Check Point Quantum Spark NGFW Essentials

Learn Check Point SMB Firewall from Scratch
Check Point Quantum Spark NGFW Essentials
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Check Point Quantum Spark NGFW Essentials

What you’ll learn

How to Deploy Check Point Quantum Spark Firewall (SMB )
Configure & Manage Check Point Quantum Spark NGFW
Understanding Software blades
Understanding of Firewall Access policies
Configure Application control & URL Filtering
Configure SSL Inspection
Understanding Threat Prevention
ISP Redundancy configuration
Understanding User Awareness
Understand Remote Access VPN & Site to Site VPN
Understand Firewall Advanced Concepts

Check Point Quantum Spark NGFW Essentials


Basic understanding of IT security
Basic understanding of Windows Operating systems
Basic Network Administration Knowledge


The Check Point Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewalls for SMBs, feature best-in-class threat protection, are easy to deploy and manage, and integrate communication and security into an “all in one” security gateway solution.The Check Point Quantum Spark next generation firewall family offer best-in-class threat prevention, are easy to deploy and manage, as well as integrate communication and security into an all-in-one security solution; all while being easily managed from a web portal or mobile app.Why Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewalls ?Highest levels of security with automated threat prevention: All models include Check Point’s award-winning SandBlast Zero Day ProtectionAutomatic set-up in 60 seconds : All models feature zero-touch provisioning, which means they deliver full protection out-of-the-box inside one minute.Flexible connectivity: Quantum Spark Gateways include Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and integrated cellular LTE modems, giving users the widest range of connectivity options.Easy, intuitive management: Check Point’s WatchTower mobile application enables staff to monitor their security status and quickly mitigate any threats directly from the mobile device.Complete protection for remote employees and cloud applications: In addition to the network protection Quantum Spark gateways provide, businesses can protect all laptops and PCs against threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing with Check Point endpoint protection, and secure employees’ smartphones with Check Point mobile protection.In this courses, feature lecture and hands-on labs, you will learn to install, configure, manage and Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewall & Advanced Use cases. You will gaining the skills and expertise needed to protect your organization from security threats. The student will get hands-on experience of Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewall in a lab environment.This course dives deeper into Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewall Advanced Configuration to give the students a clear understanding on several topics. Topics covered include Quantum Spark NGFW Models & Licensing, Quantum Spark Firewall Basic Configuration, Network  Interface Configuration, Configure Multiple ISP connections, Access Control Polices, Software Blades, Application Control & URL Filtering, User Awareness configuration, Threat Prevention Blade. DNAT Configuration, SSL Inspection, Remote Access VPN, Site to Site VPN, Reporting, SNMP Configuration, Syslog Configuration & many more.


Section 1: Introduction to Checkpoint Quantum Spark NGFW

Lecture 1 2-Firewall Technology

Lecture 2 3-Checkpoint Quantum Spark NGFW Introduction

Lecture 3 4-Quantum Spark NGFW Models

Lecture 4 5-Checkpoint Quantum Spark Licensing- Software Blades

Section 2: Configure & Manage Checkpoint Quantum Spark NGFW

Lecture 5 6-How to download Checkpoint SMB Virtual Appliance ISO

Lecture 6 7-Install Checkpoint SMB Virtual Firewall in VMware Workstation

Lecture 7 8-First Time Configuration Wizard

Lecture 8 9-How to Change the LAN1 interface IP configuration

Lecture 9 10-Web Management Portal Overview

Lecture 10 11-How to configure Network Ports

Lecture 11 12-How to Configure DHCP

Lecture 12 13-DHCP Advanced options

Lecture 13 14-Allow Traffic to Intra Zones

Lecture 14 15-Allow Internet Traffic to different subnets

Lecture 15 16-How to configure Multiple ISP connections

Lecture 16 17-How to route different networks on different ISPs

Lecture 17 18-Network Resources

Lecture 18 19-User Awareness Blade & Captive Portal

Lecture 19 20-Active Directory Integration

Lecture 20 21-Application Control & URL Filtering

Lecture 21 22-Threat Prevention Blade

Lecture 22 23-Threat Prevention Settings

Lecture 23 24-Port Forwarding LAB(DNAT)

Lecture 24 25-SSL Inspection configuration

Lecture 25 26-Remote Access VPN

Lecture 26 27-IPSec site to Site VPN

Lecture 27 28-IPSec LAB

Lecture 28 29-SNMP Configuration

Lecture 29 30-Syslog Configuration

Lecture 30 31-Reports & Monitoring

This course is for students trying to learn Checkpoint Quantum Spark Firewalls,This course is for networking engineers searching to learn Checkpoint Quantum Spark Firewalls,Security Engineers,Network Administrators

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 54m | 4.50 GB
Created by: CyberSky Academy

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