Chess for beginners course A holistic approach

Chess, history, etymology, scientific research
Chess for beginners course A holistic approach
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Chess for beginners course A holistic approach

What you’ll learn

The very basics of how to play chess
How to get better at chess
How to develop strategies
The neurological benefits of playing chess

Chess for beginners course A holistic approach


No chess knowledge required. You will learn everything you need to know in this course


In this course you will learn the very basics of chess. you will also get an insight into the history, etymology, scientific researches, the neurological benefits and information about a number of grandmasters. This course is designed especially for beginners but it will also be of interest to people who already have more experience and want a little more background information about chess and are looking for a more holistic approach to chess.if you’ve never played chess before and don’t have any background information, this course will give you all the basics you need. you can use this basis on your path to become a better chess player. I provide references, the necessary books and the tools you need for this. don’t expect to be at the end of your path after this course. This is a start and I have tried my best to approach it as broadly as possible with various interesting facts such as historical knowledge and scientific studies on the effects of chess on the brain.The topics covered in the course are:1. The benefits of playing chess, 2. the purpose of the game, 3. the chess pieces and their functions, 4. chess strategies, 5. How to become better at chess,I will do my utmost best to keep the course up to date and to stay supplemented with relevant and interesting knowledge. If there are points for improvement or comments you have about the course then feel free to share this with me. I would love to hear this. I am open to all forms of feedback and will take it very seriously to make the course as beneficial to you as possible.


Section 1: Introductie

Lecture 1 What you will learn in this course

Lecture 2 An overview of Chess

Section 2: The benefits of playing chess

Lecture 3 The benefits of playing chess

Lecture 4 Scientific research on chess

Section 3: The purpose of the game

Lecture 5 The purpose of chess

Lecture 6 History of Chess

Section 4: The chess pieces and their functions

Lecture 7 The functions of the pieces

Lecture 8 How to use the pieces

Lecture 9 Congratulations

Lecture 10 Castling

Lecture 11 En Passant

Lecture 12 En Passant Online

Section 5: Chess strategies

Lecture 13 Lets play Chess

Lecture 14 Checkmate

Section 6: How to become better at chess

Lecture 15 Advices to become a better chess player

Lecture 16 Books to begin with

Lecture 17 Who was Bobby Fisscher?

Lecture 18 Who was Emanuel Lasker?

Lecture 19 Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?

Anyone who has no knowledge about chess will be guided in this course. It may also be of interest to people who already know the basics

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Created by: Fikret Tastan

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