CheckPoint CCSA R8010 2022

Learn all about Check Point firewall administration. Master to deploy Checkpoint blades efficiently. Upgrade to R80.30
CheckPoint CCSA R8010 2022
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Evgenii Puzakov


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CheckPoint CCSA R8010 2022

What you’ll learn

CheckPoint General Knowledge
Setting up a cluster
Threat Prevention policy Management
Access Control policy Management
HTTPs inspection

CheckPoint CCSA R8010 2022


General knowledge of TCP/IP
Working knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX
Working knowledge of networking technology
Working knowledge of the Internet


The following course includes lectures on how Check Point features work and the walk-through of the configuration in the lab/production environment. From the very beginning following step-by-step approach you will be able to grasp advanced concepts and step on the next level. The course is structured in an easy to follow manner starting from the very basic to advanced topics [CCSE topics included]. The topics that are covered are: Installing Check Point in a lab environment, understanding general principles of Firewalling. Then, we move to the whole Check Point ECOSYSTEM (Everything that has to do with unified management and managing firewall policies) and so much more.THE COURSE INCLUDES:Introduction to CheckPoint TechnologyBuilding the LabInstalling OS / ConfigurationOverview of the productsCheckpoint Stateful inspection firewallLicensingCheckPoint Eco SystemSIC !Restarting SIC without CPstop/CPstart – Extra!BackupsNATPolicy configuration (Access Control) FirewallPolicy configuration (Access Control) APP control/URL filteringUserCheckPolicy configuration (Threat Prevention)Hacking and Protecting by IPSEnforced Suspicious Activity RulesLogging and ReportsVPN (Virtual Private Network)IPSec (Overview)SSL (Overview)Deploy VPN IPSEC [LAB]ClusterXLHigh Availability / Load SharingDeploy ClusterXL [LAB]CCP OverviewHTTPS InspectionHTTPs inspection HTTPs inspection LABCCSE Pre-course (Advanced)  [This section will be updated incrementally]Threat Emulation licensing and deployment in the cloudTransparent Upgrade to R80.30 in a clusterBonus: Lab guides includedI have applied the streamlined, step-by-step method to excel as a Check Point professional in less time than you ever thought possible.  I’m going to walk you through the main challenges, so you can step on the next level.


Section 1: Introduction to the technology [Lecture]

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 History

Lecture 3 Introduction to Check Point Technology

Section 2: Introduction to the technology [LAB]

Lecture 4 Installation of Gaia OS

Lecture 5 First Time Wizard

Lecture 6 Topology for the LAB

Lecture 7 Licensing

Section 3: Check Point Ecosystem [Lecture]

Lecture 8 Important linux commands (Part1)

Lecture 9 Important Linux commands (Part2)

Lecture 10 SIC

Lecture 11 NAT

Lecture 12 Backups

Section 4: Check Point Ecosystem [LAB]

Lecture 13 Overview of GAIA WebUI

Lecture 14 Getting to know SmartConsole / SIC

Lecture 15 Restarting SIC without CPstop/CPstart – Extra!

Lecture 16 Policy configuration (Access Control) Firewall

Lecture 17 Automatic NAT

Lecture 18 Policy configuration (Access Control) APP control/URL filtering

Lecture 19 UserCheck

Lecture 20 Policy configuration (Threat Prevention)

Lecture 21 Hacking and Protecting by IPS

Lecture 22 Enforced Suspicious Activity Rules

Lecture 23 Logging and Reports

Section 5: VPN IPSEC and SSL [Lecture]

Lecture 24 VPN IPSEC

Lecture 25 VPN SSL

Lecture 26 Deploy VPN IPSEC [LAB]

Section 6: ClusterXL [Lecture]

Lecture 27 ClusterXL High Availability

Lecture 28 ClusterXL Load Sharing

Lecture 29 Synchronization (CCP)

Section 7: ClusterXL [LAB]

Lecture 30 Deploy ClusterXL [LAB]

Lecture 31 ClusterXL Routing [LAB]

Section 8: HTTPs Inspection [Lecture and LAB]

Lecture 32 HTTPS inspection

Lecture 33 Deploy HTTPS inspection [LAB]

Section 9: CCSE Pre-course (Advanced)

Lecture 34 Sandblast (Overview, Licensing, Selecting emulation Environment)

Lecture 35 Transparent Upgrade to R80.30 in a cluster

Lecture 36 IPS – [Part1]

Lecture 37 IPS – [Part2]

Section 10: CCSA Quiz

Section 11: Graduation

Lecture 38 Bonus Lecture

System Administrators,Information Security Analysts,Support Analysts,Network Engineers,Firewall Enthusiasts,Security Engineers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 16m | 2.49 GB
Created by: Evgenii Puzakov

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