Cisco CCNA 200301 Your Guide to Passing 2023

Learn how to pass the CCNA 200-301 exam. All of the new CCNA 200-301 exam topics covered plus networking for beginners
Cisco CCNA 200301 Your Guide to Passing 2023
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Cisco CCNA 200301 Your Guide to Passing 2023

What you’ll learn

How to pass the CCNA exam
All of the CCNA exam topics
How to configure Cisco routers and switches
How to Deploy a LAN
How to troubleshoot networking issues

Cisco CCNA 200301 Your Guide to Passing 2023


Review the CCNA exam topics


This course has all of the material you’ll need to pass the CCNA 200-301 exam. I know because I was able to pass the exam on my first try with a score of 957 out of 1000, and I’ve made sure to include all my CCNA relevant experience and knowledge into this course.        Master all of the CCNA exam topicsNetwork FundamentalsNetwork AccessIP ConnectivityIP ServicesSecurity FundamentalsAutomation and ProgrammabilityContent and Overview In this course you’ll learn all of the CCNA networking fundamentals. Each section includes easy to understand diagrams and configuration examples. Starting with an introduction to networking, this course will take you through each fundamental. After you master the basics, the course will take you through actual device configurations and troubleshooting techniques teaching you how to network with the best of them.Test your knowledge with practice exam questions and lab assignments. I use Packet Tracer for all of my demos. So you can follow along with every configuration example right from your computer.You will have instant access to the course material. All of the course videos can be streamed at any time.At any time during the course if you want to ask me a question you can direct message me. CCNA 200-301 flash cards now also included for final review. Plus CCNA tips right to your inbox!Student ReviewsKarolina Ercegovac – “Matt, I corrected my rating. I just passed my CCNA with 900+ mark yesterday. I also wanted to let you know that your “Fix my lab challenge” is awesome. I really enjoy it.”Ave G. Bengdaen – “The topics are on point and catered to passing the new CCNA”Abdirahman – “Matt has been like no other I really enjoyed throughout the course and ordered his book CCNA quick guide reference, and I will say it is been a pleasure to have you as an instructor.”Dean Smith – “The instructor is very engaging and interesting. I have watched multiple videos on CCNA courses via youtube or online or other udemy courses BUT this course is just brilliant, explained back to basics networking and as i, just like many other people, absolutley love explanations/diagrams or animation type presentations. Its sooooo easy to absorb this information as its taught so well! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”Timothy Keith – “Hands down, this is the best CCNA course I’ve taken thus far. The use of packet tracer to build out the network while walking through the lecture is genius! Not only do I greater understanding of the physical and logical networks, I can now deploy packet tracer devices I was unfamiliar with. Thank you!”


Section 1: Cisco CCNA 200-301 – Your Guide to Passing – 2020

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Download Packet Tracer

Section 2: Introduction to Networking

Lecture 3 What is a Network?

Lecture 4 Network Models and Protocols

Lecture 5 Encapsulation Process

Section 3: Network Fundamentals

Lecture 6 Endpoints & Servers

Lecture 7 Switches

Lecture 8 Physical Interface and Cabling Types

Lecture 9 Network Topology Architectures

Lecture 10 Network Addressing (IPv4 Addresses)

Lecture 11 Network Testing with ICMP (PING)

Lecture 12 ARP and Ethernet Frame Forwarding

Lecture 13 VLANs + CLI Tutorial

Lecture 14 CCNA Reddit

Lecture 15 VTP

Lecture 16 Access VLAN and Trunk Ports

Lecture 17 Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)

Lecture 18 Routing

Lecture 19 Advanced Network Testing with TCP & UDP

Lecture 20 Wireless Access Points and Controllers (WLC)

Lecture 21 Next-Generation Firewalls & IPS

Lecture 22 IPv6 Addressing

Lecture 23 Virtualization Fundamentals (Virtual Machines)

Lecture 24 Cloud Services

Section 4: Network Access

Lecture 25 More on Trunk Ports

Lecture 26 Layer 2 Discovery Protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP)

Lecture 27 EtherChannel (LACP)

Lecture 28 Introduction to the Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 29 Configure and Verify the Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 30 More on Wireless

Section 5: IP Connectivity

Lecture 31 Interpret the Components of Routing Tables

Lecture 32 Router Forwarding Decisions

Lecture 33 IPv4 Static Routing

Lecture 34 Introduction to Dynamic Routing

Lecture 35 Dynamic Routing with OSPFv2

Lecture 36 OSPF Default Route Advertisements

Lecture 37 EIGRP Overview

Lecture 38 IPv6 Static Routing

Lecture 39 First Hop Redundancy Protocols

Lecture 40 Routing Table Tips and Tricks

Section 6: IP Services

Lecture 41 NAT

Lecture 42 NTP

Lecture 43 DHCP

Lecture 44 DNS

Lecture 45 SNMP

Lecture 46 Logging

Lecture 47 QoS

Lecture 48 SSH

Lecture 49 TFTP/FTP

Section 7: Security Fundamentals

Lecture 50 Key Security Concepts

Lecture 51 Security Program Elements

Lecture 52 Password Best Practices

Lecture 53 Remote Access VPN

Lecture 54 Site to Site VPN

Lecture 55 Access Control Lists

Lecture 56 DHCP Snooping

Lecture 57 Dynamic ARP Inspection

Lecture 58 Port-Security

Lecture 59 Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Concepts

Section 8: Automation and Programmability

Lecture 60 Automation and Network Management

Lecture 61 Cisco DNA Center (DNAC)

Lecture 62 APIs

Lecture 63 Interpret JSON Encoded Data

Lecture 64 Configuration Management Mechanisms

Section 9: Course Packet Tracer Topology

Lecture 65 Final Topology

Section 10: Scheduling Your Exam

Lecture 66 Scheduling your exam

Section 11: Renewing the CCNA Certification

Lecture 67 Renew Cisco Certs with CEs

Section 12: Bonus Section

Lecture 68 Bonus Lecture + Flash Card Download

This course is a prefect fit for beginners and test ready students,Anyone that wants to start a career in networking

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Created by: Matt Carey

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