Pandas from Excel: Project 1

Lecture 137 Import File in Pandas from Excel: Project 2

Lecture 138 Creating DataFrame in Pandas: Project 3

Section 31: Regression Analysis: 2 Practice Exercise

Lecture 139 Linear Regression using sklearn

Lecture 140 You’ve Achieved 100% >> Let’s Celebrate! Remember To Share Your Certificate!!

Section 32: Data Science Q&A Webinar & Insights: Learn Data Science Careers & More

Lecture 141 Introduction of the guest speaker and overview of the course

Lecture 142 Perspective on courses as one on data science and other courses

Lecture 143 Basic level of understanding about machines

Lecture 144 Pairing with physics and statistical major is good foundation for data science

Lecture 145 Having an overview on machine learning and the course

Lecture 146 Learn Statistics on data science

Lecture 147 Learn how could data science be part on marketing

Lecture 148 Which do you find more comfortable for automation, Phython or UiPath

Lecture 149 Thoughts and overview on the Python course

Lecture 150 Can data science help predict the stock price?

Lecture 151 Can phyton be used to sort through the data

Lecture 152 How does statistics relate to data science and it is used in business

Lecture 153 Game theory that are involved, and its application to the field of data scienc

Lecture 154 Education and games thoughts on the course

Section 33: [Optional] Full Length Data Science Q&A Webinar: Careers, Industry Insights ++

Lecture 155 [Optional] Full Length Data Science Q&A Webinar: Careers, Industry Insights ++

Section 34: Live 2023 Keynote: Brett’s ChatGPT Demo At Regenesys Business School

Lecture 156 Part 1 Live ChatGPT Demo: “My wife told me; Brett it’s ChatGPT or me”

Lecture 157 Part 2 Live ChatGPT Demo “Let’s Get To Some Fun Stuff: Role Based Prompts”

Section 35: ChatGPT Live Demo 2023 With Brett St Clair: Individual Insights & Lessons

Lecture 158 Introduction of the speaker and on ChatGPT world

Lecture 159 What do we mean by AI and reflection of Regenesys

Lecture 160 Adapting into the conteext of AI and how it will help countries like Africa

Lecture 161 Terrified or curious with chatGPT

Lecture 162 ChatGPT disrupt capitalism and how chatGPT is powerful

Lecture 163 General AI has accelerated by 10 years and the power of AI replacing your work

Lecture 164 Who will actually disrupts and chatGPT tips

Lecture 165 Hallucinations on 90% and You are the problem

Lecture 166 What can’t ChatGPT Do???

Lecture 167 chatGPT BASIC PROMPTS – Act like a

Lecture 168 chatGPT BASIC PROMPTS – Research a topic

Lecture 169 Role based prompts – setting up a start up and Help me build a business

Lecture 170 Role based prompts – chatGPT for corporates

Lecture 171 Learn Mega prompts – for the professionals

Lecture 172 Using SEO keywords on chatGPT

Lecture 173 Keeping the audience active relating to chatGPT

Lecture 174 Prompts on chatGPT4 and using midjourney

Lecture 175 Learn exciting tools for AI

Lecture 176 What is next in Generative AI

Lecture 177 Greatest moment in mankind history on AI

Section 36: Introduction to ChatGPT-4

Lecture 178 What is ChatGPT-4?

Lecture 179 How does it work?

Lecture 180 Applications of ChatGPT-4

Section 37: Setting Up ChatGPT-4

Lecture 181 IInstalling required libraries and dependencies

Lecture 182 Setting up authentication and API access

Lecture 183 Choosing the appropriate model and parameters

Section 38: Chatting with ChatGPT-4

Lecture 184 Generating responses to text prompts

Lecture 185 Evaluating the quality of responses

Lecture 186 Fine-tuning the model for specific tasks

Section 39: Advanced ChatGPT-4 Techniques

Lecture 187 Text summarization

Lecture 188 Question answering

Lecture 189 Translation

Section 40: Using ChatGPT-4 in Real-World Applications

Lecture 190 Chatbots

Lecture 191 Customer service

Lecture 192 Content creation

Section 41: Best Practices for Working with ChatGPT-4

Lecture 193 Ethical considerations

Lecture 194 Bias and fairness

Lecture 195 Data privacy

Section 42: Future of ChatGPT-4

Lecture 196 Recent advancements in natural language processing

Lecture 197 Potential future applications

Lecture 198 Limitations and challenges

For those who love with learning,Data scientists,For those who want to apply Python in a practical way in their organization

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Created by: Peter Alkema

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