Cisco Networking Fundamentals CCNA Prep

Advance your Cisco networking knowledge and prepare for the CCNA exam
Cisco Networking Fundamentals CCNA Prep
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Cisco Networking Fundamentals CCNA Prep

What you’ll learn

Cisco Networking
Configure Cisco Routers and Switches
Knowledge to interview for a networking job
Deploy a LAN
Troubleshoot networking issues
Start a career in networking

Cisco Networking Fundamentals CCNA Prep


Be ready to learn a lot


Master these topicsLAN Switching TechnologiesRouting TechnologiesWAN TechnologiesInfrastructure ServicesInfrastructure MaintenanceStudent Feedback-“I think this course is great, I’ve been studying for the ICND2 using skillsoft but this course explains some thing different which has been easier for me to grasp”-“So far I find this to be well explained and cuts down a lot from the book into what you really need to know for the exam and is saving me time. He really knows his stuff for this course and would recommend his to anyone”


Section 1: LAN Switching Technologies

Lecture 1 VLANs

Lecture 2 Access VLAN Configuration

Lecture 3 Trunk Configuration

Lecture 4 VTP Basics

Lecture 5 VTP Versions

Lecture 6 VTP Configurations

Lecture 7 VTP Gotchas

Lecture 8 STP Basics

Lecture 9 STP Elections

Lecture 10 STP Modes

Lecture 11 STP Features

Lecture 12 Etherchannels

Lecture 13 Switch Stacking and Chassis Aggregation

Lecture 14 802.1X

Lecture 15 DHCP Snooping

Lecture 16 Non-default Native VLAN

Section 2: Routing Technologies

Lecture 17 Inter-VLAN Routing

Lecture 18 Router on a Stick

Lecture 19 Dynamic Routing Protocols

Lecture 20 EIGRP for IPv4 Overview

Lecture 21 EIGRP for IPv4 Configurations

Lecture 22 EIGRP for IPv4 Troubleshooting

Lecture 23 EIGRP for IPv6 Configurations

Lecture 24 OSPFv2 for IPv4 Overview

Lecture 25 OSPFv2 for IPv4 Configurations

Lecture 26 OSPFv2 for IPv4 Troubleshooting

Lecture 27 OSPFv3 for IPv6 Configurations

Section 3: WAN Technologies

Lecture 28 WAN

Lecture 29 PPP and MLPPP

Lecture 30 PPPoE

Lecture 31 GRE Tunnels

Lecture 32 eBGP IPv4

Section 4: Infrastructure Services

Lecture 33 HSRP

Lecture 34 Cloud Resources

Lecture 35 QoS

Lecture 36 IPv4 Access-Lists

Lecture 37 IPv6 Access-Lists

Lecture 38 Access-Lists – Verifying and Troubleshooting

Lecture 39 APIC-EM Path Trace ACL

Section 5: Infrastructure Maintenance

Lecture 40 SNMP

Lecture 41 IP SLA

Lecture 42 SPAN

Lecture 43 AAA with TACACS and RADIUS

Lecture 44 Network Programmability

Lecture 45 Layer 3 Troubleshooting

This course is a prefect fit for beginners and test ready students,Anyone that wants to start a career in networking

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Created by: Matt Carey

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